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Digital Gravel’s “Kobe Doom” T-Shirt

Digital Gravel's "Kobe Doom" T-Shirt

Digital Gravel's "Kobe Doom" T-Shirt (photo. Digital Gravel)

Playing with a facemask to protect his broken nose, Kobe Bryant has tearing it up. Showing no ill effects from the mask, Kobe’s stats from the last three games speak for themselves: 34 points, 54.3 percent from the field, 80.6 percent free-throw shooting, six rebounds and four assists all in just a little over 36 minutes a night.

The folks over at Bootleg have decided to showcase Kobe’s mask in a new light by creating the Kobe Doom T-Shirt:

According to Bootleg:

“We thought it was cool when the Mamba started rocking the plastic mask… but if it were up to us, he would bring the villainy in full Metal Face. You’ve heard of the Kobe Zoom? This here is the Kobe Doom.”

Dr. Doom would be proud to lend Kobe his mask.

You can pick the shirt up over at Digital Gravel for $24.

What do you think?

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  • Celts Fan

    Dr. Doom would be ashamed to let Kobe anywhere near his mask. Dr. Doom was a loner that never threw anyone under the bus or whined that the other super villains he was with weren’t good enough, like if Kobe wasn’t in LA, he’d be able to call the 2nd best 5 in the league and a top 5 four a bad supporting cast and whine to ownership to blow it up. Fuck Kobe.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    celts fan..the more you hate the more credibility you lose when you talk anything basketball or more specifically kobe. i just finished reading what you read on dime’s “WE REMINISCE: KOBE’S 2 WEEKS OF 50-POINT DESTRUCTION IN 2007″ and i would take your statements into fair consideration, but after you say stupid shit like you just finished saying here in post #1, it’s obvious you have nothing but blinded hate in your mind. so pretty much, your ords on kobe should be taken with a grain of salt. stop sippin that haterade.