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Andrew Bynum Suffers Another Injury Setback For 76ers

Andrew Bynum

It’s seemed like more of a longshot that Andrew Bynum would actually play than miss the season at times this season, and today Philly acknowledged their prized center might not see the court at all in 2012-13 after another setback from a scrimmage.

Christopher Vito of the Delaware County Times filed this report from practice, then followed it up with tweets from practice.

Bynum said he’s not sure if he’ll ever play for the Sixers this season.

“Now it’s getting really late,” he said. “I don’t know.”

As for playing to get his next contract, Bynum said he doesn’t feel the need to rush anything. The Sixers have 26 games to go and Bynum, an unrestricted free agent, isn’t worried about his next deal.

“Being healthy is more important than everything else,” Bynum said. “If I am healthy, I’ll get a deal. I have to be able to play and I need to get to the point where I’m healthy to play.”

The injury reportedly came from a scrimmage that set him back four to five days.



With Bynum a free agent this July, but with superstar talent when he’s healthy, should Philadelphia gamble on giving him a big contract offer?

What do you think?

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  • rakim abudullah

    would anyone be stupid enough to offer this guy a contract next year? I know that the league is starved for centers but how can you justify paying a guy like him?

  • Stevie Franchise

    As a die-hard LA fan i will always appreciate what AB did for us in in 09/10….

    However, only in the world of sports does this shit keep happening. In the real world Drew would either 1)Be homeless and jobless or 2) Living in his mom’s basement. Dude has played all 82 games ONCE in his career. Its like paying a guy whose always sick and comes in to work like one month out of the whole year, based on the ‘potential’ he has to be a good employee. B.S. In real life, you’d be out of a job. I know u can’t control injuries but pliz, at some point you gotta draw a line. And his attitude doesn’t help.

    Oh and Rakim, yeah someone’s going to pay him. Probably a max contract too. If not Philly then someone. Watch.