NBA, Video / Mar 1, 2012 / 10:30 am

A New York Alley-Oop Death Match: Iman Shumpert Vs. J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith

Iman Shumpert spent part of his night getting dropped by Kyrie Irving. But other than that, he spent his time dunking, catching one lob from nearly midcourt (on the run) from Jeremy Lin. So impressive, and yet that may not have been the best New York alley-oop on the night. Baron Davis and J.R. Smith teamed up for one in the half-court as well. Which one do you think was better?

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  • Keith

    I liked Smith’s better. Are the Knicks for real? Could they win a series if they get, say 6th seed?

  • Pistol Pete

    I don’t know which the best one is but the Baron to J.R. just looks way cooler… :)

  • Sickness

    Lin’s pass was more on the dot, so the dunk was less exciting…that J.R. dunk though…..

  • nyk

    @1: versus a weaker 3rd or 4th seed (Orlando, Atlanta, Indy, Philly) they can defintely upset. i hope they can only make it respectable against Miami and Chicago tho.

    go to the 18s mark and look at the “best forward trio” as cheerleaders. that’s one expensive bench setup (250million?).

  • http://www.bettlejuicexs3.com/ Chicagorilla

    Post #3….Change your name to sLickness cuz you are on the knicks so hard you need to be their KY jelly

  • Guitar Hero

    Baron’s pass was beyond cool.