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Which Young Point Guard Do You Start Your Franchise With?

Dime 72: Damian Lillard

Which young point guard would you start an NBA franchise with? Answer this question in the comments below and you could find yourself featured in the next issue of Dime Magazine…

Imagine being Damian Lillard. I’m willing to bet the majority of you readers didn’t even know the name so much as 18 months ago. Now, he’s the runaway favorite to win Rookie of the Year. He’s leading Portland to possibly a surprise playoff visit. And he’s on national magazine covers.

On the cover of Dime 72, we called him the most exciting rookie since LeBron James, and while going through the years, we came upon a number of fascinating names. Sure, there was Blake Griffin, but he didn’t necessarily count since his actual rookie season was lost to injury. There was Dwight Howard, but he was more impacting than exciting. There was even Kevin Durant, but at the time, it was all about the future with KD. The names that stuck were Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Tyreke Evans and Kyrie Irving. Notice anything? They’re all point guards (‘Reke not so much anymore).

The NBA game is more wide open than ever, and having a great point guard can make magic happen. Yet because there are so many incredible lead guards coming up, our allegiance often switches. Hype. Injuries. Wins and losses. They all play a part in roller coaster NBA careers. Just ask John Wall, Derrick Rose or Ricky Rubio.

With point guards, it often always comes back to how successful they are, how many playoff series they win, how many deep postseason runs their team makes. And everyone has a different formula for that. Some still think you need “traditional” point guards, guys who can run an offense, get their teammates going first, and never feel starved for buckets. Other people might want an ultra-aggressive lead guard. They put pressure on defenses and give the offense an added dimension. That’s why arguing about the NBA’s best point guards is so much fun. When we ran a top 20 at the start of the season, it garnered more talk than perhaps the other four positions combined.

Which young point guard would you want to start your franchise with? Lillard is making his case this season, playing huge minutes and becoming a leader among men for an overachieving Portland squad that actually has a chance at the playoffs. But what about Irving? You get the feeling Cleveland would be AWFUL without him. Then again, we can’t forget about Derrick Rose. He might be injured, but when he was healthy, he was the league’s most dynamic player outside of LeBron. There are other options as well – Westbrook, Holiday, Rondo, Curry, Lawson, hell, maybe you even believe Eric Bledsoe could be an All-Star if given the chance.

Trust us when we say the rankings will be different a year from now than they are presently. But that can’t keep us from arguing over who we’d want.

Which young point guard would you start an NBA franchise with? Answer this question in the comments below and you could find yourself featured in the next issue of Dime Magazine…

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  • Andrew

    I would start iverson as my point guard all day eryday….Right now…..Derrick rose……closest crossover to iversons sense iverson left

  • marcus berzat

    i would have to go with kyrie irving…lets see how lillard do next year before we give him the key to the city.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.i.jarrell Rob IronMan Jarrell

    Sorry but I like a true pg to start my point guard. A young healthy cp3. he is not only a good shooters and great passer but he can control the flow of a game and has great leadership qualities, even in his first few years…he was fast just not super athletic….but great intellect and nasty on defense

    Rondo has the same but not quite the leadership skills(polarizing character) or shooting ability.

    Rose has the drive to get better as he has shown. not quite the natural leader but he leads by example and effort. Wall is similar but to lead a team he needs to stay away from the street ball courts and work on his game through drills and workouts. that screwed him up when the lockout ended. he played nothing but summer league pick up games which kept him in shape but did not teach him anything new because he was so much better than the competition. no nuances were learned. Curry has the nuances and skills but not the natural physical gifts in athletic ability

    I like irving but he is scorer first, passer second. same with westbrook, jennings and evans (except passing is the 4 option). SGs in a pg body. They have the ability but mentally they arent pgs.

    Lillard has a great mix of all the characteristics but he has one great thing going for him…he learns fast

  • Chicagorilla

    I would have to go with Derrick Rose. He’s not so young that he doesn’t have experience like Irving or maturity like J. Wall, but he’s still young at 24yrs old. He’s got every aspect of the game covered and doesn’t have many weakness like other PGs (CP3 size, Rondo’s jumper, Westbrooks I.Q., Deron’s heart). Rose also has plenty of experience in leading his team to the big time (Memphis 08′ Final four, Bulls playoffs every year and East Semi’s 2yrs ago). Rose also has proven himself as one of the hardest workers as each year his game has grown leaps and bounds.(mid-range J, long range J, leadership, defense, I.Q.). So much so that he was able to break up the Lebron Love-a-thon and grab the 2011 MVP award. No other PG under 30yrs old can touch his resume. To me he’s the obvious choice minus the ACL injury.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pakitobryant Pac Bryant Pippen

    I would start a franchise with Derrick Rose. He is the only point guard who can make a team become a contender growing around him. A true MVP who does not care about his numbers. Being only 24 he has already lead the Bulls to a back to back best regular season record, 4 consecutive play-offs appearances and a conference final. He is at the level of Lebron James and Kevin Durant in terms of leadership and developement of an NBA franchise.

  • http://twitter.com/AirGordon44 ✞MJG44★

    d rose for sure, then it would be kyrie, damian, steph curry.

  • Janis Skramans

    I think that the best young PG is D.Lillard. Why? Watch this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfocqOPdOpU or this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COYjFbF8x7Q

  • Grant Van Dyke

    Derrick Rose! He’s clutch, explosive, a leader, relatively young, and the scary thing is, we have yet to see his peak! Could be AI-type numbers in his future

  • http://twitter.com/BarDownBansal Rajan S Bansal

    My top 5 young point guards I would want to build a team around most would be:

    1. Derrick Rose
    Rose takes over games in a manner that only Chris Paul can match and even that might not be true. His defense is over average and his playmaking is good, plus I feel when he comes back from injury hell be smarter on both ends.

    2. Jrue Holiday
    Baby Glove is one of the most talented players in the league, every season improves his game and adds a tool, relentless defender, exuberant playmaker and the most fundamentally sound PG in the game… What more do you want?

    3. Russell Westbrook
    Russell Westbrook is a physical specimen the likes of which we have never seen, not to mention his talent is immense too, tho Jrue Holiday is the better defender and passer RW’s scoring and rebounding games put him above Jrue for now as the best point guards in the league, his mentality is really what puts him under Holiday

    I couldn’t decide who to put above each other here so it’s a tie

    4T. Damian Lillard
    A combination of Chauncey Billups and Tony Parker with a little touch of Kenny Anderson and Jay Williams… AKA the first Damian Lillard, he can control a game in any way, scoring, passing, his rebounding and defense have improved greatly and his maturity, icy feel and quickness to learn all while being a very good teammate are rare in players and insane in rookies but he did, after going through four years of college as well as a toughness and rags to riches background… Love everything about this kid

    4T. John Wall
    Almost no players have the talent and athleticism of John Wall, his mentality either, while he wasn’t the fastest when it came to learning he is learning everything he needs to now and it seems like hell be here for years to come, with his already perfect transition game his half court offense has improved immensely, as has his defense, not to mention his jumpshot is getting better… Gonna be a great PG like the rest of this list.