• William

    Hey Doc,

    I know there is no set timetable yet for Horford, but if you had to guess, how far away would you estimate him to be at? weeks away or more like months?


  • Rban

    Monroe beasting again. 19pts 20rbs

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    i got the same question as #1.
    also, with andray blatche set to come back… how do you assess trevor booker’s minutes? they are quite crowded with mediocre talent up front…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton


    Two trades I’ve been offered…

    I get: Kevin Garnett, 11th round pick
    I give: Kemba Walker, 4th round pick

    I get: Danny Granger, 10th round pick
    I give: Antawn Jamison, 4th round pick

    Thoughts on either or both?

  • http://dimemag.com/2012/03/5-burning-nba-questions-the-central-division/ Mike Julius

    -Nikola Pekovic’s minutes have been down last few games, still worth holding onto or he’ll get back 2 how he was playing?
    -I picked J-kidd a few weeks ago but he continues 2 struggle, Some FA available are A. Miller, Stuckey, Beasley, Kaman. Keep Kidd or get a FA?
    Thanks Doc