• bucketz3

    That guy was the opposite of funny

  • bt2007

    Hilarious. Great stuff!

  • kingralf

    Was that even supposed to be funny?
    Hasan talks about something interesting without even knowing it: “Jeremy Lin represents ‘us’ or ‘our culture’ “. So he wants people to recognize this ‘other culture’, as he identifies with it. He does not, on the other hand, want this culture to be linked with other parts of the ‘asian culture’ as well. Photoshopping a hadouken to Jeremy Lin is a way of acknowleding his overwhelming play in the last weeks by linking two parts of a culture together, while photoshopping a kfc-bucket to a black player does not in any way acknowledge achievements of any kind. Racism is the wrong word to use here, because it is not the clear cut definiton of ‘positive racism’ as well.

  • j10

    and he is a comedian? what..

  • MeloMan15

    that was not funny, nor was it informative

  • Jwill55

    @kingralf: What are you talking about dude? What is positive racism? When Vince Carter jumped over that 7 foot Frenchman the tagline would NEVER say ‘N****s in Paris’ because its incredibly offensive. They let his accomplishments as an African American male speak for themselves. The sad part is the double standards when it comes to ridiculing certain people of color. No one should be ridiculed or marginalized regardless of their ethnicity. When ESPN has a headline that reads ‘Chink in the armor’ or ‘Who says Asians can’t drive?’ there’s nothing to be gained from that type of dialogue. And by the way, a ‘hadouken’ is part of Asian culture? Dude, its from a video game…it’s not real. Is ‘Dhalsim’ from Street Fighter a part of Indian culture?

    Hasan is showing pride and repping unity while being hilarious. You are a moron.