Smack / May 8, 2013 / 12:54 am

Kevin Durant Unleashes One Of The Best Plays Of The Season

Kevin Durant

While the ghost of Derek Fisher nearly won this game for Oklahoma City — seriously, the Grizzlies probably expected anything else before expecting Fisher to go for 19 points — Kevin Durant was undeniably the best player on the floor. He unleashed a 36-point, 11-rebound, 9-assist gem that had everyone believing he’d somehow beat a 56-win team going solo. In the final 7:30 of Game 1, KD outscored Memphis by himself, 12-10. Then at around the same point last night, after watching Serge Ibaka brick a three and Nick Collison fumble a pass away, Durant lost Tony Allen with a crossover and layup, then canned a triple before dropping a running three-point play off the glass a few minutes later. It was a night of highlights for Durant, including a ridiculous return-to-sender on Jerryd Bayless

…and this one, which is probably one of the best plays of Durant’s entire career (definitely the best play of this playoff run so far).

But on the Thunder’s biggest possession of the game, down four with a minute left, Allen baited Durant, and the OKC star stepped on TA’s ankle and fell over. The Grizzlies now have the split they needed, getting six late points on two jump shots and a freebie from Mike Conley. Conley, the guy Chuck calls “the most underrated very, very good player in the NBA” finished with 26 points, 10 boards and nine assists. … We’re out like Derek Fisher’s “Secret Stuff.”

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  • Neo

    are you making your interns write smack? Did NY, IND game not happen? WTF is up with this site

  • DimeMag

    Trying something new with the site and traditional smack. We’ve been getting overwhelming feedback that most people aren’t necc interested in long, text-heavy smack columns and would rather see more, shorter posts. We had four posts last night on the NY/IND game.

  • char

    Why has SMACK sucked in the past few days??? I look forward to reading it more then anything else on the site

  • Eduardo

    Every time I check the comment section people say they only come here for the smack. I’m talking about 100% of the opinions on whether smack should happen or not,tell you that it must, and you guys keep on coming with that bulshit. If you guys have a shitty boss that is telling you to do this, blink twice ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jhiam.marasigan Jay Marasigan

    I’ve been busy with work and was looking forward to catching up on a few days of smack that I’ve missed but saw it was only videos and a Sam Jackson tweet?? Wtf. I read old smacks even if I know who won the games and ish coz I like your insight on them. These videos and tweets can be posted like old times. And btw, kudos to the person that used to write smack coz he/she was pretty good. We’re out like Smack

  • Atom

    Nobody likes the new format. You have effectively removed Smack from the site and are now doing what every other basketball site does and post a bunch of separate articles to get more clicks. The way you grouped all the different types of basketball coverage together with your incite and jokes is what made your coverage unique. Unfortunately, I believe you will have a hard time sustaining this business model and lose a lot of long time readers.

    P.S.: Best play of the playoffs and Durant’s career? I think you must have posted the wrong clip.

  • http://www.facebook.com/taj.johnson.96 Taj Johnson

    How is that feedback compared to the feedback you’re getting now? How many readers do you think you’d loose based on this? I would much rather read one insightful, witty, knowledgeable article on all of the nights games than have to keep looking in to see if you posted something about a particular game/play.. Maybe there’s some middle ground here?

  • Khalvin Prince

    Yeah.. have to agree with other comments, I read smack for the complete summary of last nights games… not to have to find several articles to cover the night, I can go to any other site for that.

  • http://twitter.com/Quiznakes Kwaku Danso

    This new format of Smack is like the formula for “new” Coke…