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We Reminisce: Kobe’s 2 Weeks Of 50-Point Destruction In 2007

When Deron Williams scored 57 points on Sunday against Charlotte, it did a couple things: reminded us how bad the Bobcats are, and took us back to 2007.

Only five years past, that season can seem like forever ago. What do you remember from it? Is it San Antonio beating Cleveland for the title in a Finals decried as one of the most unwatchable in history?

Trick question. You shouldn’t remember that, and it’s not what Williams’ huge night — the 27th performance of at least 57 points, by 14 players, since 1985 — spurred the memory of.

No, that season was about two weeks of destruction courtesy of Kobe Bean Bryant. Even given that Bryant had three rings by that time, and thus enormous expectations, it makes the Jeremy Lin fortnight look almost pedestrian. You want March Madness? He delivered.

To summarize the unsummarizable, here’s what Bryant did: From March 16 to March 23, he scored at least 50 in four straight games, including busting the 57-point mark by dropping 65 on Portland and 60 at Memphis six days apart. After each of those outbursts were 50-pointers against Minnesota and New Orleans. Three games after his last 50-pointer against the Hornets, Bryant scored 53 for good measure against Houston on March 30.

Against Portland his fadeaway three iced the win in overtime and got him to 63.

Here’s him going for 60 against the Grizz, where he went 20-of-37 from the field.

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  • Celts Fan

    I’m cutting the head off this before anyone gets dumb and forgets why you play. This was a great INDIVIDUAL run, BUT HE DID NOT DESERVE TO BE MVP THAT YEAR. Nash won 60+ with Boris Diaw starting in place of Amare all year and made nobodies into somebodies and somebodies into millionaires. Kobe, meanwhile, tried to force a trade, openly called out and feuded with his teammates, and generally was the epitome of everything we don’t want our athletes to be, and I’m talking on the court. Kobe didn’t deserve the MVP that year. It was, undoubtedly, Nash’s, unless you really think Boris Diaw is a legit 18-9 starter on a 60 win team? No? Didn’t think so.

  • ML

    hate to burst your bubble dude, but wasn’t it dirk who won the MVP that season not kobe?? But i agree with you, Kobe didn’t deserve his MVP, that should have been CP3’s. He just got lucky with Pau.

  • sh!tfaced

    2007 is a looooooong time ago for a lakers’ or c’s fan…

  • Celts Fan

    @ML – it was Nash, and Laker fans been whining ever since that by being a selfish gunner and scoring so much, he deserved the MVP and Nash stole it by playing better for a better team that had lost Amare for the year.

  • Rainman

    @ Celt: cosign about the Nash-MVP comment.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol We talkin about an amazin feat of scoring n the haters still slither onto this page to try the usual.
    I’m a Laker fan. Did Nash deserve to win that mvp? Abso-phuckin-lutely! Was the NBA gonna let a floppy hair kid from Canada join the list of Larry Bird n Wilt as the only 3 time back-back-to back MVPs? Hell no!
    Does any of this have ANYTHNG to do with the numbers Kobe put up in this stretch?
    Hate on, kids!

  • K Dizzle

    Add Bill Russell to that list…

  • http://datpiff.com beiber newz

    this is the reason kobe will be respected more when he retires.

    people forget about exploits like this mainly because dude is still playing and after each game, people will critique, most times unfairly, sometimes justly. when he walks away from the game, and people have the time to sit back and remember, they will realize he was truly, truly amazing with the things he could do with the basketball and how his overall game is something very unfathomable to wrap your mind around. time heals all wounds (maybe in kobe’s case most wounds), and down the line, people will look back at years like this where kobe displayed such greatness and the fans of the game will acknowledge that he truly belongs amongst the greatest of the greats without question.

  • oscarisalakerfan

    I don’t know where it ranks but all I got to say isKobe muthafuckin Bryant