NBA, Video / Jul 4, 2012 / 4:00 pm

The Top 5 Worst Flops Of The 2011-2012 Basketball Season

reggie evans flop

Flopping is such an NBA epidemic right now that the League is considering forming a committee to assess fines for the most egregious offenders. Well, we decided to give them a head start and point out the worst floppers we’ve seen in this past season.

5. Reggie Evans

Here’s the Clippers’ Reggie Evans setting a screen on the Grizzlies’ Tony Allen in this year’s first round of the NBA playoffs. Reggie Evans is a big dude, and he sets pretty hard screens. But Tony Allen isn’t exactly tiny either. Still, we seriously doubt Allen could ever steamroll Evans without a little, shall we say, assistance.

On the charge of flopping in the first degree, we find Reggie Evans guilty.

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