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The 10 Best NBA Teams Of The Last 20 Years That Never Won A Ring

Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook (photo. Rob Hammer)

With the NBA Playoffs quickly approaching, the chase for the Larry O’Brien is about to jump into high gear. The teams in the East are set, but they are still jostling for positioning (unless you’re the Miami Heat). In the West, seven of the eight teams are set with it coming down to the wire between the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers for the No. 8 spot. The Heat have proven all year long that they are the team to beat when the second season comes around and will definitely have a very good chance of repeating as champs. However, as the past showed us, it’s not always the best team that wins.

Here are 10 of the best teams of the last 20 years to never win a NBA title.

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10. PHOENIX SUNS (1993)
Charles Barkley firmly believed during the 1992-93 NBA season that he was the best player on the planet. He has been quoted as saying so. With a roaster loaded with talent around Barkley — Dan Majerle, Kevin Johnson, Richard Dumas, Danny Ainge, Cedric Ceballos and Tom Chambers — the suns cruised through the regular season, racking up 62 wins and the NBA’s best record. Sir Charles dropped 25.6 points, 12.2 boards and 5.1 assists a night as he collected the MVP award. However, homecourt advantage and a MVP trophy were not enough to stop Michael Jordan from winning his third-straight NBA title.

Ten years from now, people will marvel at one team having Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Serge Ibaka all in the same lineup. Last season was one of true beauty for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant was having a MVP-caliber season, Harden easily won the Sixth Man of the Year award, Ibaka led the league in blocks and almost took home the Defensive Player of the Year trophy because of it, and Westbrook was averaging a career-high 23.6 points a game. Unfortunately for OKC, they ran into a buzz-saw in Miami in the Finals and lost in five games.

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  • yoda

    i wonder if starks could make any of those shots in game 7, would houston be able to bounce back and win first title against the magic? or, what would happens if dennis scott made any of those bricks he used to throw to houston’s basket. one could say that houston was lucky that best shooters on opposing teams in finals missed so much shots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/starkpwnsyou Joshua Maria Peter Bautista

    Ah, the teams MJ denied. The teams Shaq denied. The teams the Dream denied.

  • Sam

    I’d listed the 2005er Suns up more – like no.3 or 2…A stellar Amar, a fantastic Nash a great Shawn etc. Who needed defense when you run like hell and give the opponent no time to score enough for themselves…I loved it. What a shame since then…PHX dropped deeper than the death valley…please come back again.

  • Rodney Chadwick

    Uhhhh….the 07 Mavs? They won more regular season games than anyone on this list and they lost the finals the previous year…they may not have had a “loaded” roster, but hello? They ran into the one team coached by Dirks (NBA) mentor who may have been the only person on the planet that knew how to shut him down that year! 67-15 …after an 0-4 start to the year…