NBA, Video / Feb 7, 2012 / 1:00 pm

Watch Jeremy Lin’s Dynamic Dribbling Workout

Jeremy Lin

Showing up and getting 28 in Madison Square Garden in your first start for the Knicks doesn’t just happen. There’s a reason Jeremy Lin is in the position that he’s in, stealing headlines in New York City from the Giants the day after they won the Superbowl.

A lot of it is obviously a right-time right-place thing, but most of it is pure and simple hard work. Lin has worked his ass off to be the player we saw last night carving up the Utah Jazz‘s pick and roll defense.

We caught this Nike Pro video that was released by the Swoosh that features Jeremy breaking down one of his favorite ballhandling drills:

Go to the next page to watch highlights of Jeremy Lin’s 28-point beasting of the Utah Jazz last night:

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  • Banny


  • Patrick Cassidy

    Haha, made us laugh out loud.

  • 2307

    jesus, this is some basic s*!t

  • Promoman

    @ 2307

    True, but we all know that there’s tons of dudes, little guys included, who think they’re point guards but can’t do basic things like this at any level.

  • yoda

    well basic s*!t is what made career of so many nba greats. let’s see in few years what will happen with all those high flyers who can’t shoot or dribble. i’m not saying that lin will have long career but fundamentals are what’s important. after all, that’s how duncan still plays

  • WinDelRoj

    Not as basic as free-throws and god knows how many players cant hit those

  • derik

    try to do this at full speed, basic my ass