NBA, Smack, Twitter / May 6, 2013 / 10:19 pm

Samuel L. Jackson and the Most Inappropriate Tweet of the NBA Playoffs

Samuel L. Jackson

It is safe to say that Samuel L. Jackson was very fired up about his Chicago Bulls‘ Game 1 victory over the Miami Heat tonight:

samuel l. jackson tweet

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  • Spears

    What’s happened to Smack????
    Playoffs come around and we get 3 sentences instead of 3 pages????

  • DimeMag

    serious question because we’re trying to give our readers what they want with the best user experience possible: you would rather read three pages of text? if so, why?

  • Neo

    Smack is the only reason why I come to this site. Yes, I’d rather read 3 pages of text, briefing what happened the night before with a little bit of humour, sarcasm, hip-hop references, cliche one-liners and bias opinions. Isn’t that why we all come to Dimemag? Don’t turn smack into a social media update, at the end of the day, who the hell cares what Samuel has to say about the Bulls.

  • http://twitter.com/mcseain mcseain

    This actually marks a change in strategy? That seems crazy, what you offer with smack is a distinctive editorial that’s not available elsewhere. This type of snapshot flow is a dime a dozen (no pun intended). Mixing more media into the flow is fine, but removing genuine wit or insight removes everything people love about this site.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ralf.ricken.9 Ralf Ricken

    Are you kidding me? Smack was the only reason for me to visit your site.
    Just be honest, is the old Smack dead? If so, I never have to check dimemag.com again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/taj.johnson.96 Taj Johnson

    Yeah the guys are right,, bring back the old Smack. I loved reading about whats going on in the league instead of these pics & videos. Maybe this is indicative of the people you have and the talent isn’t quite there? In my opinion the new format will drive readers away from the site..

  • Tracey Graham

    That’s it? What happened to Smack actually discussing the games? Last night there were 2 AMAZING games and all you come up with is a stupid tweet from an actor?

    Not good, Dime Magazine

  • Tracey Graham

    Yes because I want to read about who stepped up — or didn’t step up in the games. Why do I care about some actor says on twitter? I don’t. People say inappropriate things on twitter every second of the day.

    Last night’s games were amazing and you are doing the players a disservice by ignoring that fact..

  • jp

    wow. that smack was hella weak.

  • DimeMag

    it seems like people might be getting hung up on the “smack” title. just because we are trying different formats other than ones that present 1,000+ words on what happened the night before doesn’t mean we don’t have relevant content. and until today, we haven’t really heard from anyone clamoring for tons of text and multi-page smack posts. we are listening to our readers and we are seeing what types of content resonate the most.

    we appreciate everyone’s passion and willingness to participate in the discussion (though we’re pretty sure that some of the people who are telling us that this new format sucks are the same people who told us how much we sucked every day when we had the old smack format).

  • DimeMag

    we think people are getting hung up a bit on the smack name. yes, there were two great games last night, and we delivered four content posts on those games last night and another one first thing this morning.

  • disqus_kLWhslGdqM

    …and were out like the dimemag bookmark on my browser

  • Little G

    bring back the old smack… please…
    one of those few things in life that are better left as is…

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.louro.5 Michael Louro

    that’s called being lazy and complacent – it doesn’t look like your revenues are down from the amount and caliber of advertisers on your site

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.louro.5 Michael Louro

    if you don’t plan on taking our opinions into account then why bother asking?

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.louro.5 Michael Louro

    who was that person last week that replied that Kawhai Leonard couldn’t guard Steph Curry ? It looked like it worked last night. Parker can’t guard him, Neal can’t guard him, Danny Green can do decently and Kawhai just makes him go left (Obvious weakness for Curry) and Leonard’s arms are l-o-n-g. I liked what I saw in that crazy ass game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.louro.5 Michael Louro

    Neo sums it up best

  • DimeMag

    actually it’s working harder to discover and deliver more of the content that the majority of our readers want, and we are still early in the process.

    and that’s not really fair for you to make those claims, seeing as you don’t know anything about our business or our revenues. you are just making assumptions.

  • DimeMag

    again, making assumptions. this exactly is why we are asking people what they think and what they like/don’t like. if we didn’t care about what readers have to say, we wouldn’t ask or respond at all (and invite being called “lazy,” “complacent” and whatever else is coming next).

  • http://www.facebook.com/amir.novin Amir Novin

    People need to appreciate it when someone from a company takes a pro-active and heartfelt approach, asking for user feedback as opposed to forcing changes. Be constructive not destructive.

    This is my first post on the forums and I really enjoyed the Smack section for all the reasons people liked them. The whimsical references, the satire, wit, humor and basically a great summary of the previous day’s games.

    If you were to change anything, and I’m not saying you do, I would switch up the UI/UX of the site. You could fit more media and content with a more landscape design, utilizing the full resolution of monitors – if that were your goal.

    I’m out like Smack content.