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NBA’s Top 10 Active Journeymen

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson

According to the Oxford Dictionaries, a “journeyman” is known as “a worker or sports player who is reliable but not outstanding.” In the NBA, this title is used frequently to describe a player that has bounced around the league and struggled to find long-term real estate. While some of the NBA’s elite journeyman have put up All-Star numbers, they often have not received All-Star recognition.

In a tribute to the group of guys who have been extremely valuable to their teams over the years, whether it was measurable in various statistical categories or not, here is our list of the NBA’s 10 best active journeymen.

*In order to qualify, each player must have never been an All-Star, played six or more seasons and have played for at least five NBA teams.*

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10. LEANDRO BARBOSA (five organizations in nine years)
Career Year: ’06-07 Phoenix Suns – 18.1 ppg, 4.0 apg
Over his nine-year career, “The Brazilian Blur” has made stops in Phoenix, Toronto, Indiana, Boston and most recently, Washington. As a matter of fact, he was traded right away after being drafted No. 28 by San Antonio in 2003. Some attribute Barbosa’s success in Phoenix by virtue of Steve Nash‘s MVP years. However, Leandro has been a viable veteran option at either guard spot during his NBA tenure.

Most recently, Barbosa’s productivity was a great asset in Boston’s newly implemented uptempo style, especially after Rajon Rondo‘s season-ending injury. The speedy combo guard averaged 15.1 points and 4.1 assists per 36 minutes this season before suffering an ACL tear of his own, resulting in him being shipped out with Jason Collins for Jordan Crawford at the deadline.

He will probably never suit up for the Wizards but with a quick first step and the ability to light it up in transition, Leandro shouldn’t have trouble finding a new home next season after a healthy recovery.

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  • north

    Your list needs Antawn Jamison. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was an oversight… feel free to do a rewrite.

  • DimeMatt

    Jamison was a 2x all star…doesn’t fit criteria- google it

  • SweetdickWilly

    Al Harrington, Corey Maggette, Jamal Crawford, & Nate Robinson are jackers and that’s if they’ve been any more around any one of them would be Tupac. They’re talented guys but there’s a reason why they get passed around like disease.

  • AustinBurton206

    I think that shot-jacking is also why they continually have jobs. First, teams always need guys who can score and/or create their own shots. Second, if a team’s trying to decide between somebody like PJ Tucker and Corey Maggette, and Maggette has those 15-ppg, 17-ppg seasons on his resume, he’s more attractive on paper even if Tucker has the intangibles.

  • SweetdickWilly

    You’re right on the point that teams need scorers but dudes like these just don’t get you ahead in the long term. Bad Porn is always one of the first guys gone when a team tries to get a more efficient offense because he jacks and does next to jack shit on defense. Al’s usually on the bench when the game’s up for grabs for his entire career so far. The only thing Jamal does on defense is play passing lane defense. Nate’s basketball I.Q. is the worst on the list, that’s why he’s a bench guy unless a team needs a band aid & can’t find better. I’ll credit him that he hasn’t cut up yet this season but with dudes like him, a fuck up of epic levels can happen at any given time. Remember, this is a guy who couldn’t understand why people got pissed at him for almost scoring for the other team and is basically an adult child.