NBA, Pat's Sixers Blog, Video / Mar 1, 2012 / 11:00 am

Video: Andre Iguodala’s Spinning Reverse Dunk on the Thunder

Andre Iguodala dunk video highlights

The Sixers absolutely cannot beat good teams, especially down the stretch. They have no go-to guy who can get them buckets when they absolutely need it, and it cost them the game against the Thunder night.

At least they’ll always have this highlight of Andre Iguodala spinning, twisting, reverse dunk:


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  • http://www.bettlejuicexs3.com/ Chicagorilla

    Nice move. Iggy is so brolic. I’d be scared to get in his way when he goes up to dunk. He moves so quick when he leaps and probably has no body fat. Strong guy. I bet he has like 20 veins on his penis alone.

  • TL

    Nice dunk. Reminds me of those reverses Kobe was throwing down a few seasons back.

  • Rainman

    @ chicagorilla: …pause?

  • Rainman

    @ chicagorilla:…pause?