NBA, Video / Jan 8, 2013 / 10:00 am

Video: Carmelo Anthony Waits by the Celtics Bus for Kevin Garnett

carmelo anthony kevin garnett fight

Basketball fans nationwide who constantly yearn for the “old school” days of the NBA are loving what went down with Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett in NYC last night.

Say what you will about ‘Melo, but he is apparently a man of his word. During the game last night (and several mini scrums), Anthony told KG he’d see him outside after the game. And lo and behold, after reportedly having to be physically restrained from going into the Celtics’ locker room, here is Carmelo lying in wait for KG out by the Boston team bus.

Note the full team of security guys between ‘Melo and the bus to make sure nothing goes down:

And here’s one of the many times they got into it with each other on the court. This time, you can clearly see ‘Melo lobbing F-bombs at Garnett:

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  • core Bean

    Please oh please let this thing heat up. I wanna see some rivalries make it into post-season play.

  • http://twitter.com/euneak Gustavo

    not to smart but couple of punches would of been fun on how people actually resolve problems nowadays with guns..

  • Guest

    oh please dude knew there would be security if someone is a bigger pussy than kg it is melo.