NBA, Video / Jan 17, 2013 / 11:00 am

Video: A Kyrie Irving Spin Move Shakes The NBA’s Best Rookie

Kyrie Irving

Had Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant gone through with that rumored one-on-one game, it would’ve been awesome if Irving had used Bryant’s patented spin move on him. Before the Internet referees come strolling in to call this a travel, appreciate that Damian Lillard got shook out of his shoes by the Kyrie Irving spin move.

Who does it better: Kobe or Irving?

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  • diablofreak

    its a nice move, but seriously how is that not a travel, the pivot foot moved twice

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.mccrone.5 Thomas McCrone

    The second part of the move wasn’t a travel, the pivot foot would have to come down for it to be a travel, instead the shot was released before that. However the first part, when he juked and the pivot foot was picked up and then replaced, was a travel. Still a sick move. And anyone that remembers Pat Ewing, knows this was mild.

  • JAY

    “How is that not a travel?”
    Because it’s the NBA, where the only things fundamental is reading.

  • http://twitter.com/boogiefingas That Dude

    thats not a travel. when he starts the move, as he sort of turns his back to the basket, he basically hop-steps into it that turn, which is legal. after that his pivot foot never leaves the floor. Just because its not ur typical hopstep doesn’t mean hes entitled to use it creatively. pick-up-dribble, hop into back-to-basket position (while faking the spin), spin fwd and back again on ur established pivot. U cant get it even after the replay and yet he does it on the fly in a game. Thats why he’s in the nba.