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Carmelo Anthony Walks Out Of Boston A Winner; DeMar DeRozan Has A Dagger Up His Sleeve

Carmelo Anthony

Celtics vs. Knicks felt like not just a big game, but a priority. This was appointment viewing after the trash-talk episode that landed the last Celtics-Knicks game on the front page of every sports page in the country. It’s the kind of episode that we don’t really need to rehash but safe to say it required Carmelo Anthony to bring a personal bodyguard Thursday, the NBA to assign Dick Bavetta and Joey Crawford as refs to clamp down on any funny business and for Boston crowd control to take out any fans’ sign with a Honey Nut Cheerios reference on it. Just like his 6-of-26 night against KG and the Celtics the last time they met, Carmelo was a bricklayer early with 13 points but on 13 shots (he’d finish with 28 points on 28 shots). Paul Pierce, on the other hand, put down 19 points in the first half and made it seem like he’d heard about being left off the All-Star team before the game. And then something switched — ‘Melo hit 4-of-6 shots in one third-quarter stretch, even helped Kevin Garnett up when he fell down at one point (peace in the Middle East seemed like it would happen faster than those two reconciling at one point in the last two weeks). And instead of the Celtics winning a 12th-straight game against the Knicks at home, New York walked out with an 89-86 win after Anthony found J.R. Smith (9 points on a brutal 3-of-16 night) for a clutch three, which was followed by a turnover by Pierce with seven seconds left. The Celtics never led in the fourth quarter. We can’t omit Rajon Rondo‘s fourth triple-double of the season with 23 points, 11 dimes and 10 boards. … All-Star reserves were announced before tipoff in Boston, and there were some notable names who are deserving of saying they got robbed. Brook Lopez and Stephen Curry are chief among them. Whose spots would they have taken, though? Lopez over Bosh, or Curry over James Harden or teammate David Lee? … Hit the jump to hear about the crazy shot to beat Orlando …

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  • Atom

    We could have had coach Thunder-Dan? What a travesty. Almost as bad as Steph Curry getting passed up as an all-star. Wait, no that was totally retarded. Props to Lindsey Hunter though.

  • Heckler

    it doesnt bother me that Steph Curry (although playing like an allstar) didn’t get voted in by the coaches.
    is he having a better season than Tony Park, Russ Westbrook or James Harden? shit, he may not even be having a better season than Jamal Crawford.

    Dan Majerle coaching in Phoenix would be awesome. I have no problem with Lindsay Hunter, but Thunder Dan seems to have been patient enough and waited for his time. This appeared to be his time/chance.

    Boston looks real weak. they got rebounded by the punk ass Knicks at home.
    they need a (change-of-pace) backup point guard. When Rondo is out, they have no play makers. Baron Davis or Aaron Brooks would be good for them. Maybe even Jamaal Tinsley. just a steady hand for 12mins a night.

  • diablofreak

    i think baron davis is still with the knicks. so lets say they go for aaron brooks, who do you trade if you’re boston? i think they’d want someone like cousins a lot more than a backup point guard if they’re making a trade with the Seattle Kings. :)

  • Atom

    Curry not having a better season than Crawford? I want some of what your smoking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.i.jarrell Rob IronMan Jarrell

    Yes! Heckler is back lol

    but really dude, Crawford might be the leading 6th man but not having a better season than curry. and i see the NYK hate is still alive. I agree about aaron brooks as a pg for hte celts. their second unit would be brooks, lee, green, sulinger and terry. not a bad second lineup