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Top 10 NBA Dunk Contest Debuts

Four first-time dunkers are competing in the All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest this year, and they’ve got 28 years of history to live up to when it comes to dramatic dunk debuts.

Chase Budinger, Derrick Williams, Paul George and Jeremy Evans take part in Saturday night’s Sprite Slam Dunk Contest in Orlando, where they’ll be chasing the precedent of the best dunkers in their first contest. From Spud to Kobe to J.R. and Jordan, we bring you the top 10 of those moments here.

Kobe Bryant, 1997
A year before he’d tangle one-one-one with Michael Jordan in the actual All-Star game, Bryant showed what the world what Lower Merion High opponents were seeing the years before. Bonus points for the between the legs off one foot and the two-foot slam where he brought it to his hips. The color commentator that year did have a word of warning, however: “You hope he doesn’t have the slam dunk winner curse after this.” No problem there.

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  • Promoman

    Vince has to be #1. He brought the dunk contest back, making him the most anticipated dunker in the contest’s history.

  • 123

    Damn wonder how many times Jerome Williams has been courtside for these dunk contest, dude is in like every other video

  • Gary Soms

    The dunk contest is rigged to be won by the fan favorite not the best dunker. Last year Javelle McGee did a dunk you’ll probably never see again on a dunk contest and still didnt win when he dunked two balls. Blake jumped over the front of a car and it was a big deal. My boy Chris “Skywalker” Lowery jumped over the middle of a car and he’s only 6’2″ so Blake’s dunk was a yawner to me. Also what’s up with all of these tall players being in the dunk contest, they should be able to dunk at 6’8″ and taller.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    For every NBA dunk contest I’ve seen, I can remember at least two of the winner’s dunks. All except Ceballos. Besides the blindfold dunk, what else did he do?

    I would’ve liked to see Harold Miner on here, or Steve Francis.

  • Chaos

    man, vince is def number one, he didnt just bring it back but he killed it, he did stuff we never seen. Wilkins did some dunks that dont look as hard but has an extremely high level of difficulty.

    JRichn had some insanely hard dunks too

  • Chaos

    Jerome kersey was just angry

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    didn’t dee brown do the dunk 2 balls?

  • dapro

    Blake’s “Kia” dunk is the most hyped dunk I’ve ever seen! Everything leading up until the dunk was classic, the dunk itself was wack!

  • heckler

    dunk contest has gotten weak.
    Shawn Kemp NEVER won a dunk contest. That is pure bullshit in itself.

    Andre Iguodala did the GREATEST dunk in contest history (a man would DIE if he attempted the dunk and didnt complete it. literally suffer a BROKEN NECK. to miss is to die!).
    and Iggy lost to Nate Robinson in his bullshit bogus year.

  • http://www.bettlejuiceXs3.com Chicagorilla

    Is it mandatory to have dunk contest controversy now?

    Blake Griffin clear won that contest last year. He did amazing dunks. Dunks that hadn’t been done before. He had the theatrics to go along with it. He clearly studied and practiced for the contest. Yet Javale McGee came out and missed his dunks several times (especially that two rim two ball dunk and the 3 balls dunk) yet people are claiming he should have won.
    And those same people are prolly the ones who claim Nate Robinson shouldn’t have won it because he had so many dunk attempts himself and that Iggy got robbed.

    Add that to the “Dominique really beat MJ but MJ was at home so it was rigged” 1988 dunk contest, and the sh!t gets tiring.