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The Lakers Run Into A Buzz Saw; Paul Pierce Is A Hoops Technician

Ty Lawson

Ty Lawson (photo. Nike)

You want to know why that Lakers win in Dallas was so big? Any sensible L.A. fan knows whenever they go to Denver, they get spit back out like spoiled food. With time running out and Houston not looking like they’re going to fall apart anytime soon, the Lakers can’t afford anymore mishaps. Their 119-108 loss to the Nuggets doesn’t count as as screwup – Denver just had it rolling. Ty Lawson predictably cut the Lakers up for 22 points and eight dimes while Wilson Chandler reintroduced himself to the basketball world with one of his best games of the season (23 points) … On the other side, Dwight Howard might’ve had 15 points and 14 rebounds, but wasn’t engaged at times (and also missed 11 of 14 free throws). Kobe went for 29 points and nine dimes (and hit 31,000 career points), but Howard wasn’t dominating Denver’s weak frontline like he should’ve, like he would’ve when he was back in Orlando. There was a point in the third quarter with Howard posting up JaVale McGee. JaVale tipped the entry pass and Howard sat there and watched Corey Brewer run it down and save it. It was the type of play that would get you benched at any other level (A few minutes later, it was Kobe watching Andre Iguodala (14 points, 12 assists) run right by him and catch a pass from Brewer for a dunk). The signature play of Howard’s night came with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter. Rolling across the lane for his typical jump hook against McGee, Howard pump-faked, and when JaVale didn’t bite, he tried to go straight over him. Not a good idea. McGee nearly cuffed the ball, blocking it back to the foul line. In the past, that never happened to Howard … What do you get when you send Atlanta to Detroit to play the Pistons? A nearly deserted arena, and thankfully, action during the first half that was actually pretty good. For a while, we mistakenly thought Jeff Teague (14 points and five dimes before the half, 20 points, 12 dimes for the game) and Rodney Stuckey (14 points in the first half, 22 for the game) were future All-Stars. In the second half, Al Horford (23 points, 22 rebounds) feasted on Greg Monroe and the rest of Detroit’s frontline, and the Hawks pulled away for an 11-point win … Having such an empty arena does have its advantages for us though. You hear everything, like when Dahntay Jones goes hard to the rack and yells “too small!” at Stuckey, or when Kyle Korver catches a pass and wheels into a midrange jumper and his teammates are all “bang bang!” Imagine how great it would be if Rasheed Wallace still played here? … Worst haircut in the league: not surprisingly, it’s DeShawn Stevenson. He looks like he has a high-top fade that’s cut into a mohawk. It looks like a carpet of fake moss that you buy for your fish tank. Not a good look at all … Keep reading to hear about the tragic death of a streetball legend…

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  • http://twitter.com/DavidRFHall David Hall

    another weasel move by Fisher – retired because he realised Dallas was not a contender this year and then jumps on the OKC bandwagon

  • Stevie Franchise

    You call it weasel, i call it smart. Dude is like 39 or something. Can’t be wasting time on a non-contender.

  • http://twitter.com/DavidRFHall David Hall

    so why sign with Dallas in the first place, why not leave it until later in the season and see who is contending and needs someone at that point? I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he asked out of his contract in Utah because of his sick daughter (who didn’t seem to be an issue when he signed with the Lakers…).

  • Stevie Franchise

    I’m not in Fish’s head nor do i speak for him, and I’m a Laker fan and therefore a Fisher fan. Having said that, Fish isn’t exactly top-tier material, so he didn’t have that many suitors. Mavs at the time probably looked like the best option of the teams that showed interest (which weren’t that many).

    Plus don’t forget, at the start of the season many people thought the Mavs, having picked up guys like Collison, Kaman and Mayo, would make some noise. Cuban even had the balls to say the team ended up better off than getting Derron Williams remember?? Dint exactly work out that way. So Fish jumped ship lol….

  • Stevie Franchise

    And hey….low blow bringing up his daughter….can’t remember the details but it was said LA was the only place she could get optimal treatment. There’s things more important than hoops man….