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NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose “May Suit Up” For Game 3 (Dummies Move Closer to Getting What They Want)

derrick rose return

This is really getting closer happening isn’t it? Dummies who don’t understad anything about anything are going to bully Derrick Rose into returning to the court before he’s mentally ready to play, aren’t they? Against the Miami Heat, in a wildly intense playoff series after Derrick hasn’t played for more than a year, no less.

The other day, Rose spoke about his potential return before the Bulls kicked off their series with the Heat. From ESPN Chicago’s Nick Friedell:

derrick rose

A few minutes later Friedell tweeted that when asked about Steve Kerr‘s comments that Rose owes it to his teammates to play, Rose reportedly responded with “I’m still not ready.”

Again, “I’m still not ready.” That should be the end of it. Yet here we are this morning, with another rumor out there that Derrick “may suit up” for Game 3 in front of the home town Chicago fans. The rumor is from Hoopsworld.com, with no credible sources cited or even referenced to (just a “word out of Chicago is…”), so please take it for what it’s worth.

If the notion of Derrick Rose possibly playing in this series is a smokescreen by the Bulls aimed at giving the Heat one more thing to worry about or waste time preparing for, then cool (that would explain why Rose and/or the team has not just come out and said that Derrick is shutting it down for the season). But if this is really the byproduct of inane media and fans pushing a 24-year old back into action from a catastrophic injury that usually takes a year (MINIMUM) to fully return from, before he’s mentally ready to do so, then shame on all of them.

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  • Christopher Blake

    Shumpert had a worse injury than Rose, and is back balling hard! Rose is a mvp player, do you not think his team would have a better chance with him in the lineup? The doctors cleared him to play moths ago, around the same time Shump did. Look at that boy now!

  • Zion Ion

    I came to Dime expecting to find a ignorant article about Rose, and I was right. Part of the standard rehab process is playing in real games. You can’t get back to 100% until you do this.

    He’s dominating in practice so why isn’t he playing? Sorry, “I’m not ready”, is not a good enough excuse.

  • http://www.remixcomic.com/ Nodoubt223rd

    No they won’t he hasn’t played in a year he’s going to be super rusty, practice play isn’t the same as real play. Shump has been playing the whole year so of course he’s hitting his stride right now. He wasn’t playing this well at the start of the season.

  • DimeMag

    You’re absolutely right. Shump is just starting to look like himself now. He looked like a sad shadow of himself when he first came back.