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Behold The LeBron James vs. David West Epic Double Flop

lebron james david west double flop

Last night’s Heat/Pacers playoff game was somehow, at the very same time, both tremendous and sickening. It was a thrilling, back and forth game, with big-time players making big-time plays in a tight, physical, heated contest.

But then there was also an irritating element that seemed to pervade the entire game, specifically the flopping. It would take some real nonsense to make this flop attempt from Lance Stephenson the second most ridiculous part of the night, but here you go. This play embodies just how utterly absurd the whole thing has become.

Behold, two masters at work:

GIF via Gawker

Will the NBA step up and do anything to eliminate the flopping in the playoffs this season?

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  • http://twitter.com/TheRealTBlake TBlake from Youtube

    And this is why I watch hockey

  • http://www.facebook.com/devin.williams1 Dev

    Wooow wtf was Bron doin smh

  • http://twitter.com/SAGi1216 Louise

    I think SOMEBODY is startin to make some noise about this flopping cause last night those refs weren’t havin it. They looked like they did not care to hear anything Lebron OR Wade had to say.

  • core Bean

    So LBJ can go THROUGH players on the way to the rim, but falls down when a player blows on him.


  • mazng

    Common boys?! NBA Basketball used to be a sport for real men. What’s this whole flopping thing? Streetball games are REAL!

  • Randall Douglas

    stop…Magic Johnson flopped…back then it was called brilliant!
    Reggie Miller need to look at some of his old video too!!!

  • Rolando Waitforit Bergmann

    Lebron doesn’t need to do this Sh.t.. WTH is he thinkin

  • Tyler Bartley

    Well he done it and he done the same thing against the Bull when Mohammad pushed him so yes he does need to do it but they still lost last night XD

  • Tyler Bartley

    Lebron needs to go join a lingere football league XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/taj.johnson.96 Taj Johnson

    I would up the fine to $50K for every flop..Administer it like how soccer refs have that card in their pockets.. keep track of them and report to league office after the game. That’d get their attention..

  • Hashcash king-musa

    I’m looking at the comments and it seems like 95% of the ppl that commented r LeBron haters David clearly flopped to for y’all information

  • Hashcash king-musa

    But anyways the refs last night where so bad my lil 1 year old bro turning 2 this summer could ref better then them