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LeBron’s Nightmare Continues; Wilt Chamberlain Night Goes Awry

LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. David Alvarez)

Maybe LeBron James is just stubborn. Maybe he’s perfectly capable of delivering game-winning hero moments whenever he wants, but since it seems the whole world is dogging him, he doesn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction of feeling like they’re telling him what to do. And maybe we’re really reaching there, but how else do you explain why LeBron does the things he does? … Last night’s Heat/Jazz game was almost a shot-for-shot replay of last week’s All-Star Game, with Al Jefferson and the Jazz wearing the Western Conference costumes. Utah dominated the first half, leading by as much as 18. But then, just like he did in Orlando, LeBron dominated the second half and brought his team all the way back before one questionable decision marred an otherwise brilliant performance. And just like in the All-Star Game, Dwyane Wade managed to sneak out of the gym free from blame even though he was the one who arguably cost his team a win … LeBron (35 pts, 10 rebs, 6 asts) was simply unstoppable down the stretch. He was incredible offensively and defensively. With just over one minute to go he drilled a three to put Miami ahead by one, and on the next possession hit a double-clutch, off-balance jumper while going to his left that was one big toe shy of being a three-pointer. One Utah announcer’s reaction to that circus shot: “Oh please! Unbelievable! Not from this world! He is not from this planet!” … But the Jazz hung in there and regained the lead when Devin Harris hit a floater over D-Wade, drawing a foul in the process and converting the free throw. So with 4.5 seconds left, Miami down one, the stage was set: LeBron took the inbound pass on the left wing and ran a pick-and-pop with Udonis Haslem that drew the entire defense his way. And just when you’re thinking LeBron HAS to take the last shot – standing not far from where Michael Jordan hit The Last Shot – he instead passed to a wide-open Haslem. Who bricked. Damn … As is typically the case with LeBron, it was the right basketball play to make. But that wasn’t the time for the right basketball play. Maybe if he’d been struggling offensively it would’ve made more sense, but LeBron was ON FIRE. Everything he threw up in the fourth quarter went in. Nobody would have blamed him had he taken the last shot and missed. OK, he still would’ve gotten a ton of hate for missing the shot, but now he’s gonna get it worse because he didn’t even want to shoot … The unsung goat was Wade (31 pts), who not only fouled Harris on the eventual game-winner, but also hacked Harris in the act of shooting a three earlier in the fourth, and missed a huge crunch-time free throw. How does Wade get away with it? He makes just as many mistakes as LeBron – probably more – but it’s like everybody forgets them as soon as the buzzer sounds … The unsung hero was Al Jefferson (20 pts), who was a monster when it mattered. Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin didn’t even need a playbook. Every key possession was “Give it to Al,” and then Al did things to Joel Anthony that would’ve made Detective Olivia Benson question what it all means … ESPN tried its hardest for a storybook Wilt Chamberlain tribute, but it was like the ghost of the late Big Dipper wouldn’t allow it. On the 50th anniversary of the night Wilt scored 100 points in one game, ESPN aired a doubleheader featuring two of Chamberlain’s former teams (Sixers vs. Warriors) and two teams known for explosive offense (Suns vs. Clippers). But the plan for a night of savage buckets to honor the most savage Bucketeer fell flat. Only one of the four teams (Philly) cracked 100 points, and the Suns/Clips game looked more like a mid-’90s grind between the Knicks and Heat. Was this some kind of curse doled out by Wilt? Maybe his spirit is mad at ESPN for helping perpetuate the idea that Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T. and Shaq is the M.D.E. … Apparently Lou Williams is one of the Ghostbusters, though, as he dropped 25 points in 27 minutes off the bench as the Sixers owned the fourth quarter and beat Golden State by 22 … Keep reading for a recap of the Lakers’ wild night …

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  • Jzsmoove

    Why the fuck does Lebrun do this to himself? Here it come…I hear hate aknocking.

  • the truth

    I watched the whole game, lebron is a fuckin beast and can be as unstoppable as any player I’ve ever seen. I think he just says fuck the media and posters on slam and dime and just makes the right plays. If all the d collapses on him he hits the open man. Not necessarily what I’d want to see him do, but hey maybe that’s just the way he is. Hell of a comeback led by lebron though, and wade had to be drunk last night. I love wade too but anyone who says this is wade’s team clearly doesn’t watch this team play on a nightly basis

  • Gunter

    Funny to be LeBron nowadays.

    Scenario A – “THE KOBE”: LeBron takes a shot at the buzzer against multiple defenders and misses it.

    Scenario B – “THE KOBE 2.0″: LeBron takes a shot at the buzzer against multiple defenders and makes it.

    Scenario C – “Basketball”: LeBron passes to a wide open teammate, who is in his sweet spot on the court.

    Whatever he does he will get killed by the media and public. Even if he makes a though shot, there will be lots of people talking about the uniqueness of this moment.

    Funny that nearly all LeBron haters are Kobe fans. They should maybe take some minutes and just stop watching his buzzer beating shot highlights on youtube, and watch the stats. Kobe is horrible in closing minutes. Bad percentage, bad decisions. So in 100 out of 100 times I would be happy that my star player give my team this kind of a shot at the end to steal a game out of Utah.

  • yoda

    i haven’t watched that game so i won’t comment much on that pass. but… i kind of don’t like LBJ because of all that hype and i’m sick of all that dick riding we get from media. i’d like to point out just one thing: jordan passed the ball to kerr when he drew all the defense on himself. from what i read here, it seems lbj did the same thing, only udonis missed. double standards?

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Lebron gets blasted because he doesnt take the ill-advised hero shots and actually passes to his open teammates.

    Kobe gets blasted because he ignores his teammates and always tries to be the hero, regardless of the amount of defenders.

    Who is right? According to the media, it seems like more pundits want the franchise player to force it up when the game is on the line because “that is why they get paid the big money.” But, they get paid that money for their talent. The value of that talent may be that it causes teams to double them and leave others open, so shouldn’t they read the defense and respond accordingly? That foul line shot has been haslem’s bread and butter for years. Guy was wide open. Title of article should be Udonis’s Nightmare Continues, but nobody would read that so lets all play another round of rag on Lebron.

    @ Dime. Lamar Kardashian could start for a lot of teams? Have you seen him play this season? Guy would come off the pine for the Bobcats.

  • shuttles

    First of all, yes Jordan passed to Kerr, and to Paxson, and to Wennington. However, Kerr and Paxson were WIDE open and were knock down shooters and Wennington just had to dunk the ball. Haslem hasn’t been hitting that jumper consistently in a couple of years. Not quite the same.

    Secondly, another guy who is getting no blame here is Spoelstra. What do you think is going to happen when you run a pick and roll with Haslem and James? You could run the same play against any team in the league and Lebron is going to be faced with the decision of beating a double team or giving it to Haslem for an open jumper. Is that really what you want? Just run a clear out for Lebron, or at least involve Wade somehow so the second option is a guy who you want taking the shot.

  • k-swizzle

    How does Wade gets out of this bball in the crunch time and keep his clutch reputation. he never gets the blame somehow. In the All star game, wade doesnt catch a pass for an easy lay up that could have made the whole difference in the crunchtime. vs Jazz,not only he draws a three point foul on harris, misses a free throw and forces a lay up in the last three but then he soft fouls harris again for an and1 on a teardrop that would eventually be the game winner.

    If lebron did shoot the ball in the end, sure he could have made it, but it would have been forced and woudl have been a bad bball decision. Its been a while since i haven’t seen a player take over a fourth like he did last night. ( i havent seen durant’s last game who was also impressive from what i’ve heard)

    Right now lebron and durant are clearly in another planet. Kobe is great but not playing at the same level. no one is right now, even D Rose isnt at his best level.

  • Skeeter McGee

    I think the difference between media coverage is the fact that basketball, much like other sports, requires your team’s best player to step up in the clutch when the game is on the line. Nobody complains about Kobe taking the last second shot because he has a history of taking and making ridiculous last second game-winners in the most pressurized of situations. If y’all don’t believe me, then watch the top 5 buzzer-beaters or whatever by Kobe that DIME put up not too long ago.

    LeBron, on the other hand, does make the “right” play, by all means. But that doesn’t take the context of the situation. When you are killing the other team all night, logically it would be you taking the last shot. It’s not like what he did was wrong, but it just didn’t make sense. Context has to be looked at because otherwise, you can make the argument that Kobe is a gunner and LeBron is smart.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Skeeter
    “When you are killing the other team all night, logically it would be you taking the last shot. It’s not like what he did was wrong, but it just didn’t make sense.”

    Great point. I don’t understand Lebron at all right now. Dude hit EVERYTHING in the 4th. There was nothing the defense could do. He was pullin up n hittin js like Kobe in 2005-08. Brings the team all the way baack…then passes to a dude who’d taken 4 shots all game. Haslem misses a 19 footer about 9 mins earlier, gets a dunk at about the 4 min mark, then you go to him at crunch time for the win.
    I understand Haslem has more gamewinners than Lebron(no joke Look it up) but he hadn’t shot a jumper since the beginning of the quarter. That’s a lotta pressure to put on your 5th option…

    Dear Lakers bench,
    could you clowns hold on to these double digit leads that the starters gift you so that they can rest for a quarter.
    It’s embarrassing that y’all paid professionals

  • Ian

    it was the right play fuck it was the best play but the super coach they have there in miami had haslem in there. again ill take that play (with a good coach that would prob have someone that can actually make that shot in that spot) over the stupid fadeaway over 3 dudes that connects 20percent of the time.

  • Balla

    @shuttles You hit the nail on the head. Lebron has never been one to shoot over double teams so expecting him to do it during a close game like that won’t happen.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian – Haslem usually makes that shot. He made it from the same spot in the 3rd. I think he was just cold. Maybe the right play, but I’d rather have Kobe takin a “bad shot” fadeaway over 3 guys cuz you have to let your opponents know that “there is nothing you can do”. I’ve seen every mvp level player do it. Mike, Magic, Bird, Kobe, Duncan. Even Steve Nash gets to his spot n shoots if he has to.

    Let’s be honest as to what this looks like:
    Lebron took 4-5 “bad shots” to bring his team back. Then down one, he looks to Haslem.
    Perception is reality. Nobody can tell me that Lebron isn’t scared with the game on the line. We’ve gotten to the point where it doesn’t matter if he makes or misses, he needs to TAKE THE SHOT.

  • shuttles

    I wonder if Lebron takes the shot if he could rewind that play back – I bet he does. I don’t buy this scared of the moment crap, I just think that he’s a playmaker first and foremost, not a pure scorer like Jordan, Kobe, Wade, etc. When he got the double team it was just instinct for him to make that pass (and lets not discount the fact that it was a PERFECT pass to Haslem, hitting him in stride and right in the chest). Kobe takes the shot there obviously but he takes the shot there the entire game, too. With Lebron, he has to realize that he’s gotta change his mentality in those situations and I think he’s struggling with that.

  • Ian

    nah dizzle you take your low percentage shot ill take the right play. then again thats what im used to seeing from manu and td take the shit when single covered or pass to the open neal or bowen or barry or whoever cuz they are opened. i would really hate for a dude on my spurs to take those kobe shots you guys like. you never saw bird or nash taking the damn fade over 2 or 3 dudes all the time like kobe. i do remember seeing them hitting the open man all the time for the win. the diff is that those guys had their teammates hitting the shot but bron is really unlucky in that area.

    this is just me

  • Ian

    lebron doesnt need to change things he just needs his kerr, paxon, fisher , horry , barry , bowen , ainge, the dude with the freckles that died (sorry i dont remember the name not making fun of him) that can hit thosee fucking wide ass open shot bron gets them better than anyone.

  • Ian


  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    the lakers really have only 3 “reliable” players , fisher is semi reliable (in production standpoint) . kobe is able to do big things with so little compared to the heat. lebron’s game should come easy in that environment. frankly, if kobe “ignored” his teammates..you kno what, it’s beating a dead dog tryin to talk to kobe critics.

    that jazz game was nice from start to finish. felt bad for lbj cuz he was pumpin his chest out and muggin when he thought his team would pull out the win. devin harris was da man at the end. the heat lost cuz of wade. wade fouled harris from three point land and harris hit all 3. then afterwards, harris upfaked bron in the air, drove in and wade committed anutha foul, and 1, and harris knocked down that free throw. harris looked more in control in the final minutes than wade. harris got the game ball in the locker room i bet. wade was the goat this game. leave lbj alone, even though he shuda drove to the paint, he wulda drawn the foul. but even still, bron hates takin late freethrows.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    also, all this talk about lebron “not taking the low percentage shot” is madness for someone on his level.

    first off lebron is the best player on the floor. look at kobe and jordan and anyone asked to take the last shot. who will the defense be focused on to prevent from shooting for a win? in the heat’s case, lebron.

    second, in knowing that the defense would focus on lebron and guys saying lebron was right for passing up the shot, in that case, lebron would essentially NEVER take the last shot according to your logic because all those shots would be bad shots because the defense would always be focused on him. so should lebron just eliminate himself as an option 100% of the time from the play during the timeout because the defense wil lalways target him?

    3rd, you must realize, guys like kobe and jordan, an guy who is superior, should have the capability to know how to defeat the defense, whether by screens, your handles, sheer athleticism or rising above them. lebron can’t chicken out especially when he was the one on fire. he should find a way not to put his offensive skills to waste . because frankly sometimes, just sometimes, a bad shot from a jordan or a durant or a kobe is better than a good shot from someone else.

    if you guys are supporting lebron for makeing the “right play” then anytime there is 4 seconds left and the defense is obviously trying to stop lebron, then by that logic, lebron will never take the last shot. if he wants to be great, he has to find a way to get whatever shot he wants whenever he wants it. that is what separates him from carmelo, paul pierce and dirk. those guys find ways around the defense targeting them to still get off an incredible shot. instead of yo guys trying to make excuses for him.

    was lebron scared millsap would block his shot if he drove in?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian – You’ve never seen Larry Bird shoot a fadeaway over 2 players? He did n told them before exactly what he was gonna do.

    The right play is the winning play. I’ve seen Manu make the “right play” and I’ve seen him take n make the big shot.

    If you don’t like that one, here’s a “Bad shot” over 3 guys

    How many times does Lebron get to make the “right play” that results in a loss?
    How many years has it been since Donyell Marshall missed that jumpshot?
    There was a reason the ball was in Lebron’s hands at crunchtime. Not to make the “right play”.
    To win the game.

  • Ian

    what is kobes percentage in those situations?? somewhere between high 20s and low 30s right. so isnt a wide open shot from someone not names josh smith a higher percentage shot? that is all im sayin and thats what im taking if you want the kobe shot i have no problems with that because like i said ITS JUST ME.

  • K Dizzle

    Damn…..Beibs just made a lotta sense

  • jdizzle

    I think that since he’s been in Miami LeBron doesn’t feel he has to take those shots because he has way better teammates now…or he could be doing this shit on purpose just to get people pissed and to get people talking cuz it’s damn sure working.

    I don’t know what’s going on but let’s not act like he’s never hit a game winning shot his whole career. If you don’t believe me just ask the Wizards (twice), the Pistons, the Warriors and the Magic.

  • Ian

    really dizzle one of the ten shots ONE when most of them many were open and really good looks at the basket. the man passed to open shooter when he was really hounded. you got one shot of him and one of manu (no time to run a play pop wanted time to foul in case manu missed it was catch and fire it). hey again keep your low shots i dont have a problem with what you like give me the open shot. jordan fade over 2 or wide open kerr??? hum not to hard to pick imo. kobes fade over 3 or 4 or horry or fisher open? even easier to pick.

  • control

    Damn LeBron. Guy was the clutchest guy on the Heat last night (ONE mistake in 4th, which he erased with a recovery and block that was straight scary), yet he makes what WAS the right basketball play at the wrong time, and now he is getting hatefucked. Wade made a few defensive lapses and missed a clutch free throw. I don’t want to see anyone talking about how this is Wade’s team anymore either. LeBron has stepped up BIG TIME defensively, and does most of the ball handling, play making and decision making for the team. It’s insanely ironic that the biggest criticism that LeBron gets (other than being a douchebag) is that he relies and trusts his teammates, while the biggest criticism most people (including me) have for Kobe is that he is selfish and doesn’t trust his teammates.

    That foul on Harris was some bullshit, notice how they only showed one HORRIBLE replay of it, then Jazz announcers put that one in the vault? That’s the type of non-existent touch foul Wade normally gets. Also, why do guys have to fall down when taking a 3 point shot for it to be a foul? I’d be god damned if I had a feathery touch on my elbow knock me to the ground. Does it say that you have to end up on the ground for it to be a foul or something? Damn pussy fouls, damn pussy nba.

    Straight out, LeBron is the best player in the league BY FAR this year. The guy proves it over and over every night. I’m not even really a big fan of his, due to him wearing sunglasses in dark clubs, but if you are a hater of his, tell me, what more do you want to see from the guy?

  • Ian

    of course he did hes on your side of this argument.

    “Not to make the “right play”.
    To win the game.”

    if that made sense ok

    no play is 100 percent effective (not counting a manu game winner ha) but bron does make the highest percentage one most of the time the man is just fucking unlucky or his teammates do it on purpose.

  • Ian

    i hate that douchebag also but i agree hes the best player by far. whoever said this was wades team is a bigger hater than you and chicago.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian – The issue is not whether Kobe makes those bad shots, it’s the threat of him making them that the d must honor. That’s why the d sends a double team. They WANT Kobe to pass to someone else. Sometimes he does and they hit(Fish), sometimes he does n they miss(MWP). It’s like beibs said(can’t believe I just wrote that) If the defense is set up to stop Lebron, does that mean for the rest of his career, he should never take the “bad shot”? Because of what he does for the first 47:55 of the game, the defense will always be keyed on him. Does this mean Lebron should always give it up? Because any shot he takes for the rest of his career at crunchtime will be a tough shot n a teammate will ALWAYS be open.

  • Ian

    ill take the best play dizzle im not saying you guys should to thats just me. now i have to go the wife is making me run 5kms (run for her walk and almost die for me) today.

  • Ian

    damn this is exactly how i want the playoffs seeds to end spurs getting houston and the clippers. on the other side of the bracket the lakers , thunder , nuggets and memphis work things out.

  • Celts Fan

    not sure how this is hard, Wade keeps his clutch rep despite the all star game and last night cuz HE WAS THE ONE MAKING PLAYS IN THE FINALS, both in 06 and last year when LeBron wanted it. Same thing I’d been saying about Dirk after he choked in ’06 and ’07, that you can’t fix that rep in December. He made it back to the Finals, carried his team, and the narrative has changed and people forget almost a decade of struggling in big spots cuz he OWNED last year’s playoffs. Nothing can be done to change this now, only in the Playoffs.

    Bron to me reminds me a lot of KG. Both are incredibly talented but not the guy you want closing things out. Bron and KGs teams both accomplished a lot, but they needed to go to another team where there was an established closer (Wade/Pierce) for them to finally get a chip (they will win one in Miami soon enough.) Despite incredible talent, both have games and personalities better suited to be a 1B, which is insane since, at one point, you could argue KG was right there with Duncan (it was wrong, but at the time was a legit debate back in the early 2000s) but didn’t have the talent around him Timmy did and Bron could be the best player in the league right now, but how can you say that when, if there’s 5 seconds on the clock and I’m coach Spo, I want the ball in Wade’s hands? Can you be the best player without being the closer? I personally don’t think so. Wade’s made those shots before, routinely, despite last night. I’ve seen KG pass to Ricky Davis and LeBron pass to Donyell Marshall in crunch time one too many times for me to believe it’s a situational thing. Some guys have that “give me the fucking ball. THIS SHOT IS MINE” mentality that Kobe and MJ had. You still pass sometimes if you’re blanketed, but it’s a last resort. I feel like LeBron wants to pass that ball, KG wants to pass that ball, Kobe will cut you to get the ball back and take that shot, Wade ain’t passing unless he’s absolutely blanketed. That’s the difference.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    C’mon guys, take it easy. Dude dominated the 2nd half and scored like 17 points in the 4th quarter alone. It was the right play. I can’t stand that douche either but replace him with any player in the league (alright, anyone except maybe Durant) and Utah wins that game by double digits

  • Celts Fan

    @Ian – it is Wade’s team. he’s been there forever, he’s the guy on this team with a ring, and he’s the one that you really want taking the game-closing shot. Bron may be more talented and better, but Wade’s the closer, Wade’s been there before, and Wade’s got a ring for that team. It’s his team even if you don’t think he’s the better player.

    it was the same way when KG came here. KG was prob the best player on the team in ’08, but Paul had been here longer and when push came to shove, if there was 5 seconds left, Paul was usually getting the ball and taking that shot, so despite him not being the best player on the squad, it was still Paul’s team. that make sense?

  • GipTheClip

    If i were the Heat I would run a pick n pop/roll with Wade handling the ball and LBJ setting the screen everytime in that situation. Maybe I’m misinformed here but why not have your two best players in on the play in that situation?

  • andy

    If you wanna talk about officiating, don’t try to convince me that the refs grimy to help out small market teams like the jazz. Did Harris flop on that last shot? Ya. But every big name player will get that call consistently.

    By the way, as much as I would like to blame lebron for that last play, I cant. Dude was straight fire last night. The last play looked designed by spoelstra. If you watch lebron you can tell he never planned on taking that shot.

  • Ian

    Celts if going by who was there first then yeah but dont know i cant say its wades team when he hasnt done anythig since 06. Isnt that like sayin that the clips were billups team if i go by getting it done in the past? The spurs were tds team by his second year before the finals and the admiral was still a bit better or his equal ( going by chicagorillas 2k something ayer ratings). I look at it by whos the best player and that bron the heat didnt miss anything when wade went down. Dirk has always been clutch as a spurs fan i cant call him a choker and i think pierce was better than kg in 08. Oh and yeah ulwhat you wrote made sense i just think its all bron now on that team by a lot.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Showtime – which is why it’s frustrating to see him pass it up when it means the most. LBJ made 5 shots that 99% of the NBA wouldn’t even think about taking. That double clutch 21 footer off the left side was ridiculous. How do u not shoot the final shot when you that hot comin off the same scenario at the all-star game?
    My question is this: When is Lebron gonna get sick of teammates losing games and him catchin all the blame anyways?

    @ Celts fan – I think dudes are so impressed by the hot 4th quarter they forget that you actually have to close out the game. I been sayin this about the Heat blowing teams out. When it comes down to a close game n crunchtime, LBJ will NEVER get an easy look. At some point, he’s gonna have to take a “bad shot”. Every single shot he hit in the 4th was a tough shot. What is it in his makeup that makes it ok to pass to a teammate after scoring 17 to bring your team back hittin all kinds of impossible shots. And what is goin thru Haslem’s mind when LBJ passes to him after all those tough shots?

  • Dayinho
  • tall order

    @19: “There was a reason the ball was in Lebron’s hands at crunchtime. Not to make the ‘right play.’
    To win the game.”


  • silky

    stoked for the devils/tar holes game today. Austin rivers might just fk around and perform open heart surgery like mola ram again. bébé blue better bring their umbrellas cuz its gonna be raining 3’s in Kameron


  • Ian

    nice read

    Tim Duncan and LeBron James shot the highest percentage (46%). what can i say?

    and of course Tracy McGrady shot the lowest percentage in clutch situations.

    kobe fans dont like these type of articles they like to point out who has 5 rings (but forget who played with shaq gasol and bynum and who played with marshall and varejao)

  • Ian

    Dirk recorded, far and away, the highest percentage (44%) good thing people think he was only clutch last season and my fav has to be Ray Allen’s percentage can be mis-leading, because once again he led the group in %ast’d, meaning he was probably taking the easiest shots, thanks to his teammates. why did he take the easiest shots because the celts ran the best play not the pierce fade over 2.

  • Ian

    dizzle let me hate man i have not hated this season as much i need to catch up

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian
    But you know Pierce would hit the fade over 2 tho right?
    What happened to ur run? U ditched? Lol

    Now that Lebron plays with Wade n Bosh, what’s his excuse?
    I love this right now tho lol. Not gonna lie. I wanna see how long it goes on til Bron takes THAT shot. Keep makin the unselfish play; keep losin games. This will be fun.
    It’s cool. Hate on. I can’t hate on the Spurs til Manu gets back so you get a pass til then.

  • K Dizzle

    Dear Lebron:


    that is all…

  • Ian

    Oh no im here lol im using the phone just sitting under a shade till she comes back. This isnt for me.

  • http://www.payattnstalkers.com Chicagorilla

    He’s just not built for this shyt. Face it.

    That^ statement goes for Lebron AND Coach SPolestra.

    Clearly Lebron should have taken the shot. All those commenters who say he made the “right” basketball play are finding excuses. why? Because many of the shots Lebron took to bring the team back WERE NOT THE “RIGHT” BASKETBALL PLAY. Yet you (and Lebron) ignore those as he all of a sudden wants to make the “right” play for the last second shot.

    Speaking of which, Spolestra has $300Mill worth of superstarness on the court. Yet he runs a pick n roll with Haslem????!!!!!

    Here is a thought: Pick n Roll with Wade and Lebron. Pick n Roll with Lebron n Bosh. Pick n roll with Wade n Bosh.
    I swear if Spolestra doesn’t get fired after this season, Miami may never win a chip. He is THAT terrible of a coach.

    Oh and to those people who ask why “wade is off the hook”

    Wade has hit back to back game winners this year. He has also hit plenty of game winners throughout his career. His dumb a$$ coach is the one who decided to keep him outta the play.


    Big shots from big player. Epic Fail.

  • Ricky

    Everyone is too result oriented, Haslem makes that shot more than he misses it. I would hate playing with half the people here on dime, you guys would be shooting the tough fadeaway over two guys just cause your feeling it when I’m wide open in my sweet spot…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    lol @ K Dizzle @ 11:39, for the first time in his life he has a point.

  • http://www.payattnstalkers.com Chicagorilla


    Did you say the same thing on the previous 4-5 shots Lebron hit that were all very tough fadeaways or pull up 3’s in the face of Jazz players?

    Point being, he took several tough and ill-advised shots during the comeback. Just as he did during the all-star game. But then he decides to pass it at the end.

  • Ricky

    I was only talking about the last shot, but yes I think he could have got easier shots in the previous possessions.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    slick ric..your name resembles that of an 80s gay porn star. thought i should let you know

  • control

    It’s funny that some people always have gay porn stars on their mind…I couldn’t even think of the name of even one gay porn star, and have absolutely NO memories that would relate anything I might see or hear to gay porn, because I have no memories of gay porn.


    I was shaking my head when LeBron took that crazy one footed fade away, and then was shocked that it swished through. I was thinking that was some Kobe shit, and that LeBron better not pickup THOSE habits…but god damn he was feeling it. I think he was trying to draw some weak ass contact, but the defender didn’t bite and he was in the air like “oh shit”. The guy’s arm strength is absolutely amazing, to actually shoot a perfect shot without any help from the legs, while in the air like that is ridicules…


    Can anyone name one player who is doing the shit LeBron is right now? There is no one in the nba better than him right now, so why are people hating so hardcore? What more can you ask of a guy?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    @ beibernewz, umm… so does that mean you watch gay 80’s porn? I appreciate you coming out the closet beiber. I could tell you had sugar in the tank, you cared entirely too much about what others said about you over the internet, you lame.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    you guys are so caught up with lebron “making the right play” that you are blinded by the truth. the clutch gene lebron is displaying time and time again that he does not have.

    now, realize this.

    great players, offensively superior players, especially ones who are on fire can and should find ways to get wins for the team.

    the thing that boggles my brain is that you all who are saying it was the right play are essentially saying it was either lebron pass it or take a shot over 30,000 defenders.

    false. because you cannot say for sure that the latter would have happened had he kept the ball in his hands.

    let me go down the list:
    ray allen
    chris webber (just kidding)
    jamal crawford
    brandon roy
    chris paul
    deron williams is even getting there

    the constant with all those guys? they are all able to elude the defense and create a shot out of nothing and are able to do it in the most difficult, most pressurized of situations.

    now lebron james was on fire diring the final stretches of the game. making a pass to an open man is a great decision. yes. that is true. but what was haslem doing that game? what was haslem doing that week? the fact of the matter is lebron was in a zone.

    now, all you who say that lebron should have made the pass, ignore the fact that lebron ALSO could have found his own shot whether it be by, i dunno, finding a way for himself to get open!

    i’ve seen time and time again, ray allen get 2 or 3 screens to get an open shot to win a game. i’ve seen paul pierce hold the ball, use some fancy footwork that freezes his man and get a great look. i’ve seen carmelo jab step, spin off his man and bully his way to the rim or make a quick hesitation that allows him to raise over his man for a nice jumper. i’ve seen kobe find ways to go to the freethrow line. i’ve seen chris paul keep the ball in his hands, put his man on skates and float the ball in the hole. i don’t even need to talk about michael jordan.

    the main idea here is that, yes the pass was good. it went to haslem who found his shot in his sweet spot. but lebron was on fire. he was the best athlete on the floor. it is NOT A GIVEN that he would have taken a bad shot. wthe thing you guys are avoiding is the question of “why can’t lebron CREATE a good shot for himself?” i’ve even seen allen iverson, little short 6 foot iverson elude the defense to find a great shot.

    you guys are not psychics, nor am i. the thing i know for sure is that lebron is big and strong and fast. he has the tools to get a good shot. or does he? at least in the clutch.

    you guys are caught up with the idea that if lebron didn’t pass he’d be taking a shot over a bunch of defenders.

    if lebron was as good as history will want to write that he is, he should be able to keep the ball in his hands and create a good shot with the game on the line. ESPECIALLY when he is on….fire.


    in conclusion, wade is the reason the heat lost. lebron just couldn’t save the heat when he was in position to.

  • Big Island

    People hate on Kobe for forcing up shots all of the time. I do it myself. Lebron made a pass to a guy who hits the exact shot he got at the end of the game. Haslem lives around the free throw line area, and he had a wide open shot to win the game and missed. Nobody gets on Wade or Haslem for missing. Jordan passed to Steve Kerr for a Finals winner. Haslem hits that shot and he walks off a hero, Lebron walks off a beast. Instead Haslem is off the hook and Lebron is a bitch? Come on everyone. I guarantee that Haslem knew that ball was probably going to come to him.

    Fourth quarter, I have 17 or whatever IN THAT PERIOD, and there are a few seconds left in the game. Chicagorilla (only since Wade is from Chi, not because you aren’t clutch) misses free throws. We come on the floor, I know that Beiber knows if his man doubles he is getting the ball in his favorite spot for a wide open shot. Beiber knows it. Chi knows it. I know it. I make the pass to him and he misses it.

    Dudes just hate. I get it, I hate too, but call it what it is. Haslem missed a wide open shot from his spot on the floor for game.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    slick ric

    i feel uncomfortable even writing your fruity name. no way in hell would i ever call another man slick. you know how i know you gay? cuz you appreciate(?) when a man comes out. why is that something to appreciate? does that turn you on?

    and something else that’s sketchy.

    control never denied watching gay porn. he just said he doesn’t retain any memories of it. sketchy statement right there.

    how bout you two rent a motel together and watch some of slick ric’s classic films.

  • http://www.payattnstalkers.com Chicagorilla

    @Control and Big Is

    I hear what you guys are saying, but you’re not taking into account the other things i’ve posted. One, Lebron should have not used the screen. I don’t care what Spolestra calls in the huddle. If the play doesn’t end with Wade, Lebron, or Bosh (who was not playing) taking the shot, then Im not running the f^cking play.

    No one is questioning if he made the right pass or not. The question i have is WHY WAS THAT EVEN AN OPTION!!!
    Haslem was 2-4 FG shooting at that point. Add that to the fact that he is shooting 41%FG on the season. Add THAT, to the fact that Dwayne f^cking Wade, who had 31pts on 50%FG, was on the court and NOT INVOLVED at all in the play.

    If Lebron isnt smart enough to back the ball out and attack off that pick n pop or even wave off Haslem then he doesn’t need the ball in his hands at the end of games. It’s not to say he’s not good, but it does say he’s not clutch.

  • Big Island

    I have spent the last half hour dying imagining Ian under a tree while his better half is running. At least you went out there. Every Wednesday my gf heads into my gym to spin, and I have to hustle out to make it seem like I have been there the whole time she has. I used to go in with her, then head out to the donut place across the street and make it back before she finished class, but I got caught (ratted out), so I don’t do that one anymore. I just can’t lift when she’s in there. “That’s too heavy! You’re going to hurt yourself! You should be doing cardio! OK, I am leaving, gimme a kiss.” Jesus woman! I have 120lb dumbells above my face right now on a friggin incline bench! Can it wait another 3 reps?!?!! Look, all I have going for me is being kinda tall and kinda strong. Is it too much to ask to let me lift in peace?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Big I

    I’ll agree with Chi-rilla and put 50% of the blame on Spolstra for that dumbass playcall. You have a hot LBJ, DWade and Battier was 6 of 7 from 3. Now, I’ve seen all 3 of these guys hit HUGE shots so Spo runs a pick n roll…with Haslem? Who’s taken 4 shots all game? Who’s shootin 41% this season? 41%???
    The two factions won’t agree on this. One side says “You the best player in the world. You’ve hit 5 impossible shots to bring his team back. This is an oppurtunity to shine, not shirk responsiblity to your teammate who been strugglin this season. Shoot the ball!”
    The other side says “He made the right play. He drew the double n found his teammate in his sweet spot”

    Well, they lost the game n the blame falls on Lebron again so yeah, shoulda just shot it lol

  • control

    KDiz and Chicagorilla

    I’ll agree with you guys 100%. That pick and roll was a horrible play selection for the last fucking shot of a game you were just down 18 points. Wade or LeBron SHOULD have shot that ball, that situation should not have occurred. I’m sure Haslem can hit that shot ALLLL day in practice, but he shouldn’t have been in the position to. I only want Haslem taking the last shot if he hustled down an offensive rebound with a second left on the fucking clock.

    LeBron made the right play, at the WRONG time. That’s a play you run in the second or third quarter…Honestly, though I can logically say he made the right choice, he really should have been a touch selfish and just drove to the rim. Who is stopping that guy when he drives? Ain’t nobody stopping that train.

  • Dana Walker

    Not a Lebron defender or lover, I actually can’t stand the prick but, he did the right thing, passed to an open teammate, said open teammate missed shot. Not his fault. Again Wade also made a ton of mistakes down the stretch. You can’t blame one guy all the time. Plus, they have Bosh, why not run something for him endgame? That team has three legit all stars/superstars yet one of them is getting all the flak

  • Dana Walker

    Big…your gym story is fap worthy. I want to play Maroon 5 songs and have dreamy thoughts as if you were the hunky next door neighbor who is always cutting the grass without a shirt or slow mo-ing out of his pool.

  • Ian

    big island
    finally back home
    listen man this woman wakes up at 5 am everyday runs a few miles , bikes some more miles and swims. after work she hits the gym. crazy well shell look good when we are 50 (ill prob be dead if i dont start doing some stuff). this is my 3rd one going with her to these things i get breaks cuz she runs and i can just walk and stop cuz she isnt watching me. sadly i dont get donut breaks. oh and i almost died in one last saturday.

  • Ian

    “Jesus woman! I have 120lb dumbells above my face right now on a friggin incline bench! Can it wait another 3 reps?!?” hahaha

  • yoda

    why people keep saying that dirk chocked in 2006. when refs gave title to miami?

  • First & Foremost

    @Dime, At the beginning of the season every news outlet ran some story about coach spo going up to Oregon to tweak his offense. Look at the benefits of that decision.

    So when will you guys run a story about how Scott Brooks’ offensive gameplan was inspired by NBA JAM? Coming out of timeouts, you can clearly see him calling out a play named, “Boomshakalaka”

  • First & Foremost

    I just looked at the Nola Hornets roster for tonight… That team is never getting sold.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    the people who said the clippers-hornets trade was a better one, please raise your hand.
    …………….come on now, don’t be shy.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    beiber newz

    no, I appreciate honesty, be who you are beibs, if you watch gay 80’s porn, that’s your business man. Just don’t disrespect me with that shit. you were the one who knew of gay porn stars names from the 80’s. mr sensitive, with your everybody hates me ass.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    WOW!!! dirk, 40 points ! in less than 29 minutes of action. you go dirk!