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Wilt Chamberlain Special: How the NBA Celebrates 100 Points

Ronnie Brewer wants Big Macs

Ronnie Brewer wants Big Macs (see video below)

Friday, March 2nd marked the fiftieth anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points in one game. NBA TV aired a special, “Wilt 100,” and the NBA scheduled a “rematch” of the night by having the Golden State Warriors face the Philadelphia Sixers.

Wilt’s record is even more impressive considering how hard it is for most NBA teams to score that many points in one game. A number of NBA teams award their home fans in the rare event of scoring 100 or more points:

1. Washington Wizards – “District Chophouse 100 Point Promotion

The Wizards have a local but lame 100-point promotion: fans have to bring their ticket stub to District Chophouse after the game to “receive one free drink off of the Chalk Board Menu with the purchase of a full priced drink off of the board.”

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, if the Wizards score over 100 points you can get a free drink if you buy another. Restricted menu applies!

2. Toronto RaptorsFree cheese or pepperoni slice from Pizza Pizza

Hedo Turkolou was a fan of Pizza Pizza when he briefly played with the Raptors and so are Raptor fans.

3. Los Angles LakersTwo free tacos if Lakers hold their opponent under 100 points and win.

An interesting defensive promotion where all fans receive a coupon for two free tacos if the Lakers hold their opponent under 100 points and win.

Nothing excites fans like defense and tacos:

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  • sh!tfaced

    …and 100+ points in Rodman’s Topless Women’s Basketball League, fans receive coupons for free blow/hand jobs, lap dances or locker room passes..?

  • JDish

    But Didnt Wilt get 100 points… against a scrub New York Knicks team when the NBA was barely a league? I just say that it was a totally different era and situation. When Kobe got 81 it was kooo cause he was doing it in an NBA game where the lakers needed to win, but playing a decent to bad Raptors team at the time. The game is much faster and aggressive in this era. I’m sure Wilt was just plain dominating everyone cause no one could match his height and strength. It was probably a Globetrotters versus the Generals type game, but with one player getting most of all of the touches.