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CBS Chicago is Encouraging Fans to Pressure Derrick Rose Into Playing

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

People are the worst.

This is an irrefutable fact that is on display every single day. Here is Wednesday’s example: CBS Chicago wants Bulls fans to submit “open letters” to Derrick Rose in the hopes of pressuring him into coming back to play before he’s ready. Then they’re going post the best ones on their site, presumably for Derrick to read.

From their site (I refuse to link to it):

It’s been over one year since Derrick Rose’s ACL tear and over two months since doctors cleared him to play.

Still, the former MVP of the league refuses to leave his post on the Bulls bench. Meanwhile, the hobbled Bulls continue to fight on against the Nets in Round 1 of the NBA playoffs.

Frustrated? Here’s your chance to express your feelings to Rose.

In the space below, write an open letter to the face of the Bulls franchise. Yell at him, plead with him, convince him – this is your chance to say whatever it is you want to say to Derrick Rose.

670 The Score wants to hear from you. Please keep your submission under 50 words. We’ll select and publish our favorites.

Dummies. What is there to be gained from rushing him back before he’s ready? He may be physically cleared, but the mental hurdle is arguably a way more difficult obstacle to overcome. What happens if gets hurt some other way because he’s overcompensating for his surgically-repaired knee or has some significant mental setback.

What does it accomplish? Are the Bulls suddenly going to be able to beat the Miami Heat because they’ve added a rusty, not-all-there-at-the-moment version of Rose? I don’t think so. And if the knuckleheads at CBS Chicago do, they probably shouldn’t be covering the NBA, let alone doing their part to push the best thing about their team into a potentially disastrous situation in the name of page views.

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  • north

    The worries I hear from my Chi-town connections is they think he’s lost his edge like that guy who should have gone to Top Gun instead of Maverick. Physically he might be ready but that mental hurdle is even bigger.

  • UncheckedAggression

    This is not as clear-cut as you make it sound.

    So what if Rose never plays again? If he said he wasn’t comfortable and just never came back? Would that be alright? Or maybe just sits out another year? You know, just to get his head right.

    I know this is an extreme example, but where do you draw the line? When does it get to the point where it’s not ok anymore? The guy has been cleared. He was 80% a couple months ago, by his own admission. I’ve been following the NBA all my life, and I’ve never seen a situation like this one. Remember when Jordan was chomping at the bit to come back, even though they had no chance to win a championship in 1986? I know the situations are not the same, but they are not as different as Rose defenders would like to admit. Rose isn’t playing because he doesn’t want to be on the court during games. Something isn’t right here.

    I’m not trying to say that what CBS Chicago did was right. But acting like it’s unreasonable is crossing a line, I think. Things have gotten bad in this situation no matter how you look at it, and Rose is largely responsible for how this is being played out. Rose has put the fans and the team in a pretty bad place, so I don’t think it’s unsurprising that some are losing patience.

    The fans want to see him play. They aren’t gonna be pissed if Rose comes back and they lose. But if he comes back and plays, puts up a fight… He’ll give those fans a good reason to back him. He worked hard to come back, and the reasons thrown around for him not playing are pretty questionable. The “he ain’t right yet psychologically” explanation could be used indefinitely and in any situation. Sounds like Rose may be talking to Royce White. In that case… Good luck with that, Chicago.

  • DimeMag

    Hey, Pat Cassidy here. Thanks for the thoughtful commentary, you definitely make some good points. If in fact Derrick is 100% healthy and strong enough to play, he clearly is having issues with the mental side of his comeback. That’s something for him, his family, the team, and his doctors to work through – not some stupid station looking to draw attention to themselves.

    It’s not like he’s taking his time working through a high ankle sprain or something – this is pretty much the absolute worst injury a basketball player on any level can suffer. It’s a scary thing for any athlete to deal with, even more so for a young guy who has never been seriously hurt at any point in his entire athletic career.

    One thing we haven’t discussed is the massive pressure being put on him the rest of the world. I mean, adidas has banked a whole global campaign on his return for the last year. If Derrick feels like he needs more time to work himself back to the point where he’s confident he can meet the expectations of the world (and himself), then that’s his call to make i think.

    There are way too many factors at work to make it anything close to a black and white, “the doctor says he’s good to go so he HAS to play” situation. No one has ever questioned his toughness before, and they shouldn’t now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.lamonto.9 Mike Lamonto

    670 the score used to be one of my favorite radio stations, but the whole “encouraging fans to pressure him into playing” absolutely disgusts me, and I won’t be listening to them anymore. Just a gimmick for them to get more listeners. If you’re one of the ignorant people that actually do write him a letter, don’t consider yourself a true bulls fan.

  • allen

    I feel that rose knows his team is not going to win it all so that’s why he is not going to be playing this year big time bulls fan my whole life and understand his injury in serious but its been a year and he has been cleared 2 months ago to play and has been doing 5 on 5 in practice and coach says he is best player on floor now I know its not a game situation and game is much different but I feel that rose is 100 percent or dam close and just does not want to play for his own reasons but I think its cause he feels its a waist of time cause his team not going anywhere but that’s just way unfair to his whole team when u got teammates out there playing though all kinds of stuff I think rose at 80 percent is bulls best offensive player and he can play 20 25 mins and help bulls win but not sure why he wont do that just not fair if u ask me something seems off here like he don’t wanna be here or something hope im worng there ,maybe his brother comments are to blame that team wont give him help I agree bulls aer about 1 sg away from a serious contender but have to do a lot of stuff to make that happen we will have to see

  • allen

    Agree with you 100 percent.

  • scott o

    Rose will be back next year. Sitting out is the best thing he could have done. They know the bulls will most likely be the second favorite team behind the heat to take home the hardware next season, why risk it when deng hinrich and Noah are injured as it is (remember that wrist of deng no one seems to mention?)