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Kobe Bryant Passes Wilt and then Kills the Kings; Ohio State gets Shocked; Syracuse Star Makes Himself NBA Lottery Money

kobe bryant

Kobe Bryant (via NBA)

Mike, know that The Mamba is coming for you next. In the second quarter of last night’s Lakers/Kings game Kobe Bryant drilled a pull-up mid-range jumper to score the 31,420th and 31,421st points of his career, pushing him past Wilt Chamberlain for fourth on the all-time scoring list. MJ is next at 32,292 … We don’t care if you love Kobe or hate Kobe, you just need to respect what he has done in his career. It doesn’t matter if you think he’s a selfish player or whatever, 31,000 points in a career is just otherworldly (not to mention a bunch of championship rings). Scoring that many points against the greatest basketball players (and arguably the greatest athletes) in the world is simply amazing. That fact is not up for debate … That being said, we’re sure we will still get plenty of the “Kobe still sucks” and “Get off Kobe’s D” nonsense comments from dummy trolls … As the for the game itself, with the Rockets, Mavs and Utah all winning, it was pretty much as close to a must-win as you could get for L.A. In a back-and-forth uptempo battle, the Lakers held on 103-98. It certainly helped that in the final 10 seconds, with his team still in a spot to potentially tie or win the game, DeMarcus Cousins decided to take not one, not two, but three three-pointers. In case you’re wondering, he’s made 9 in his entire career … Another bad hit for L.A.: Steve Nash left in the first quarter after his hip/back issues flared up. He was diagnosed with a strained hamstring after the game … Speaking of those Mavs, Dirk Nowitzki hit a three (of his season-high 35 points) with just under three seconds to play to lift his squad over the BullsNate Robinson scored 14 of his 25 in the fourth quarter. Afterwards, Dirk likened Nate’s performance as being “like a video game” … If we told you that the Rockets were playing the Clippers without James Harden, we’re guessing you’d assume that Lob City would turn into Murder City on Houston pretty quick, right? Not so fast. In fact, just the opposite. Even with Harden sitting out with an ankle injury, the Rockets kept the Clips from their franchise-record 50th win with a super-balanced attack (five guys scored in double figures and three others were close), pounding L.A., 98-81. L.A.’s next shot at 50 comes Monday night at home against the Pacers … We’re not going to insult you with a recap of Sixers/Bobcats (Philly won). Just know that the Sixers trotted out Allen Iverson pre-game for the fans. A.I. gave about as much effort as the Sixers team has this season … The Memphis Grizzlies snapped a five-game losing streak by handling the Minnesota Timberwolves, 99-86. They survived a career-high 23 points from Ricky Rubio (not to mention 10 boards, nine assists and a steal) … The Warriors completely smashed the Blazers, 125-98, behind 39, five boards and six assists from Steph Curry

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  • Stevie Franchise

    Ummm….Dime, NO ONE IS COMMENTING so best leave that line on Kobe trolls out of it.

  • DimeMag

    Cool, so you see all of the comments we get on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit every time we post anything about Kobe?

  • Stevie Franchise

    Fair enough…therez a bit of action on those other forums. And yes Kobe is – to borrow Stephen A’s term, ‘;box office’ – But yall need to find a way to resurrect the commenting system here on Smack.

  • DimeMag

    We hear you (and 100% appreciate your frequent posts here). Not sure if you were following all along, but the original commenting system was so overrun with harmful spam and people complaining about the way a handful people were acting, we tried out FB comments. Once people weren’t able to hide behind anonymous user handles, the community dried up. Disqus has been a little bit better, but you’re right, we miss the back and forth of the old days. Suggestions?

  • Stevie Franchise

    First off, nice of yall to take time to respond… well appreciated. One of the things i liked – still like now more than ever :) – about Dime is the interaction you guys have with the readers and the easy-to-relate-to language. Great stuff. Keep it coming.

    I haven’t been a follower forever like some people used to claim (i stumbled across Dime in ’09 and haven’t left since), and i was here through the whole commenting fiasco. Only one person to blame there, Bieber News (the little *&^%!!%$). And you’re right about Disqus, it’s better and the closest thing to the anonymity the old system afforded guys who wanted to get all nasty and sh#t.

    Anyhow, i’ve been been more vocal than most on here calling for the commenting system to return but now that you pointedly ask, i realize its a harder ask than i though. Only chance we have is if u guys start those competitions where u gave away stuff to guys who comment and those with the best comments, stuff like that yall used to run. Otherwise, the comments might never come back…

  • DimeMag

    Contests to reward the best commenters is definitely a good idea and we will absolutely look to do more of it. And we (the Dime staff) need to be more active in the comments section. This originally started as a magazine for ballplayers (and fans) by ballplayers. more input from our side is definitely needed to keep the conversation going. We’ll get this back…

  • JohnMarcotte

    I’ve got nothing but respect for Kobe, but Cousins was not taking a three. Cousins was drawing a foul, giving his team an opportunity to score with the clock stopped. And he got that foul: Howard left his feet and jumped into him. Every player in the league gets that call — either Cousins rep hurt him, or this is another in the suspicious pattern of late-game calls going the Lakers way in the past few weeks.

    The second hoist was Cousins’ frustration at not getting the call. It’s immature, but, we are talking about Cousins after all. And he had a legitimate beef.