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The Grizzlies Use Instagram To Troll Blake Griffin & The Clippers

On the same night we saw the Boston fans chanting “Honey Nut Cheerios!” at Carmelo Anthony, the Grizzlies’ faithful came through with their own creative heckling. With Blake Griffin struggling because of an injured ankle, and Zach Randolph doing his best to turn him into a pretzel, the fans went all Hustle & Flow on Los Angeles with “Whoop that Clip!”

At one point in Memphis’ Game 6 win, Z-Bo even went for Griffin’s neck. Afterward, the team’s social media people took advantage, trolling Griffin and the Clippers on Instagram.

Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies (photo. @thememphisgrizzlies)

H/T USA Today Sports

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  • https://twitter.com/#!/30HomeGames 30HomeGames

    Despite the heated rivalry I thought they were classy/cordial in parts i.e CP3 hugging Grizz players as he exited from the ejection. I don’t like this trolling though

  • NC

    What? “Blake the Fake” wasn’t given respect? Then, stop flopping and pretending that is the reason why you can’t play against Randolph and Gasol.

    I really like when he turns his head the wrong direction on his flops.

    Sorry, but I saw this same nonsense at OU – so it’s not surprising to me.

    Hopefully, Chris Paul will get away from there and quit the flopping, also. There will not be long term respect from the league until that stops. It detracts from the fact that Chris Paul is a great player.