NBA, Video / Mar 18, 2013 / 9:35 pm

LeBron James Destroyed Jason Terry With a Monster Alley Oop

lebron james alley oop on jason terry

Holy … did you see the fast break alley oop that LeBron James caught on Jason Terry right before halftime a few minutes ago?

I respect Courtney Lee for recognizing the situation and sprinting in to get a dazed Terry up off the deck. It would have only made things worse for JT in the long run if he laid there like was dead while LeBron sauntered around admiring his work.

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  • Dafuck?

    This play is the entire reason I hate watching basketball, and love watching basketball. How the fuck do you get a taunting technical for taking one step towards a guy and looking at him? What type of pussies are playing this sport that THAT is a technical? Fuck that pussified bullshit. Watching a guy pull off an athletic play like that just steals your breath and makes anyone go “wow!”, but then it is ruined by a fucking technical foul. It is the whole reason I watch hockey 90% of the time now, instead of the nba…if the NHL were called as pussified as the nba is, there would be suspensions handed out after EVERY whistle! The NHL lets their players be real men, not like the nba who just wants to turn showcase a bunch of vagina.