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Video: Point 3 Alpha Series – Build Basketball Explosiveness

basketball training video

It’s the end of October, which means the season is here for players of all levels. In this space we bring you basketball training videos from our friends at Point 3 Basketball on a regular basis. Each installment of the series will introduce a new traning technique produced by their endorsed Alpha Trainers, designed to help you prepare for and excel during the season.

Today’s drill combo helps you work on your ball handling while building explosiveness:

Trainers: Accelerate Basketball
Charlotte, NC

Title: Two Ball Reverse Lunge
This drill combines ball handling with strength training. While dribbling two balls, step back into a deep lunge to strengthen your quads and hamstrings – critical muscles used for explosiveness.

- Keep Your Focus on the Rim
- Sharpen Your Court Vision
- Sharpen Your Offensive and Defensive Mechanics
- Work Ball Screens to Get Buckets
- Improve Ballhandling, Reaction Time, Passing
- Dynamic Strength and Conditioning Warmup
- Stay Low to Finish Strong
- Become a Better, Stronger Ballhandler

Point 3 Basketball

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