College / Mar 5, 2013 / 9:49 am

Brittney Griner Unleashed a Monster Drop-Step Dunk Last Night

brittney griner dunk

How’s this for a performance on Senior Night? Baylor’s Brittney Griner single-handedly demolished visiting Kansas State in her final home game, racking up a Big 12 record 50 points en route to a 90-68 victory.

But the real standout of Griner’s performance was one particular dunk. Her throwing down is nothing new – she’s recorded 13 other official dunks in her college career. The dunk she unleashed at the start of the second half (while the game was still close) was something out of the old Dwight Howard‘s book. Watch her hit this poor girl with a drop step, baseline dunk:

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  • marcus berzat

    I’m going to need dimemag to change their choice of words. I know this is a magazine site but still. When I think of monster dunks I think of Westbrook, #8 kobe not Brittney griner dunking like jj Redrick or let me think of a big guy…. Eddie curry. I know it seem like I’m being picky but I’m just saying that she dunk and not monster dunk could have worked the same

  • Sean Sweeney

    It’s all context – this is one of the nastiest jams from a girl I’ve ever seen. For a girl, that’s definitely a monster dunk. She just drop-stepped and dunked.

  • Stevie Franchise

    I’m with Sweeney on this one. Regular stuff for a dude. For a girl – nasty. No running start either makes it more impressive. they should check that chic for steroids or something tho…looks hella manly, coulda been Joachim Noah out there…