NBA, Smack / Jun 19, 2013 / 3:33 pm

Chris Bosh Has a Message For All of Those Miami Heat Fans Who Left Game 6 Early

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh (photo. David Alvarez)

By now you have seen footage of the mass exodus of Miami Heat fans from last night’s Game 6 well before the outcome was decided. Well, so has Chris Bosh, and he has a message for those fans.

From Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun on Twitter:

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 3.29.31 PM

Heat fans are totally going to let Bosh hear about this when they get to their seats in the second quarter of Game 7…

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  • Reneisha Banner

    Proof HeatNation is a bunch of bandwagoners that cant take defeat. LakersNation would never do that!! WIn or Lose you support your team smh!!!!!

  • Anees

    BlazersNation would never do that either!

  • Aaron Childers

    Blazer fans are complete nuts. i love it! especially on the 300 level

  • Aaron Childers

    it’s not even like it was a blowout. they just didn’t have faith in their team at all and probably didn’t deserve to be there anyway

  • 2cents

    Well said Bosh. More honesty would be appreciated in the L. And it’s partially why the NBA ticket system sucks. True fans cannot afford to get into those games and it’s only the corporate leeches who attend the important games…

  • Kevin Bermudez

    Don’t generalize please. Thank you.

  • Jake Harper

    Come on people..This was unacceptable…What’s the point of going to watch your fav team when you dont even support it? These fans are fans for the titles not for the team….they only care about titles without having faith to their team’s skills…Shame on them..Really.!!

  • DeHilla

    LakerNation is totally irrelevant right now…

  • haitiancutie415

    True fans stay til the end no matter what. If we(Heat) had lost, you should still stay & thank your team for all their hard work for the season….i agree w/CB.

  • Reneisha Banner

    Irrelevant yet Lakers and Kobe were both trending after the Heat won!! That seems kinda relevant! Why are people talking then?

  • Anees

    Exactly. Even though it would have been hard to see the other team win the title on their floor, you still show appreciate for your team (Congrats though of course). A Heat fan on Twitter told me those were the clear bandwagon fans who were leaving. I guess since Miami isn’t a basketball city per se, I guess those type of people could be out there…but correct me if I’m wrong. Here either people love the Blazers or don’t care to follow them, which is fine.