NBA, Smack / May 28, 2013 / 1:10 am

The San Antonio Spurs Are Finally Going Back To The NBA Finals

San Antonio Spurs

It’s been six years… but San Antonio is finally going back to the NBA Finals. In Game 4 in Memphis, the Spurs completed the sweep, 93-86, as Tony Parker (37 points) conducted a 48-minute layup drill. He pushed back whenever the Grizzlies made a run in the second half, dropping 25 of his points after halftime and single-handedly ruining all of the momentum Mike Conley had built up over the last two months.

Now San Antonio will wait, and hope that by the time the NBA Finals start (June 6), they’ll be able to rev up those old engines again.

Would the Spurs have won the West if Russell Westbrook never got hurt?

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  • core Bean

    Spurs are looking strong, so I think it could have been close. I would like to think OKC advances, but it could have gone either way.

    Let’s just hope the Spurs can repeat their success against LBJ in the Finals.

  • Atom

    Was that picture from before or after Doris Burke couldn’t remember the iceman’s last name? ESPN coverage horrendous as usual. Lookin forward to the finals. Lebron should be getting his chance to avenge the finals ass-kicking the Spurs handed him in Cleveland