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This is What Kevin Garnett Said to Make Carmelo Anthony Go Nuts in Last Night’s Game (Allegedly)

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett (Photo. Gary Land)

Trash talking happens in some form in every sport, in every game, on every level. Athletes who have ascended to the professional ranks have undoubtedly heard pretty much everything that could possibly tossed their way over the years. And athletes like Carmelo Anthony, players among the best of the best, have probably heard even more from opponents trying to knock them off their game.

So what did KG allegedly say to ‘Melo to get this reaction?

It exploded all over Twitter a little while ago, but about a zillion outlets are reporting that KG told Melo that his wife LaLatastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

And that, kids, is how you get a spot on a LIST LIKE THIS.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Mrz.Drose Maria L. Wallace


  • http://twitter.com/freshouttatime Ishraq Ali

    as a result of getting in melos head, melo (and jr) continually went iso jacking up stupid shots making ny lose. cmon knicks we have RASHEED WALLACE on our team, learn something about trash talk…

  • SweetdickWilly

    I knew it had to be something to make even Melo want to fight & come back this time around. KG’s ass stayed locked in the room and Melo kept coming to see him. When even Melo gains a modicum of fight cred on somebody slightly larger than he is, your Pussyhood has been confirmed. I can see why he’d say that though, being a king size molasses colored douche and all. He’d know all about vaginal taste and even more about drying up when the time comes & somebody’s about to stick it to him since his fugazi ass stayed in the room.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Ralph-Anthony/1360616557 Kyle Ralph Anthony

    It’s hilarious that KG is such a tough guy, but won’t fight. And Chandler was just waiting to jump in and not let Melo get a huge fine and suspension.

    KG has never been able to beat Dirk, Duncan, and oddly… back when he was on the T-Wolves, he wasn’t a tough guy. Duncan, Dirk, Garnett, Rasheed and he wasn’t such a tough guy watching them destroy him. Go to Youtube and watch Ginobli destroy him on a block.

  • core Bean

    I thought Melo would take that as a compliment…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Greg-King-Saeed-Williams/585664043 Greg ‘King Saeed’ Williams

    KG is Da Man lol