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The Nets Win A Battle Of Dwight Howard Suitors; Washington Keeps Inventing Ways To Lose

Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez, Dime #43

We wonder if Dwight Howard was watching last night. The two teams most often associated with the Orlando big man met up for what could’ve been a classic last night in Dallas if it wasn’t for Jason Kidd, and if it wasn’t for the fact that one of the teams is the Nets. Still, New Jersey stole the game 93-92 after a Kidd three-point heave at the buzzer was off. How’d it happen? The Nets have a new big man, and it’s not the guy everyone is talking about. Brook Lopez dropped 38 points in his first big game of the season after coming off his injury. New Jersey led all night. Dallas’ first basket of the fourth quarter didn’t come until nearly 10 minutes in when, of all people, Brendan Haywood, made a hook shot. From there, they chipped away at it, and eventually, they got a lead off a Kidd triple in the closing minute. The problem? They went back to the well again – Kidd missed a three after the Nets had regained the lead – and then AGAIN – Kidd missed at the buzzer. You’d think they’d learn not to continue to get Kidd open looks with the game on the line considering he made one shot all night, and has made just a few more than that all season … Gerald Green might still be as one dimensional as a hit rap record, but damn does he do that one thing well. He caught a sick lob last night in his first game with the Nets … Philadelphia put the kids to bed in Detroit, roughing up the Pistons in the middle two quarters and running away with a 29-point win. Thaddeus Young had 20 and eight off the bench … Turns out spelling Derrick Rose for most of the All-Star Game worked. The dude dropped 32 and nine on the Hornets in Chicago’s four-point win … Indiana started the second half of the season the way they ended the first: winning. The Pacers destroyed Golden State by 24 after placing six guys in double figure scoring, including 25 from Danny Granger … Sacramento got 22 and 18 from their “new cornerstone” DeMarcus Cousins in a seven-point win over the fading Jazz … Minnesota got 27 a piece off the bench from Michael Beasley and Derrick Williams and beat the Clippers 109-97 … Houston got 26 from Kyle Lowry and survived to beat Toronto, 88-85 … And someone give it up for Indiana. After their surprising double-digit win over Michigan State last night, the Hoosiers have now beaten three top teams this season … Keep reading to hear how John Wall was screwed over by his teammates again …

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  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    that nets game was good from start to finish. wow. i loved every minute of it. if brook lopez could only rebound more i think the magic’s decision making would be a lot easier. and gerald green, way to go.

  • Chaos

    Damn Gerald Green got up! bring back Gerald for the dunk contest!

    Wall i hope make sa turn for the second half of the season.

    This brook lopez for dwight swap is going to be interesting….

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    D@mn, the MvP comes out and takes over the entire 4th quarter and hits the game winner/clincher and he only gets one line? It’s cool. The League will keep sleeping and the Tim Duncan of PGs will find himself with a few rings to show for it.

    Javale McGee’s dunk was just weird. His arms stretched halfway across the lane!

    And Although Mich State lost, they are still my pick to win the championship. I have a hard time betting against Izzo.

    Any word on what’s happening out in UCLA? Something about a article coming out with a bunch of dirt.

  • Promoman

    I can’t clown Delonte. He had to be having money problems since he was in the regular job market because of the lockout. At least was able to get a break. Most people catch a marathon session when bad luck fucks them like that.

  • pipdaddyy

    Man, it’s really not the best time to clown Derrick Williams after playing what has likely been his best game as a pro (27 pts on 90% shooting from the field).

  • j10

    lol @Rondo

    enough said’

  • vlad

    Why the hell isnt dirk shooting the last one?can someone explain it?

  • Soopa / b_malte

    You can tell Dime didn’t watch Clips-Wolves. The timing to diss Derrick Williams couldn’t be worse. He was the one responsible for the Wolves pulling away and Beas then kept them on top.

    Oh and all Wolves starters were kept on the bench the entire 4th (until Rubio came in with seconds left.)
    The lineup of JJ, Webster, Beas, Williams and Darko completely dismantled the Clips! Read that line again lol!

  • Ghostzilla

    Heads up Dimers:

    Free preview of NBA League Pass all week!!!

  • sh!tfaced

    loool @ clowning the other D-Will

    “Cleveland’s choice of Kyrie Irving over Derrick Williams has never looked better.”

    …of all the other nights and 30-plus games both teams played in this current season, you chose to say that today.

    Probably couldn’t pick a worst time to make that statement.

  • First & Foremost

    Dwight should stroll right into Portland. Camby and Oden’s contracts will be coming off of the books. They are a contender. No other team for miles so he isn’t encroaching on another player’s shoe turf, even though it is Nike country. He’d be playing with a bonafide PF-SF combo, solid bench, and they’d probably would need to find a PG somewhere.

    What teams could afford to sign Dwight outright if/when he leaves Orlando?

  • Buckets

    Man yall riding for John Wall like he makes the best decisions at the PG slot. That team in DC is doomed and I don’t know how it can be fixed.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    D-Will was embarrassing K-Mart, banging threes, lead the team in scoring, and dismantled the Clip show on the road to bring the Wolves back from a large deficit. Irving’s team lost at home to an under .500 Celts team. As mentioned above, pretty much any other time the choice of Irving over Williams would have looked better. Irving is obviously the better talent, but Williams got extended burn because love was having some rib issue. Give D-Will more time on a regular basis and his numbers would be totally different.

  • http://www.datpiff.com/ beiber newz

    wall is trash. kinda shitty smack today.

  • http://ufl.edu Big Freeze

    Damn, yall were hard on J-Kidd today, but he deserves a little love after making that 3 to tie it. And Mahimi’s facial on Kris Humphries was something unholy. Dime should post a video.

  • http://www.bettlejuicexs3.com/ Chicagorilla

    You know, DIME, you guys know how to fuck shit up on a regular basis. How does the best player in the NBA in Rose only get such minimal coverage? You guys hang on the jock of Durant and Kobe so much that you ignore what Rose is doing for Chicago. Without Rose, the NBA would be real boring. He has one of his BEST games of the year. Give him more props.

    Because of you guys, we have people talking about GERALD GREEN and DERRICK WILLIAMS today. WOW! Bad reporting on your behalf. And you guys in the comment section should know better. Rose should be the topic of discussion today! You guys make me sick. I’m the only one who talks about Chi-town, a GOOD team. Yesterday all you guys for example talk about is Toronto???

    Y’all make me sick. I’m off this for today.

  • jdizzle

    ^^^^^WHOA WAIT A MINUTE! Somethings not right about that last comment. Since when does Chicagorilla say fuck? Doesn’t he usually say fluck?

  • First & Foremost

    LOL… Could you imagine how the last hour has been for Chicagorilla? Wakes up, does his morning stuff, goes to http://dimemag.com/2012/02/the-nets-win-a-battle-of-dwight-howard-suitors-washington-keep-inventing-ways-to-lose/

    Expecting to see a picture of Rose sitting on a park bench yet he gets Brook Lopez modeling his autographed pair of Vujacic jeans. Fine whatever, maybe someone in the comments section will stroke his ego giving him an outlet to promote chi-town and all of its glory. WRONG. The NBA schedule was void of the tier 1 stars. Chicago barely beat Plantation Stern, big whoppdido. Try again tomorrow.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol I doubt if post 16 was actually Chi-rilla. Dude don’t usually cuss crazy like that. Somebody playin again…

    2nd the Lol @ Rondo tho. He gets Ray n KG back n he stil can’t hit a shot. For real, Kyrie killed him. 11-11 for 3s (yeah, I count the young guys game cuz shootin is shootin)

    Only the Wiz can go 54% from 3(13-24) and 100 PERCENT(21-21) from the stripe and STILL lose

    Finally, apparently the only way for Wade to stop Kobe is to break his nose n give him a concussion…worked for The Bad Boys I guess

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    lmao@ wtf man. some lame posting uunder my name this morning. Funny how everyone knows it’s not me too. That must mean i have a distinct writing style.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    But seriously how much of a lame do you have to be to pull some shyt like that?

    I think Rick Kamla is the stalker. He’s lame enough to do that shyt. This n!gg@ even went so far as to copy my made up link.


    Hahaha @ not used seeing Chicagorilla with straight up profanity. Smack kinda has that impostor-like ambiance because I swear that Kyrie Irving line is something only my good friend, beiber newz, would write.

    Is Wade trying to be the next Isiah Thomas as most hated NBA’s most hated superstar of his generation? Coz he’s off to a nice start. Breaking Rondo’s elbow last year and Kobe’s nose this year. Celtics and then Lakers, so somebody from the Bulls should be next if history is to be followed.


    Now that’s more like it. And good call on Rick Kamla. Hahaha

  • Sam

    Great to see the Nets getting some love from DIME!

  • Big Island

    In my Austin voice: If I told you one two guys played against each other, and one had 19, 5, and 15 assists, with 7 turnovers, and the other guy had 14, 4 and 14, with 2 turnovers and his team won, you couldn’t say one dominated the other. First guy? John Wall. The other? Brandon Jennings… Dime must’ve felt like Beiber when the Knicks play the Lakers having their two biggest dicks to ride playing one another.

    Why did Kidd pump fake?!?!?! Just shoot it dude!!! He was 1-7, but why turn an open look into a contested one?!?! Vlad – Dirk went to his right at the top of the key and the double started to come, so he spun left, and Jason Kidd’s guy came over from the wing to double Dirk. Dirk passed to Kidd, who had nobody on him. That is why Dirk didn’t take the last shot, and why I cried myself to sleep last night.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Dirk had a bad shooting night. He also missed 4 free throws. I’ve never seen him do that.

    Mavs missed 8 free throws and lost by 1.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    knew that wasn’t chicagorilla, probably was bieber or sporty J, they seem like they would do some gay sh*t like that.

  • Knicksfan84

    D12 will be a Knick. You heard it here first.

  • jzsmoove

    yeah I’m surprised Clips-Wolves got one line. that was a beautiful. Wolves just kept withinh striking distance the whole time and pounced at the end when Love and Rubio werent even on the floor. Both teams are stacked, both gotta be top 5 deepest team in the L right now.

  • Sam


    A) You must be living under a rock if you think you’re the first insane New Yorker to boldly proclaim that the Knicks will be getting Dwight Howard.

    B) The Knicks aren’t trading Melo and Chandler.

    C) You have the two stars you wanted, you have Chandler, you have Lin, try supporting the team you have.

  • Sluth

    Clippers aren’t deep at all, after Mo Williams, they got no one.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    Good looking out on the free league pass. i didn’t even know.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla


    Clips got Randy Foye (I think he starts now for Billups), Kenyon Martin, Reggie Evans, Bobby Simmons (old but useful), Brain Cook, and Eric Bledsoe.

    That’s as good a bench as any in the NBA IMO. Two bigs that are amongst the best defenders at their position and a good rebounders. Another big who spreads the floor and is a lights out shooter. A athletic guard in Bledsoe and a scorer who could be a starter in Mo Williams.
    They do need more of a wing defender than Bobby Simmons though.

    Add that to what could be the best starting 5 in basketball and you got a pretty nice team. Their only problem is Vinny Del Negro is a shytty coach. He plays his starters too much and if it wasn’t for Chris Paul they would have a terrible offense.

  • silky

    that john wall game winner that never was…. was UGLY. going full speed to his right, off the right foot with the right hand flip with no bank?! who does he think he is? Danny manning? even hornacek never used to practice those ones.

    watched some more isiah thomas last night… dude keeps getting better and better. after he scored or dimed on 5 straight possessions… tyreke ran over to the rebounder so Thomas couldn’t get the ball then he dribbled down and jacked up some nonsense on some don’t steal my shine type shit.

    that team is comically petulant

  • K Dizzle

    @ Silky – I thought it was a joke yesterday that somebody said the Kings were gettin tired of Reke n were lookin to make Cousins the cornerstone…Lookin more like it daily tho.

    @ Chi-rilla – I vote OKC as the top starting 5. JR signin with the Knicks really hurt them. They need to be talkin to Wilson Chandler as much as possible…cuz Brian Cook ain’t no big man who can spread the floor anymore(5 made 3s all season on like 18%) n Simmons was done as soon as he signed his last contract with the Bucks. Their bench is basically 2 power fours who can defend but can’t score, 1 point guard who’s hit one shot all year, and 1 tweener who wants a contract extension.
    That ain’t even better than Blake, Goudelock, Barnes, Murphy, Ebanks n McRoberts…and that bench sucks

  • LakeShow84

    Aye for reals thanks Ghost lol

    I know what im watchin tonight

  • The New Guy


    If you think Del Negro is a bad coach, what is coach Thibs? Yes, Tom Thibeadeu focuses on defense but he aint no Greg Poppovic. Stop judging coaches off their names. Del Negro is a disciplinarian, a detail oriented, smart, strategic and well thought out coach. You don’t know what you are talking about. Just because he isn’t a brand name doesn’t not mean he is “shitty”. Do you know the definition of shitty? People, you use too many words on this website that do not fit the bill. Everyone here is “retarded” if you don’t think they are right. Everyone is a bonehead i.e McGee. I come to this website and all I see is bashing left and right in the comments section. Give it a rest. Starting with you sir. Sorry, but I had to speak the truth. I don’t think I’m wrong with what I said either.

  • Three Stacks

    @ The New Guy

    I’m not sure what would inspire you to say that Del Negro is a good coach. He has some of the best offensive weapons in the League and the Clippers still can’t run a clean play when they need a bucket. If it wasn’t for CP3 running that offense, that team would be sh*t. He has a weird rotation, doesn’t keep his starters fresh, and insists on making Randy Foye guard the other team’s 3 for twenty minutes a game.

    I’ve watched probably 80% of the Clipper games this year, and their most notable weakness, even beyond the lack of a legit 2 guard, is their coach. He does not bring anything to the table. Thibs took pretty much the same squad that Del Negro had (except Boozer, but it’s not like had an impact year in 2010-11) and turned them into the 1-seed, and his teams routinely have some of the best defensive numbers in the League (dating back to Boston). I don’t see how you can compare the two.

  • Sporty-j


    I’m so tired of you Fakers that keep crying about how Wade accidently hit Kobe in the nose. That’s what his PUNK A$$ get for always coming out every all star game like as if its the NBA finals trying to win MVP. Than the perimeter ball hog who’s always in some type of drama no matter what it is and is an attention seeking whore worse than the KARDASHIANS goes back to the locker room after the game to most likely CRY(not because he was hurt but because he did not win MVP). Than you got Laker fans saying how Bynum, Artest or Barnes should send a message Sunday Lol since there is nothing Kobe can do about it anyway since all he will do is make Wade mad again and get his a$$ bobbled up and shut down again like Wade did Sunday once he pissed him off. Wade can’t stick Kobe? He can do that on 1 leg. See how Kobe went to shooting AIR BALLS once Wade got serious? Kobe don’t want to see that boy from Chicago. I guarantee if a reporter asked Kobe who would win 1 on 1 out of him and Wade. He would not even answer that sh!t or say he would like he did with Lebron because he got to much respect for him and know he will get called out and embarrassed on National T.V. and that Wade would make him look like THE BLACK BAM-BEE lol.

    On another not I don’t get into the REDS cheating thing to much, but the REDS cheated David Stern and the Hornets last night. Chicago was up by 5 with like 3mins remaining and the Hornets went on a 9-0 run to go up by 4 with a minute left. I cant remember who it was that Kaman set a screen for at the top of the key but he clearly got held which resulted in a turnover. Than a couple plays later MR. I DON’T LIKE TO DANCE pushed off on Vasquez. If that was my Heat knowing how the REF
    S love to overreact to anything the Heat do. It would have been called an offensive foul faster than Kim Kardashian divorced Kris Humphries. There would have been a Million Man March if Lending or Wade would have gotten away with the push off Rose got away with last night. I understand that Rose is now 1 of the NBA young and up incoming Golden boys and Chicago produces a lot on $$$ for the NBA but COMMON MAN. That was B.S. last night!

  • Sporty-j

    REFS cheating ladies. Excuse my to smart a$$ phone…

  • Sporty-j

    Lebron or Wade Lol at this stupid phone my girl got me. I want my old phone back Lol. This Smart is always changing my words. Sorry to all…

  • Sluth

    Dever has a good bench, seems like one or two of them go off for close to 20.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    @three stacks

    Im not even sure why you would respond to anyone who thinks VDN is a good coach.
    Clearly he must have forgotten that i’ve watched Vinny coach his first 2yrs in Chicago and saw just how terrible he was. But i’ll just piggy back on what you wrote instead of typing the same thing over again.

    Anyway, That Epic High school game i was writing you guys about yesterday has a good link on ESPN. here it is


  • LakeShow84

    @ Sporty

    Lets not even get into the time Wade dislocated his shoulder and was REALLY crying lmao

    And didnt he need a WHEELCHAIR to get off the court???

    Yeah Wade tough as nails lmao

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    you know….it’s gets pretty old. using my name. i figured guys here would know i love john wall. why write that trash? i don’t know what i do to deserve fake posts anymore. at this point, i believe someone is just obsessed with me cuz i been pretty chill. why try to fan any flames ?

    anyway, i’m watching around the hor, and these guys are saying how kobe’s recent ailment may change the course of the lakers’s season. it involves a lot of this-n-that’s based off his concussion that could affect the team….

    even though wade apologized, there are just some things that apologies can’t fix. wade, let kobe dunk. 1st off, you take away excitement from the fans with that pussy hold down. second, you open the door for more bullshit flagrants like that in all star games. third, you piss off kobe….4th, it’s….a damn….all star game.

    the more i think about it, the more upsetting it is. the most frustrating thing, is i’m picturing the heat players in their locker room after a long practice. and you know how guys are chit chatting it up, chilling in the locker room afterwards, they start talking about whatever. i’m picturing someone like james jones saying, ‘damn, wade took out the mamba.’ and chalmers saying “hehe, damn wade you cold.’ then lebron coming over reenacting the whole thing. then wade with his head down, kinda smirking, semi feeling bad, but semi finding this whole situation in the locker room amusing. then norris cole comes over and pretends to air-clank the free throw as “kobe”, afterwards holding his nose. then everyone ion the locker room starts busting out laughing.

    all the while, the public has no clue what the hell is going on between the players in the heat organization behind closed doors. all you know is that “wade apologized to kobe”. gtfoh. kobe aint no young dude who can take injuries to the brain like that. i mean, he can sustain physical pains, cuz he a tuff dude, but brains are different things. especially for older people.

    i have all the faith in the world in kobe, but damn wade….it was an all star game dude.

  • Sporty-j

    Aww how sweet Lakehoe84 to the rescue lol. I’m still trying to figure out along with everybody else on here who the man in you K-Fizzle relationship. But obviously u r since u always running to your mans rescue. You can crack all the jokes you want to about a serious injury that happened to Wade. I guess the people that come out of the hospital in a wheelchair for what ever reason are fake to than huh? All you I have been hearing about since Sunday is how Lebron is a chicken and how Wade hurt Kobe. It was a meaningless game that the West coast players played there heart out in. It’s an Allstar game for 1. West-Brick, Kobrick, and Durant(who’s the new Kobe of Allstate games) took way to serious. Since there’s always complaints after allstar weekend. How about Kobe and Wade put 10mil a piece on the line and play 1 on 1 or however much his wife leaves him with and however much more money he feels like losing. Kobe knows Wade would RAPE his a$$ on T.V. leaving you Taker Nation with excuses of how his nose was broke, pinky broke, knee was messed up, lower back was hurt, ankle was twisted, was still suffering from concussion symptoms, and all the other excuses tall use for the dude that rode Shaqs Dick the hardest to a championship until he was ready to get rid of him like he is of Gasoft now after riding him Bynum, and Lamar to a ship. Than the ball-hog trys to be like us in Miami and try to link up with CP3 and Howard to Dick ride them to a ship until David Stern and Dan Gilbert bit%# slap L.A. Than this Nicca that has play on nothing but stacked teams has the nerves to tell Lebron to shoot it Sunday. I can’t wait until we tap that a$$ Sunday you Fake PHUCK can start back crying again how Kobe needs Dream Team 92 to get back to the Finals. Enjoy your boring a$$ team and make sure u BET with the Heat on Sunday…

  • Big Island

    LOL@ Sporty J with the name calling! Lakehoe, K-dipshit… Make one for me!!! I want an insulting play on my name too! In fairness, Wade did get wheeled off of the court crying after he hurt his shoulder and he wears an awful lot of lip gloss. He didn’t try to hurt Kobe at all, and it was a fluke thing, especially the concussion part, but it was a bitch move. With 9 minutes left in the 3rd quarter? Just grab his jersey or pants him.

  • LakeShow84

    JUSSAYIN if thats the case Wade rode Shaq to the Finals seeing the year before your tough as nails player MISSED AN ELIMINATION GAME because he hurt his ribs.. Reason to be called pu$$y #1 in my book LOL

    JUSSAYIN Lebron comes out EVERYYYYYY All Star game trying to do just a lliiiilll more than everyone else.. But hey i cant blame him the West been owning the East for about 3-4 years now.. at least he didnt try to go off the backboard to himself again.. that was embarassing

    JUSSAYIN only person raped on TV between Kobe and Wade has been Wade when Kobe splashed that 3 in THE FACE lol

    JUSSAYIN Wade is PLAIN AND SIMPLY a BITCH for hard foulin someone who got by him clean in a ALL STAR GAME.. a f#$kin ALL STAR GAME lol

    JUSSAYIN notice how i just pointed out GOT BY HIM CLEAN lol

    All in all.. You and your team is douche-fied lol

    I mean i shouldnt even respond to you since everyone is treating you like Herpes and just hoping you disappear lmao weak ass fair weather fans..

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    lmao @ wade + lipgloss.

    i think i read somewhere that he paints his toenails…that came from his mouth. i’d google it….but i’d rather not see wade’s face right now. i’m pissed at him.

  • LakeShow84

    My bad i shouldve pointed out that 3 in the face was for the game lol

    And didnt they have to put a towel over Wades head because he was crying??? I wonder if he asked for that through his sobs lmao

    I can only imagine him trying to save face the next time he saw his team

    “maaaannnn seriously tho that was the worst pain ive ever felt man felt like my arm was ripped off and bleeding out”

    “i feel you but a wheelchair??”

    “Nah i said i didnt want one but once they brought it out i just had to sit and think about the pain and thats when the tears sta— i mean thats when the sweat got in my eyes”

    gggtttfffffffoooooohhhhhhh lol

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    now i must put the disclaimer that i don not have any ill will toward sporty…but that line by lakeshow of “treating him like herpes and hoping he disappears” is a darn good knee slapper.

  • JBaller

    NYK is back to .500, Biebs must be happy, me too!

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ Spotty J thinkin his opinion means anything around anywhere. Is there anybody more clowned on this site?
    I don’t read any of your posts but I noticed you popped your head outta Lebron n DWade’s asses long enough to make sure they hadn’t choked away another championship.
    I hope Miammi keeps blowin out shit teams so you can keep perpetratin a winner lol.
    Kick rocks, scrub. Real fans of they teams run these pages.
    Oh no….Spotty J called me out. LMFAO!

    Just in case u forgot:



  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    watching the bulls-spurs game…good..no , great game so far….but then i remembered reading thru the comments and seeing the mention of free league pass.

    seriously, whoever said that, you definitely put up the comment of the week. LITERALLY.

    the nba got money for free previews. lockout? naw, but i see that it’s still business. give the public a taste and you may get more subscribers. i know the deal. but, how was the NBA able to fork over the cash to the rich ass maloofs to build a new arena in sacremento? so i guess this now is a legitimate question….um lockout?

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    forgot to mention that i switched off the bulls game to league pass in order to catch kobe in his new face mask . but i’m def giving priority to this bulls game. duncan and parker showing these cats the power veteranism. should be an exciting finish, whoever wins it.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    jballer…you read me like an open book boyyyyy !

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    in other news….reports are out that the lakers DECLINED obtaining michael beasley. apparently, all minnessota wanted was their (higher) first round pick, and the lakers said no. one reason i heard was because they didn’t want to obtain his salary, which would put them into luxary tax threshold. ummmm, i don’t think kobe gives a rats ass about luxary tax. he cares about getting the best pieces that help him out.

    what happened to the days where the lakers didn’t care how much they spent? o yea…stern happened, and all these ridiculous restrictions to team salaries. the future of the league should get very interesting.

  • Big Island

    I am going to cosign Beib. Whoever brought up the league pass info is the fucking man.