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The NBA’s 10 Best Dressed Players

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

Today’s NBA superstars not only view themselves as part of the business of basketball, but in the business of entertainment as well. Players display signature moves on the court and signature attire off of it. Both are reflective of the individual’s personalities and sense of style.

Rating style is no science. There are no numbers, stats or championships (at least not yet) to determine confidence and swagger. Still, I examined those I feel most greatly exhibit a special sense of style and flair and have come up with the NBA’s top 10 best dressed. Extra points for those who connect their on-court demeanor with their off-court esthetics.

Here are my power rankings for the best dressed players in the NBA.

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Tony Parker isn’t the crème de la crème of NBA fashion, but he’s in our top 10. The Spurs floor general has been seen on the red carpet, rocking a lively lavender silk shirt with a matching pocket square, accentuated by a subtle pinstripe suit. Parker’s fashion sense is similar to his court sense, with a quiet, yet fierce demeanor. His mother, Pamela, aided in the development of his fashion sense as she was a Dutch model herself.

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  • marcus berzat

    D rose can not dress and nick young is at least top five best dress. His casual game is killing everyone. If only I could load pictures

  • Dafuck?

    Wade is NOT a good dresser, the guy dresses like he is blind. His sense of style is fucking retarded, I absolutely hate seeing him in anything other than a uniform, because he looks like some bullshit. That whole Steve Urkel thing was played out way before it even became popular, there is a reason people who dress like that get the holy christ beat out of them.

  • good bad job

    This has to be one of the worst articles ever published on dimemag.com. It is so bad it already got three people to comment on it. That’s got to be the most since you thought it a good idea to change the comments selection.

  • 2chainz

    are you guys kidding me? this is DOPE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lgilyard Vonnie Gilyard

    Worst list ever. Where’s Nick Young, Westbrook, Byron Davis