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Carmelo Anthony, New York Stage An Incredible Scoring Run; The Warriors Light It Up; Metta World Peace Is Amazing

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (photo. Zach Wolfe)

At the half of New York’s 87-71 Game 2 win over Boston, Charles Barkley called for Carmelo Anthony to give him more, saying New York doesn’t have enough scorers to have off nights from Anthony and still expect to win. ‘Melo had made just three buckets in the first two quarters, and New York was trailing by six. Mike Woodson must’ve heard him, and quietly changed the offense to run more of it through Raymond Felton (16 points, seven boards) rather than Anthony. Because of that extra freedom, the NBA’s leading scorer exploded after the break, finishing with 34 points as the Knicks’ offense was flowing smoother than Jason Kidd‘s neck fat in the third quarter. A 29-6 run might’ve officially closed the door on Boston’s season. … J.R. Smith (19 points) started the night by receiving the Sixth Man of the Year trophy, and then proceeded to hit his first four shots in the first quarter. The Knicks closed out that quarter by unleashing Swish for five straight points. It really was a microcosm of Smith’s year and his maturity. First, he gets isolated with around 15 seconds left, doesn’t force anything, works himself into a nice, on-balance pull-up and cans it. Then he nearly draws a charge on the Truth, which forces a turnover. After that, just to show Earl Smith III still has a little crazy left in him, he drops a 30-footer while being surrounded by four guys in green, before doing some dance that should’ve stayed in the ’70s. It was so good that later on NBA TV, it forced Baron Davis to bring back the dreaded “YAHTZEE!” call.

Kenyon Martin (11 rebounds, four blocks) was all over the glass, spiked a couple of shots into the stands, and did it all while spending long portions of the game checking Paul Pierce (18 points) 25 feet from the rim. So you’re telling us no one wanted this dude for months? Sometimes we don’t understand NBA GMs. The only thing he did wrong all night was blow a dunk off a pick-n-roll on one of New York’s best sets. … Jason Terry must’ve heard us calling him one of the season’s most disappointing players. The old JET was back last night — at least in the first half — rocking a swagger that was just screaming out for Sam Cassell‘s big nuts dance. He hit three triples in the first half, and two of them came on fast break situations. As for Kevin Garnett, when he picked up his fifth foul (in just 24 minutes), the crowd started serenading the big man with “KG sucks!” chants. For once, Garnett had nothing to say because he was playing uncharacteristically soft.

And Quentin Richardson is barely getting any PT, but at least he looks good with some custom Air Jordans on the bench.

Quentin Richardson

Quentin Richardson (photo. @QRich)

Keep reading to hear about the unsung heroes in Miami’s Game 2 win over the Bucks…

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  • Atom

    Horrible Wu-Tang analogy. Method Man, the GZA, and the RZA are “nobody cares” parts? Sometimes I think you guys just throw out stupid shit like that so people will respond to the posts.

    Also not feeling your analysis of the Warrior game. Barnes play was a big factor, but the quality play of the entire backcourt (Curry’s 30 and 13, Jack’s 26 and 7, and Thompson’s 21 with 5 threes) at the same time (pretty rare occurrence) took the Warriors over the top. Denver also looked shook. Things are just going to get harder for them at Oracle. Hopefully the dubs can keep up the good shooting. 64% is pretty nuts for a playoff game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.louro.5 Michael Louro

    I’ve never seen a box score where every player that took a shot was at least 50% or better for the game. Warriors were ON last night

  • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.quinn.16 Eddie Quinn

    The smack has been great all week. I really don’t understand why some people get so upset on here.