NBA, Video / Mar 5, 2012 / 10:00 am

Video: Tim Duncan Takes Chris Andersen’s Manhood With A Double Facial

Tim Duncan

I give Chris Andersen credit for at least D-ing up. 90 percent of the rest of the NBA would’ve DEFINITELY flopped after being nailed in the face on a swing-through move from Tim Duncan. The Birdman had another chance to flop but instead went after the shot and got yammed on. So much respect to Andersen, who barely complained and just played ball. This is still hilarious though.

What was the greatest Duncan dunk you ever saw?

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  • show tunes for life

    i thought the same thing when i saw it. chris anderson gained a lot of respect from me for this play which is funny because he got smacked in the face and then dunked on. took it like a gentleman though. ha.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    Birdman still managed to contest the dunk too. Most guys would flop to the ground.

  • Rainman

    HA! good stuff.

  • Flip

    Yeah, I don’t get that entire “OMG, he got dunked on…” thing… in my book it’s much more embarrassing to just get out of the way and coast on defense

  • http://dimemag.com bullet380

    Many coaches teach that high rip through when guys crowd you on the perimeter like that. The next few times the ball whizzes by your face (or in this case gets hit in the face) it forces the defense to back up.

  • yoda

    birdman is the man. just play the ball! and timmy still has it

  • jimmhummv

    Dang dude got hit with the ball for real. And hammered on! Wow. If dwade orhoward get touched they getting a tech for harrasing the refs

  • Ian

    good play by birdman no bitching after

  • Chaos

    Man, that was a good play but the Birdman is def getting props for not giving up on the play. Stay with the play. Big guys!

    Has anyone noticed that timmy has been actually playing pretty well?

  • papaburr81

    giving much respect to bridman, playing good old defence. no one likes a flopper

  • white whale

    nobody answered the man’s question, so i will.

    greatest dunk i ever saw by duncan was when he jammed it on ben wallace and sent him flying back into the baseline. flexed on him hard on that one.