• Arnaud Parienty

    Ridiculaous and disrespectful. Do we need trhis kind of behaviour in the French national team ?

  • John

    The french should be so lucky

  • sam sulz

    This guy had me laughing I rewind it ten times I ran out of laugh

  • north

    I love that Bosh is so worked up. If only he had done that ONCE in Toronto things would have been different for him here. I guess the sunny beach helped him grow a heart. Mario Chalmers has won more than Bosh yet he still gets yelled at.

  • Walter Egy Herrmann

    some jordanesque hand gestures by bosh, cool. Noah is cool, too.

  • Walter Egy Herrmann

    chalmers won more? like what?!

  • Char

    That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen… Love Noah!

  • David Mizell

    Love it love it love it, chomp chomp chomp

  • Romanian

    Do you have a French national team? It looks like Africa’s team in every sport.

  • north

    yup, knew I’d get this from the non-basketball watchers. Every year they hold this tournament where the best college teams play. It’s pretty interesting. It starts in March. It’s almost madness. Mario helped his team erase a fairly decent lead to win as underdogs. 5 other people need to learn something too.