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The Top 5 Twins In NBA History

Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez, Dime #43

The trade deadline came and went without the same kind of hoopla that fans have been accustomed to, to the degree that the biggest name moved was J.J. Redick being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks at the last minute. However, it was a trade first reported Wednesday that should have piqued the interest of fans. The Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings pulled together a three-team trade that came out of nowhere.

The Rockets were able to pry away the No. 5 overall pick, Thomas Robinson, from the Kings, but it was the Suns’ acquisition of Marcus Morris that is the reason behind this post. Marcus’ twin brother, Markieff Morris, was drafted by the Suns in the 2011 NBA Draft — coincidentally one pick after Marcus — and with this trade the Morris’ are now the second set of twins to ever play for the same team in NBA history.

After two years and 136 games apart, the first time in their lives they weren’t on the same team, the twins are reunited in the Arizona desert. The Morris’ represent the latest set of twins in the NBA, but they won’t be the last and they certainly aren’t the first. Let’s look at the five best in NBA history.

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Jason and Jarron Collins are not two of the most talented players to ever set foot on an NBA court, but they have played a combined 20 years in the league. When you are seven-feet tall there will be some place for you on the floor. The Collins’ twins spent much more time watching from the bench — for their careers, they average 20.9 (Jason) and 15.8 (Jarron) minutes per game.

However, they were big bodies that could hold their own for the spot minutes they played. Jason is still playing today and was traded to the Washington Wizards from the Boston Celtics as part of the Jordan Crawford deal.

After their Stanford careers Jason was taken 18th overall in the first round, while Jarron lasted all the way until the 24th pick in the second round. While they may not have the best or most celebrated NBA careers they were able to stay in the league for a good amount of time.

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  • RD

    “What the Lopez twins have over everyone else on this list is that they are the only set of twins to both be selected in the first round of the same draft, with Brook 10th overall and Robin 15th overall.”

    errrmm….. the morris twins were selected in consecutive picks in the first round of the same draft??

  • VDX

    The Grants were both good in their own right, Harvey averaged over 18ppg in three straight season and Horace was a consistant 15ppg 10rpg in his prime.

  • Username__already__exists

    I guess it shows my age but I remember the Van Arsdale twins mainly because of Tom playing for the long moved on Royals (now the Sac. Kings). Tom was a team mate of the great Oscar Robertson in Cincy for a couple of years before Roberson was traded. They were a competitive team in the league for several years during the Big O era and Tom was a steady if not spectacular player for the team. They were shown on tv in the area I lived in on a fairly regular basis. My area was considered home turf for the Reds and later the Bengals. But Cincinnati wasn’t a big enough market to sustain a strong team eventually having to let go of the Big O himself who instantly won a title when teamed up with Kareem in Milwaukee. Some say it was jealousy on the part of coach Bob Cousy that resulted in the trade of an all time great for 2 players that never amounted to anything. You can see why people in the area lost interest in the team.