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Watch Monta Ellis’ 48-Point Barrage Against the Thunder

Monta Ellis 48 points highlights

Monta Ellis is without a doubt one of my favorite players to watch play ball. The guy is incredible. When rumors were surfacing last year that my Sixers were in talks to potentially deal Andre Iguodala for Ellis, despite the fact that I’m supporter of Iguodala, I was all about it. The idea of bringing in the best scorer in Philly since an Allen Iverson-in-his-prime to drastically change our sputtering offense had me fired up.

There are plenty of guys in the NBA who can score, but there are few players in the world who can do it like Ellis does. The guy is so fast, so explosive, so single-minded in his attack mode – he’s one of those guys who was put on this planet solely to get buckets. The show he put on against the Oklahoma City Thunder last night was just incredible.

Watch this highlight compilation of Monta’s 48-point barrage. He’s scoring on the break, on drives from beyond the three-point arc, from the foul line, from behind the arc, and he’s even posting up and scoring with his back to the basket.

Most impressive are some of his baskets in the second half. Ellis is clearly in the zone and everything he is tossing up is going in, no matter who is guarding him. Check it out here:

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  • i am a witness

    If he was on the Knicks or a high profile team he would be a perennial all star. But because he plays in Golden State he gets overlooked.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    I agree 100%.

  • Brown

    Monta is one of the best scorers in the league. His body control is outstanding.

    Says a lot about the Warriors as a team that Monta can have the game of his life and they still lose.

  • Patrick Cassidy


    Also a good point. Must be disheartening for Ellis, but when you let two guys on the other team combine for 64 points, you’re going to be in a bad spot.

  • LeRoy Green

    the degree of difficulty and the array of tough angle shots he makes reminds me of A.I. alot. Plus I can’t name alot of guys at his size and frame that could put in work like this offensively besides A.I.

    Ppl dont realize how tough it is to get buckets in the PAINT when youre an average sized person. Most of us typing these comments are maybe taller or stronger physically that Monta. He’s just got pure GAME. Can’t teach drills that make you that good of a scorer, he’s just naturally gifted. How the fuck has he not ever been an all star lol thats laughable

  • Taj

    Love Monta’s ability! Just like you guys say, he’s put on this earth to do one thing!

    Shame I had to miss this game!

  • era

    question: what does russel westbrook do better than ellis, besides dunking?

  • LeRoy Green

    @ era

    I’d say Westbrook is a better finisher on the fast break than Ellis. Only because Westbrook might be a step faster when dribbling at full speed.

  • Bobbinhood

    The unreal body control while going at a shot blocker like Iblaka is ridiculous…

  • Tee


    They’re similar type players….id say Russ is a better defender/rebounder but Monta can finish around the rim better than Russ

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    in response to the 1st comment

    one day i was talking to austin burton about the mystery behind the laker’s vetoed trade…and here is an excerpt from that convo relating to your monta ellis comment.

    AUSTIN BURTON: “As for your statement about the Clippers needing a jolt, I’m not sure about that. People were running the “Are the Clippers going to be better than the Lakers?” headlines LAST year when Blake Griffin blew up. Having CP3 certainly makes them better, faster, but that was already a franchise on the rise. If Stern were really trying to give a franchise a jolt, he would’ve had Demps trade CP3 to the Cavs or Bobcats, some team like that.”
    my response that day to him: “i bet if monta ellis played point guard for the heat he’d be the next big star. because he plays on a subpar team, no one really respects him. don;t send a great talent to a bad team because no one respects stats of a good player on a bad team. that would be bad business if stern did that. the safe thing to do would be to send paul to a profitable team that hasn’t been the best of the best. and the clippers fit the bill.”

  • KnicksFan

    Monta should’ve been an Allstar last year and better be one this year