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Rajon Rondo Saves His Best For National TV; Kobe Gets Retaliation On Dwyane Wade

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo (photo. Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool)

17 times in Rajon Rondo‘s career he’s finished with a triple-double. And 13 of those have come on national television. This one might’ve been the best of all: 18 points, 17 rebounds and 20 assists, only the third guy in NBA history to put up a line like that (Wilt and Oscar are the only others). At one point in the fourth quarter, we looked around and said “Damn, if he didn’t miss a couple of easy layups in the first half, dude would really have a shot at a 20-20-20 game.” He was everywhere at once, but it was Paul Pierce‘s (34 points) shot at the end of regulation that saved the Green. His three-pointer capped a ridiculous back and forth with Carmelo Anthony (25 points) in the closing moments where ‘Melo hit three consecutive shots. In overtime, Boston finished off the visitors, 115-111 … Rondo might be the weirdest player in the entire league. Just last Tuesday, he scored zero against Cleveland. Next time he drifts into a slump just throw Jeremy Lin in front of him. We don’t know what’s worse for Lin in front of his Harvard crowd: getting turned into soft serve ice cream by Rondo or shooting 6-for-16 and coughing it up six times in barely 30 minutes. The Knicks as a team probably had something like 913 turnovers in the first half … Rondo might not have even had the best individual performance yesterday. The Nets/Bobcats game surprisingly wasn’t vomit-inducing because Deron Williams scored 40… in the second half, and finished with 57 in the Nets three-point win over Charlotte. With Williams being surrounded yesterday by the worst supporting cast since T-Mac was in Orlando, we’ll even give him extra credit for his performance. Then again, he did it against the Bobcats, who are all so lost in MJ‘s shadow that they can’t even see the hoop (this was the first time in 22 games that they reached 100 points). It was like someone coded in the old Yao Ming three-point hook shot cheat in NBA Live – Williams was banging from all over the place (not to mention he made every one of his 21 free throws). At one point, he hit a shot (that eventually turned into a four-point play) off the screen from about 30 feet out where his body was nearly facing the bench … Deron Williams’ first phone call after the game better have been to Dwight HowardDeMar DeRozan had one of his better games of the year (25 points) as Toronto rolled on Golden State, 83-75 … The Bulls have Derrick Rose. Philly doesn’t. The reigning MVP – who’s going to start hearing the chants again soon – had 35 points, and made a crazy, running floater off the wrong foot in the closing seconds to help secure Chicago’s 96-91 win in Philly. The Bulls now have the best record in the league again, and given their approach to every game, we’re not sure they give it up … If Spencer Hawes was around, then the Sixers might’ve had enough down the stretch. Alas, he isn’t walking through that door and we’re forced to watch as it comes down to an Andre Iguodala three, one that doesn’t hit the rim and nearly leaves a dent in the backboard … Keep reading to hear about Kobe’s revenge …

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  • sh!tfaced

    Manimal is a monster. Last 3 games (all wins): 25+ mins 13.3 pts 8.6 ribs 1.3 blks 1 stl 65% FGs

    Faried ‘em and weep.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    all you who keep not wanting to giv rondo his props PLEASE STAND UP NOW !! the pg is elite and you guys are blind if you always point to his deficiencies as reasons why he is not.

    if lebron took a page out the book of the guys who don’t fear the pressure, who want the blame, who want the chance fail, who want to carry their team in the final seconds, like PAUL FREAKIN PIERCE today, he’d probably have a ring by now.

    all yall who said he made the right play against utah ignore the fact with his abilities, he should be capable enough to CREATE a right shot for himself, ala JORDAN ! how many times has jordan known the defense would focus on him, yet he finds ways to create good shots??

    NO! if lebron didn’t pass it against the jazz, there is not a certainty he would have found himself with 5 defenders in his face.

    PAUL PIERCE today found a way to create a shot. HE is main guy to shoot it in those pressurized situations, yet with knowing this, he still makes these shots time and time again. WHY CAN’T LEBRON FIND A WAY TO DO THAT??

    you guys were just protecting him against the jazz. paul pierce proved again today if you want to be respected in the clutch, you have to prove you can CREATE the “RIGHT SHOT” for yourself if you are GREAT!!!

    as for the lakers, aint really a surprise they won today. each and eevrytime kobe has a great game, i rememebr all the off season trash talk from you lakers hater on this site. shitted on the coach signing. shitted on kobe being able to continue his good play. shitted on bynum being any good. shitted on pau being soft as toilet paper shit go on. shit all around. and yet, i think the lakers are 3rd in the west? i could be wrong. it don’t matter, they in the playoffs at this point and you guys wrote them off as a done team with no hope with a broken down kobe.

    still think kobe broken?

    wade, i don’t know when the last time a star like him fouled out with so much time left. i told myself, if lebron was able to pull out the win with his friend on the bench, voters would have engraved his name on the mvp trophy THAT night. i was kinda hoping to see if lebron would take over, just to make things interesting. but kobe wasn’t having that. great win for the lakers.

    carmelo was clutch down the stretch in the 4th qtr. i need amare to wake up from his slumber. ny still in the playoff picture, aint too upset at this loss. someone tell me how the raptors are doing? sorry jay, that raptor shot was to the specific raptor fans who hate on the lakers and knicks.

  • A.R.

    God damn Rondo! Don’t hurt the asian. That shit is instantly in my top three best performances I’ve ever actually witnessed. Right after Kobe’s 81 and Bron’s 50 point triple double near miss. That game in general was amazing to be honest but the fact that Rondo was able to do that much damage is mind blowing. Still though fuck Boston! LakeShow! Handled them Miami boys today. I pray to GOD MWP can play half that good the remainder of the season.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz
  • vlad

    Rondoooooooooooooooooooooooo Rondooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • 2cents

    so why do you guys hate lebron and d-wade for wearing fashionable clothing? me thinks someone is just a tad jealous that they have to buy their outfits from Walmart.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Nine more days until Rajon Rondo is wearing a Utah Jazz uniform. Until then, please do not burst my bubble.

    It is kinda out of place to talk about the Jazz or for any team which did not played today. But, I still cannot stop thinking of the games Utah lost, and there are lots of them, because they could not complete a comeback or because they lacked a closer. Maybe Rondo is the answer.

    Have not really watched any Bobcats games recently but if I were a season ticket holder, I would demand a refund. It is a totally mismanaged team. But then again, maybe, their cheerleaders are the hottest and sexiest in the league.

    Let me Google those Bobcats cheerleaders images. Hmmmm. Guess what? Those Bobcats cheerleaders do look hot.

  • knoc99

    Think that was a push off my Paul on Lowry.

  • Franchise

    Great win for LA, morale boosting more than anything else. Finally rounding out into championship form, but still a lot left to be done if we’re to see the boys from Miami in the Finals. MWP needs to keep playing like that for one, Bynum needs to validate that All Star starter tag and Pau needs to be more aggressive than he was last night. Him having to disappear into the background for Bynum and co. to have good games needs to stop. Of course rabid crazed drooling fans like K Dizzle are probably running riot right now organizing the parade n shit since we beat arguably the best team in the league (SMH).

    Oh and Deron Williams to LA already!!! MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Sure it’s fashionable… for WOMEN. Not even gay men carry handbags. And I don’t care if Lebron’s handbag is worth $5000-$20,000. Bottomline, it’s still a handbag. WTF could he possibly be carrying in there? Wade’s lipgloss? His headband? Ankle socks?

    The two worse things Europe has given the NBA…
    – flopping
    – fashion

    Not even the Euro players dress ‘euro’ to games. I swear I wouldn’t be surprised if those two came out of the closet.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime


    Rondo has been playing very well recently and just had a completely dominant game. If they trade Rondo now the fans will hang Danny Ainge right next to the championship banners. I’d love to see that, in fact I’d pay to see that since I hated Ainge since the 80s but it’s not going to happen. Utah needs to make a trade though, there isn’t enough playing time for 4 talented bigs

    First glasses without actual glasses and now a purse? C’mon, dude has managers, personal assistants, an entourage, teammates, maybe even friends and no one told him that that’s maybe not a great look? I’m speechless


    There’s nothing ‘euro’ about the purse. Can you imagine Pekovic with that thing? That shit wouldn’t even happen in France. Imagine an all-star lockerroom with trash talkers like Bird or Gary Payton and someone arrives with a purse

  • trollne1

    I caught the last part of the Bulls-Sixers game and those consecutive turnovers by Noah looked like he slipped on banana peel. If Derrick Rose had hair, he probably would’ve pulled all of them out after those two possessions. But hot damn, Rose never fails to amaze me with those crazy layups.

    Any Kings fan in here? Can someone explain to me how a guy as skilled as Cousins shoots only 43%? Anyway, props to Rondo for that crazy statline. Knicks should’ve fouled, but Pierce hit a tough shot. Lucky mofo. I wish Shumpert dunked on him instead.

    Lastly, anyone caught TD’s nasty dunk last night? Old man is up to his old tricks, punching Andersen’s face with the ball before destroying him with a facial. Nice, but wow was that not a foul on Duncan?

  • jzsmoove

    Mistake of the day was when I decided to get out, clean and vacuum the car after a late surge by Boston and seemed insurmountable at that point in the 4th. I was looking forward to the next game on deck. That was an even bigger mistake. That was a bad game (for non Laker fans). Wade’s 5th foul was the biggest fucked up call of the season. Lebron just got whacked a few under the basket with no call, just before. Wade gets called for a tacky foul 2 seconds after? Refs got the MEMO from Stern loud and clear.

    The Nuggets-Spurs game personified would be a taller bully stiff arming up a shorter guy right on his face while said shorter guy keeps on swinging at the bully’s midsection and repeatedly missing. The Spurs seemed so close but not really. They did that for the whole game.

  • mr chibbs

    @JAY – you are borderline retarded and fully ignorant, if you think because of the garments they are wearing it has an effect on their sexuality. for the record, lebron is holding a toiletry bag (its what hygenic people have to hold items they use for hygiene). The funny thing is that both guys have kids and and have fiances (wade was even married).. its a matter of opinion..you dont like fitted clothing fine, your choice..but to say someone is ‘gay’ cuz of it is a really (predictably) dumb thing to say, especially in this day and age

  • jdizzle

    Stats galore yesterday. Damn D-Will that’s how you feel? And DIME it doesn’t matter that his 57 came against the Bobcats, he’s the only one this season to score damn near 60 against them so what does that say about everyone else that hasn’t done it?

    I actually was surprised the Lakers won. Before yesterday I couldn’t even remember the last time they beat LeBron’s team. Kobe should get his nose broken (or wear a mask) more often cuz his shooting percentage has been better since he got his shits broken.

  • That’s What’s Up

    …and “mr chibbs” doesn’t sound gay at all…

  • http://www.bettlejuicexs3.com/ Chicagorilla

    “If Spencer Hawes was around, then the Sixers might’ve had enough down the stretch.”

    Yea right dime. You making Hawes out to be a Dwight or a Bogut or a Hibbert. Hawes would not have made that much of a difference the way Rose is playing. Rose had probabaly his best night of the season and you want to insert Hawes as a reasono to diffuse the reigning MVP’s big night?

    I don’t know who approve’s these ideas of yours. NIght after night I come here and rose rarely gets the headlines and I am irritated that you think Hawes would be a difference maker.

    Noah was playing great that game. I loved his rebounding. He could have been an allstar had his second half of the season perfomrance had been in the first half of the season. Hawes would have looked like a scared puppy last night.

    Chicago might not win the championship this year because Boozer is way too inconsistent. I still think they should trade him for a star big man. Package him with Korver and Brewer. Get his ass out of town. I hate seeing his silky, shiny face sweat as if he does any real big man work.

    @A.R, Showtime, and Alf

    You guys sucking off Rondo today so hard. Rose had the best game as a point guard yesterday simly because he is the MVP. RONDO CAN GET ALL THE TRIPLE DOUBLES HE WANTS BUT HE DID IT AGAINST THE SORRY ASS KNICKS!! Rose had a great performance, was clutch down the stretch and is the better player by far. How come you aren’t talking about him?

    Meanwhile, vlad sounds like he just bent over and took some of Rondo in the land that don’t shine. Either that or he’s taking a nice sh*t.

  • JDish

    Yea its great that Deron Williams scored 57 points for the Nets, but he needs to do that more often if he wants to call up Dwight Howard and get him to move up north. You said it… wrote it… yourself Dime, the supporting cast for D.Williams wasn’t anything special, AND the Nets played the Bobcats. I think Dwight needs to see D.Will and the Nets get a win like that in LA, or Miami, or Dallas, or Chicago. Gotta make it count to wet Dwights appetite. Then Again… its the NBA so anything can happen.

  • mr chibbs

    @ What’s Up – mr chibbs means ‘a connosiour of women’s rears’- so no, not gay at all..fail by you

  • vlad
  • http://www.bettlejuicexs3.com/ Chicagorilla

    Or mr chibbs can stand for : cunt hillbilly intrigued by butt sex ??

  • That’s What’s Up

    sure thing chibblet

    we all believe you

  • Sam


    Rondo to the Jazz, who is the main piece going back to Boston (Favors?)

  • That’s What’s Up

    Damn, that last shot by Derrick Rose was amazing. He makes it look way too easy.

    Rilla, post 21 was nice. THAT is truly funny.

    Mavs/Thunder 7PM on nba tv. I’ll probably check out that and Pacers/Bulls around the same time while also trying to squeeze in some Clippers/Wolves.

    The NBA – no off days

  • the truth

    heat missed bosh? no way, he’s terrible, worst pf in the league

  • jzsmoove

    How come not all players end up with a triple double against the Knicks, if its just the Knicks?

    How come not all players score 57 points against the Bobcats, if its just the Bobcats?

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Oh sorry, thanks for the correction. It’s not a handbag… it’s a toiletry bag. Even better comedy. Lebron would be better off calling it a handbag.

    FYI chibbs… see those straps on Lebron’s shoulders?? Those are presumably from a backpack he is wearing. Does he not have room in his backpack for toiletries?? Or does he prefer to keep his shoes and asswipes separated for hygienic reasons. I don’t know about you but when I go to games, or the gym, I keep my toiletries in the side pockets. I bet that purse is empty. He just a hipster.

    And BTW… where I’m from “chibs” means dumbass… or in other context, a cocktease that won’t give it up.
    It means connoisseur of the female derrier?? Ummmm… only to a chib.

  • Big Island

    I didn’t read anything past 2cents post #6. There is fashionable and there is tasteful. Then there is what Wade is wearing. Lebron looks like he’s trying to bring some of that 70’s funk or something, Wade just wants to show off his nipples. I hope you have a daughter, and when she is 15 she throws on some Minaj stuff and says she is being fashionable.

    Going to read the rest of the comments now…

    Oh god dammit! Mr. Chibbs is in on the clothes too. I am going to have the giggles all day about Chi’s breakdown of CHIBBS. Intrigued by butt sex, LOLOL!!!! I am picturing some dude who looks like Mike Myers as Dieter looking at the picture of those two and saying “This is pertinent to my interests. I am indeed intrigued…”


    Honestly, if I were in the NBA, I would be dressing up in costume every day. I don’t wear clothes that work with the dress code, so I would dress like Colonel Sanders and stuff. I just don’t think the rash guard/white skinny jeans combo is a good look on anyone except for maybe Aquaman. Leave it to those two guys to ruin a good day of basketball with Rose, Rondo and Williams all going nuts. And leave it to 2cents and Chibbs to make everyone forget about yelling at Beiber for a day.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Er5TsQrGg alf (from melmak)

    Looks like we have a new (to put it politely) dead brain in town.

    @ Sam

    I have been toying with the ESPN Trade Machine on this. I guess the best scenario for the Jazz would be to send Devin Harris, CJ Miles, their $10 million trade exception, and a first round pick for Rondo and Ray Allen’s expiring contract.

    But then again, Boston might ask for Harris and Paul Milsap in exchange for Rondo packaged with Allen or the corpse of Jermaine O’Neal.

    This is just me pretending to be a GM.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @ chibbs, I just re-read your post. Where did I call them gay?? I said “I wouldn’t be surprised if…”, that’s hardly calling them gay. These guys are the biggest metrosexuals in the league. Metrosexuals are always clowned for being borderline gay. Jokes are always ruined by idiots who don’t understand the context and need an explanation.

    It’s funny chibbst came out of the woodwork to put me in my place for a handbag. He probably carries one. Same model Lebron has. Puts it on his lap when he sits on the bus, and carries toilet seat covers and scented asswipes in it. He leaves the stall, ass smelling like lavender.

    Move along, cunt hillbilly.

  • bucketz3

    Apparently the rules of calling timeouts don’t apply to the celtics…and niether do fouls but thas a different story…right b4 pierce hit that 3 he fell to the floor and slid…TRAVEL buttttt no..not for the Cs..they get a timeout if they want…wutever tho the knicks had no business being that close wit all the turnovers and nobody really stepping up and the refs handing out techs cuz shump dunked on kg’s vag

  • Franchise

    Great game by Rondo, but slow down on the jockriding. His rebounding and play-making are unquestionable at this point, but till he develops a consistent jumper, he won’t average meaningful numbers offensively and that will keep him out of the upper echelon of PGs in the league.

    @Chi stop the hero-worshiping at Rose’s alter. Damn near a 20-20-20 game is definitely more news-worthy than (what has become) a ho-hum 30pt-er by Rose. Maybe you pushing him so hard coz he dint deserve that MVP nod last year?? Just sayin….

    @chibbs any straight dude knows that man purses and shit are a BIG no-no. Don’t even try to defend that bullshit. U sure u and Amechi don’t got something in common??

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Gotta go with Rondo chicagorilla, only for yesterday, that was phenomenal. And Wilt chamberlain has done EVERY motherfucking thing, got damn. He probably would of been one of the greatest three point shooters if they had em’ back then.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Analyst were saying what other PG could put up that triple double Rondo had, umm… CP3 and maybe westbrook, but that’s only if you didn’t have to accumulate 20 assist to go with it.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Rondo is one hell of a player but I really hope the Celts trade him away. Hopefully he goes to the Nets for Deron Williams since the Nets will realize they are NOT going to get Dwight Howard before the trade deadline, and that will spark fear in the Nets organization. This fear causes them to think that Williams will not stick around this off-season and then both franchises (Orlando and NJ)get f***ed. Because of this, Nets look to move Williams and the Celtics believe that Rondo will not get them out of the playoffs when teams completely pack the paint and dare him to shoot (cause he can’t), therefore Boston and New Jersey swap Point Guards.

    The rest is history, as Boston becomes a contender once again, and Danny Ainge, once again, looks smart when we all thought he was retarded.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Green is not Deron Williams color.

    I just hope he doesn’t somehow get gifted to the lakers, like Pau Gasol did

  • mr chibbs

    you guys crack me up..seriously…c@nt hill billy? im a black man. im not trying to get into a insult match with you lot, the point i was trying to raise was, so what if he’s carrying a man bag/purse? is it really that important?

    @ Jay – you’re talking about another man’s behind- does that strike you as odd??

    as for your comment on why he didnt put the damn bag into his back pack…fair enough, i agree- it just points to his narcissitic ways, he just wants the attention.

    as for your comment: ”Jokes are always ruined by idiots who don’t understand the context and need an explanation.” this is very true…what you didnt mention was that jokes are ruined when they arent even jokes at all, as there isnt a punchline at all (if the puchline refers to the comment about carrying ‘wade’s lipgloss’ then you trully are braindead)..you gave a STATEMENT not a joke.

    @ chicagorilla – just an fyi, thats a pretty lame attempt to assigne an acronym to ‘chibbs’.but you guys have small minds, so may be amusing

  • mr chibbs

    @Franchise – probably right,no need to carry that around..but im not really concerned about what another male does..if he wants to wear pink shoes and a blond wig, thats his perogative..you shouldnt care either

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    If you haven’t heard, Dennis Rodman is starting a basketball league for strippers. Quotes from his press conference last week:

    “You look at Playboy, you look at the mansion in L.A., you look at Hugh Hefner he’s been doing this for almost 80 years … It’s been entertainment, it’s been very clean, it’s been very subdued. But this right here, this has never been done before.”

    “These girls are not just entertainers as far as just coming into adult venues just to take their clothes off, they have an interest to entertain in different areas. What’s the best way to do it? How about a basketball game.”

    “My friends that own the Cirque De Soleil in Vegas, the director said that he is going to give me a lot of his creativity knowledge-wise to do a lot of halftime shows — people coming from the ceilings, people doing a lot of stuff around the videos. There’s going to be a lot of things going on besides the girls just going up and down the court.”

    “They’ll probably be body painted and have tassels on, it’s not going to be raunchy, it’s going to be very clean and elegant … It’s going to be very tastefully done.”

    “Why is Dennis Rodman doing this kind of thing? Why doesn’t he go to the D-League and coach there? That’s not my game — I can’t coach a bunch of knuckleheads. I can’t coach a bunch of guys who won’t listen to what I’m saying. These girls here, I don’t run these girls here, these girls have their own independent minds, it will be good for their careers.”

    “The court’s not going to be 95 feet, it’s only going to be 55 feet, the rims are only going to be eight feet … It’s only going to last 60 minutes with time running and we’re going to have entertainers and girls dancing during timeouts. It’ll be fun.”

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol @ JAY

    Want to congratulate the Lakers and there fans on there 18th championship banner or how ever many they have. I think the funniest part about the yesterday is when the announcer said: The Heat are going to there big lineup and Lebron was the tallest 1 out there. Haslem can’t make a shot to save his life lately. I guess he lost his jumpshot when he cut his hair.

    Joel, Pittman, Juwana man Howard, and Eddys ice cream Curry-Chicken should all be cut.

    Don’t worry my Heat brethrens. Chris “THE RAPTOR” Bosh will be back on Tuesday. Enjoy your parade Faker fans and see you ladies next season…

  • That’s What’s Up

    funny that I read chibbsy’s comment at #38 and immediately thought of Dennis Rodman

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    “you gave a STATEMENT not a joke.”

    This dude is hilarious. Do I have to deliver a joke in traditional form to have it considered “joking”? I didn’t know we had comedic prudes here at Dime.

    “That’s not a joke… you gave a statement.”
    ^ Get your thumb out of your ass, chibbs.

    Why did chibbs cross the road?
    To get to the other fag.
    ^ How’s my joke form? Better?

  • Franchise


    Nobody really gives a fuck. It’s good for poking humor at them for a minute tho. Get a good laugh. YOU should know better than to defend that shit. I just hope u don’t rock that look. Grown ass men showing nipples…

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    And just for fun, I googled the definition of ‘chibbs’.

    Indeed, it means what i mentioned earlier…
    1) a dumbass
    2) a girl who teases men but does not put out.

    Chibbs, which one are you?

    We might have small minds, but we aren’t the ones calling ourselves ‘chibbs’. Talking ’bout, “It means a connosiour of women’s rears”.
    ^ that is what you call yourself, isn’t it?

  • yoda

    @ JAY
    first of all, we in Europe don’t dress like wade and lbj. as for for worst thing Europeans brought to USA is fashion, well who cares. you can keep wearing white socks to every outfit you want, especially with suits :)

  • LakeShow84

    Wade looked like he had that crying look again last night..

    ok BRB ima go read everything now lol

  • Franchise

    @Sporty spice

    LOL thats the nearest u’ll ever come to admitting defeat. Good to see u dint vanish in a puff of smoke this time. True that Raptor-lookin dude wasn’t around. But Pau usually plays him to a stand-still. LA lead damn-near the entire game. Yall were flat-out outplayed. Wade’s erratic play also contributed.

    The defense is locked in and the offense is coming around. I still maintain that KB can maintain an elite level of balling WHILE USING HIS BIGS. Lakers would be virtually unbeatable. But I’ll also take his way too, 5 rings and 7 finals appearances says it all. See u cry babies in June.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    Yeah. I was just kidding around, and I sense you were too.

    I live in Canada and I love my country, but we have the Mounties. That’s our version of the FBI. It’s no wonder everyone up here is a joker. Our federal law enforcement officers dress like Santa Claus, so right off the bat a sense of humour is encouraged.

    If you haven’t seen one, google “Mounties”. Imagine those mofo’s busting down your door in a drug raid. I’d just die of laughter.


    i dont usually give a fuck what another man wears, but i dont like LeBron or Wade, so seeing them both dressed like Bruno made me laugh, them two really are a pair of bitches.

  • K Dizzle

    Damn, it’s like bizarro-smack in here today:
    -Sporty in here after a Heat loss
    -Franchise actually sayin somethin positive about the Lakers(u knew it was comin)
    -Some dude named chibbs gettin upset about Lebron carryin a purse n DWade rockin the long underwear
    -jzsmoove actually postin that Wade’s 5th foul was set up by the league office
    -JAY shittin on the mounties LOL It’s all true tho
    -One post from bieber?
    Weird day…

    Anyways, gonna enjoy the Lakerhaterfree monday. Good game by LA. It sucks that it takes Miami comin in for MWP to turn on his game like that. Miami didn’t stand a chance with Bosh out. I knew it was a wrap when Juwan checked in.
    Question for Coach Spo: Why is Lebron frontin like he lockin down Pau when Kobe is ON FIRE. Fake ass defender. Pau didn’t even try to get his yesterday. Didn’t have to cuz MWP, KB and Bynum were lights out….but Lebron’s on Pau. Watchin Haslem shoot yesterday, I’m still tryin to figure out how LBJ thought he would hit a clutch jumper for a win…Hopefully he gets tape of the Melo vs Pierce shootout in crunchtime so he knows how to act accordingly next time…

    P.S. Remember when Kobe was the 7th best player in the NBA? Yeah, well, neither does ESPN…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    Hahaha! @ big island’s point of chibbs taking the heat off me for a day. Lol kinda true. This discussion board is funny. I’m surprised en fuego’s ass isn’t in the homo erotic conversation today. He always seems to like to talk about gay shit.

    From da outside looking in this time, I obviously feel some sympathy for the pile on going on toward chibbs

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    Lol! kdizzle, werd, slow day for me. Would be more if the knicks won I gess.

  • Mr chibbs

    Hahaha. Thanks @ en fuego- but I’m fine everyone here can go against me, but all guys can say is ‘he must be gay blah blah blah’ im not
    Bothered, I get more than enough pussy to be insecure or offended. This is all too funny

    @ yoda – it’s good to see someone has sense

  • Franchise

    Yup, Biebs owes the new dude a beer.

    @Dizzle LOL glad u took notice (sarcasm incase u dint notice that). I always say positive stuff about the Lakers, but i for one are actually able to take off the purple n gold rimmed glasses to call out a weakness when i see one. Kobe’s stubborn as hell but as its been said before its the gift and the curse. Shoot me for sayin Kobe isn’t always right. I only took offense with you trying to make it like being an LA fan means following Kobe and co. blindly like a bunch of sheep. Thats sum bullshit.

    That said if therez a player in the whole league i’d feel confident going to war, flaws and all, with its the Black Mamba.

  • LakeShow84

    @ JZSMOOVE – please please i hate to even respond to this but please please GET THE F#$K OUTTAAAAA HERE lmao

    @ KDizz – my sentiments exactly lmao i didnt Sporty would show either..

    And it finally looks like ChiTown seeing what its like to be a Laker fan.. your boy can go out and drop 30 on some MVP type shit and everyone going to look elsewhere.. get used to it bruh lmao

    But im on Rondo’s side.. he controlled the game and it wasnt like people were takin hard shots he was reading everything perfect in a game thats played damn near 100x faster nowadays..

    Lin gonna need to work on his defense.. The Knicks need a defensive stopper on the perimeter and D’Antoni is SOWEAK..

  • LakeShow84

    Heat Lakers??

    Both teams played hard..

    Heat were actually called for fouls (88 consecutive games without A SINGLE PLAYER FOULING OUT??? S@#K MY D#$K)

    And did anyone really think Lebron would lead the charge back??? lol jussayin..

    DWade came out way softer than i expected him too also.. he knows he wants to go head up with Kobe as the top 1-2 SG’s in the league.. Dude looked neutered out there yesterday..

    Guess he cant hang.. lookin more Hollywood than the team actually in LA..

    But ill admit.. Bosh wouldve made a big difference.. He usually gets his on Gasol..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Franchise

    If Kobe wouldve shot bad yesterday and not had a good game and we lose would you have still made the same “goto war with” statement??

  • yoda

    @ JAY
    you know i’m kidding and i know about Mounties. i must say, they are up there with the Bobbies or what ever is name for the old school England’s police.
    now on serious note:

    i don’t have a chance to watch NBA as much as i’d like to. but we can agree that in past 5 or so years, Kobe and Wade are considered best shooting guards. Kobe is usually No.1, Wade No.2. now from what i could gather (post game interviews, NBA related articles etc) as good as Wade is, he’s not as feared as Kobe? every time i watch some game or read something, it’s all about how if you have Kobe against you in closing minutes, no one is safe. and that is from coaches, players, writers. even fans. on other hand, i don’t have a feeling that coaches, players… are so afraid from Wade (or any other player). i mean they have healthy respect but nothing like: shyte, we are playing kobe! effect. am i wrong or i got that right? and if i’m right, why is that? i know Kobe is good but he ain’t god or something like that.

  • http://www.payattnstalkers.com Chicagorilla

    I’d just like to point out that Any previous post were not me. Just drag your mouse over the name and you’ll notice the past few days that I have changed my website name. But the “Stalker” failed to pay attention to that part.

    Mr. Chibbs by the way, didn’t that come from Happy Gilmore? I thought that was a clever name. not really worthy of making fun of that.

    But i will agree with @Jay when he says that Lebron (and many of the entertainment industry) are showing gay tendencies with the fashion. Anytime a dude has to wiggle his way into some pants, that’s gay. Same goes for carry a purse/man bag. but to each his own.

    I’m too tired to go back and forth with the Stalker, but i’ll give it props. It did try to make the post sound more like mine, even though the jokes were corny.

  • http://www.zwani.com/graphics/funny_pictures/images/88funny-pictures128.jpg JAY

    @yoda… right on the money about Wade and Kobe. I wouldn’t say NOBODY fears Wade, but Kobe has this aura about him. Wade just seems like someone players want to go after.

    And I find it funny chibbs says “it’s good to see someone has sense” regarding yoda’s last post… only for yoda to admit he was kidding. Even I sensed the joke, and I’m the goofy Canadian.

    Looks like the definition of your name is right on the money, right dumbass? Keep posting. We need more confirmation.

  • Franchise


    Funny how u and Dizzle have me out as a Kobe/Laker hater. Thats cool, coz ur opinion doesn’t mean shit anyway. Changes nothing for me. Aint got nuthin to prove on here. Just wanted to make that clear.

    To answer ur question, hell yes. You did notice the part where i said ‘flaws and all’ right? I hold Kobe to a standard well above any other player in the L coz to me he’s the only guy flying at that stratosphere.
    The perfect Kobe to me would 1. realize he has a serious size advantage on his team and exploit that shit for easier offense, and 2. when he’s having a cold shooting night put the team first and defer to the hotter hand, while impacting the game in other ways (defense, hitting the glass, playing decoy etc). If it was any other player i wouldn’t give a shit but i always want KB to perform at the very highest level. Thats why i get all mad and bent outta shape when KB throws out one of his 6-24 shooting nights. If you paid attention u would realize that im actually a huge KB fan

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    I don’t kno if lakeshow made this joke intentionally, but I thought it was type of the funny side he said wade looked neutered out there yesterday and then followed up that statement with “guess he can’t hang” . Pun intended?

  • Donatello

    I think I forget my life and just will be reading dime comments all day long. This was pure entertainment.


  • K Dizzle

    @ Franchise

    Here’s the issue you probably missed:

    You can’t say you’re a Laker fan, then come on this website n shit on our top player after every loss where he
    a) takes bad shots
    b) stops going to Pau n Bynum

    Dude is who he is. Those games will happen. They happened with Jordan but dimemag.com wasn’t there for us to crap on him after every single bad game. U act like we watch games n smile when he takes that fadeaway 30footer yesterday with Battier all over him when Bynum’s in the post with Howard on him.
    Like you said, it’s the gift n the curse. We all groan but it’s Kobe n he might just make that ridiculous shot. After watchin LBJ in Utah, we now know it takes more guts to put ALL the pressure on your shoulder n decide whether your squad goes home with a loss or a win.
    If DWade n LBJ had come into town n Kobe had shot 6-30, you, as a Laker fan, have the right to be upset about it, but pilin on with the haters everytime it happens, makes you look fairweather when you support after games like yesterday.
    I don’t think I’ve ever been on dime sayin “it’s ok for Kobe to take bad shots”. All I ever said is I’m ok with whatever right now as long as it don’t cost us games in May n June cuz
    1) we need a point guard, traded for one, got fucked outta one by Stern so we STILL need a point guard
    2) We lose Lamar n Shannon and don’t replace em
    3) We lose Phil n replace him with Mike Brown
    4) No more triangle so now we got a new offense too which is an issue cuz a) we don’t have a playmaker not named Kobe n b) Kobe only had the triangle HIS WHOLE CAREER
    5) It’s a lockout year with 66 games in 120 days
    6) No practices
    7) We trade Pau, trade gets cancelled so then he comes back all hurt so we gotta handle that
    8) Who’s on our bench again?
    9) Kobe’s 33, busted knee, tears wrist beginning of season

    So with ALL THIS SHIT against us, those of us I call ‘Real Laker fans’ don’t take kindly to other Laker fans who wanna rip on every game Kobe decides to just jack. Kobe the smartest player in the league. He knows he throwin up shots that look bad to you n me, but he KNOWS he’s made em before. He practices the shit. Nobody works harder on addin to his game each offseason. (You see that weak lefthanded floater LBJ tried in the post which resulted in an airball? He got that from Kobe….except Kobe hits it) As a Laker fan, you KNOW Pau ain’t always aggressive n you know Bynum wasn’t always consistent. Kobe been at this for 16 years n watches gamefilm after EVERY SINGLE GAME.
    It’s easy being a Laker fan when things are good.
    Let’s revisit this after the next 6-24 shootout in a loss…

  • Donatello

    ‘[…] only the third guy in NBA history to put up a line like that (Wilt and Oscar are the only others)[…]

    I thought Rondo and Kidd were the only players in the history with 15/15/15 (and kidd did it twice) ?! What’s the truth?

  • Big Island

    Chi – It was the word “cunt” that gave it away. You never say that stuff.

    JAY – I actually got held up in customs when I went to Toronto because I asked if I actually had to listen to the mounties if they told me to do anything. They didn’t find that funny. I got hassled going to Vancouver with my GF to see her family because they asked if I had ever been fingerprinted. Yes. Was it ever for a criminal act? No, but they didn’t ask me that. They must have asked for my passport and what I was doing in Vancouver about 8 times before I left the airport. Still, great city. Note to fellow Dime peeps heading to Canada: If you have a big red beard, both arms sleeved (my right arm has a frickin mermaid, koi, and flowers, didn’t matter), a shaved head, and weigh more than a crackhead, you WILL get hassled.

  • http://www.payattnstalkers.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Is,

    Yeah im pretty sure i’ve never used that word before in my life lol. I didn’t even see that IT wrote that for me.

    Also just look at any of my post from yesterday’s smack. If the website for my name says bettlejuicex’s 3 then you know that wasn’t me. Since the stalker started using my name i just changed up the website. Caught it slipping i guess.

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    hahaha @ kdizzle trying to make franchise a born-again laker fan.

  • LakeShow84

    Thats all i was sayin..

    Cant be fair weather.. Like Sporty Spice lol

    It seemed like Lebron and Wade came a little out of their game yesterday.. Lebron tryin to get fancy in the post (LOL) and Wade tryin to shoot 3’s..


    WTF?! Shit. Looks like I missed out big-time! Fresh fish. Hahaha.

    Welcome, MR CHIBBS. Today’s
    Crossdressing Hipster Infatuated By Bags & Sodomy.

    Just getting started. Catch you later. Hahaha

  • Big Island

    Damn man, the Lakers win a big game and Lakers fans are fighting with one another. Guys, they won! Hate on guys like me who hate on Kobe and the Lakers! I’m right here!!!

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    big island got a point. whoever said this was bizzaro day in smack’s comments is right

  • control

    More Bizzaro INC…I’m not going to hate on Rondo, even though he is a huge douchebag, a near 20/20/20 line is pretty fucking impressive. Not saying he’s an elite point guard, the guy was going against new york and their piece of shit defense, but it’s still pretty impressive. I hate when boston and new york play, I end up having to cheer for new york, and even that 4 quarters of feeling like a celtics fan makes me kind of ill.


    @ BI – Not a Lakers fan but what the hell. Its freaking Bizzaro day.

    Beiber’s Inconspicuous Guardian In Smack Les-bro Affair Not Determined

  • control

    Correction: Cheer for boston, AGAINST new york…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    en fuego..

    you must have a ton of time on your hands to insult me after they fired your ass as the voice over for the taco bell chihuahua.

    te quiero mi cojones?

  • Big Island

    En Fuego – That is great! I am like Beiber’s guardian! I can’t get on board with some of what he says, but I do get pissed off when guys who aren’t regulars get on him.

    Beiber’s Incompetent Guardian, I’m Simply Loving And Needing Dirk.
    But Ever Insult Beiber, Even Remotely, Ni@@a Everything Will Zoology? Zebra? Zit? Zoom? Zero? Zooey? Zimbabwe? Zig Zag? Zippy?

    Damn you Beib! Do you know how few words start with Z? I am here trying to be your guardian and now I am mad at you for having a Z in your name.

    Control – NEVER cheer for Boston. It’s painful sometimes, but NEVER cheer for Boston.

  • sh!tfaced

    …zone out, zombie, zorro, zoolander, zeke, zoubek, z-bo, zaza, zydrunas ilgauskas, (wang) zhizhi, zipadeedoodah…

  • sh!tfaced

    Screwing Hot !dentical Twin Female Asians Cures Erectile Disappointment

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    do i smell tomorrow’s smack comments section incorporating acronym deciphering of dime’s regulars usernames? that could turn out absolutely hilarious. i would kill most of yall names easy!

    or guys could just talk about another hornets or raptors loss. eh.