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Stephen Jackson Gives the Most Real Interview Ever: “It Felt Good to Hit a Fan”

stephen jackson

You will NEVER be able to accuse Stephen Jackson of not keeping it real or failing to speak his mind. It’s the kind of behavior that has cost him a job (and maybe another ring) … but on the bright side it makes him an incredible interview.

Watch all of this interview on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” with Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones. It is the extreme polar opposite of almost every other cliched-riddled athlete interview you have ever seen.

Dan and Bomani ask S-Jack about, among other things, his role in the Malice at the Palace. Jackson gives it straight:

“Well let me say this. All the racial slurs, all the things I’ve heard, all the things I’ve heard about my mom and my basketball game and my kids, and all this, it felt good to punch a fan one time … I’m not going to lie. I regret it, because I lost three million dollars and I almost lost my job. And I regret it, but when I initially went into the stands, I went in there to help Ron, if you look at the tape. I go up to a row above Ron, because I was trying to grab him. Well as I got up there to grab him, another fan threw another beer in his face. I felt like he got assaulted at the time, so if you’re up here, you should be breaking it up. But if you throw a beer, you deserve a lick too. He got it.”

And this story about Metta World Peace in the moments after the brawl:

“I don’t think [Artest] was thinking at the time. Me and Jamaal Tinsley every time I see him we laugh at this. Right after the brawl, we’re in the locker room. And this is why I said [Artest] never said ‘thanks.’ So we’re in the locker room, legs all scratched up from hopping over the bleachers, our adrenaline pumping, we laid a couple people out, like we did something, know what I mean? We all sit back, and Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace, leans back and looks at Jamaal Tinsley and asks us, ‘do you think we’re going to get in trouble?’ I said ‘Ron, in trouble?! We’re lucky if we still have a job!’ That was the funniest thing ever. Trouble? We’re lucky we have a job Ron.”

The whole interview is worth watching (the brawl is just one part of it).

Check it out here:

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  • north

    I wish they all had lost their jobs. You decide to take on a publicly scrutinized job, where your critics are literally feet away, and those critics are the ones paying for part of your salary and the reason you have job in the first place. Take that on and you take on what goes with it. You can ask a fan to be removed and they will be, I’ve seen it in multiple arenas. Granted the dude who threw any beer should be tossed and banned. But to blame your childish response, “laying people out”, on the fact that you’ve had enough taunts? Then leave the game. Instead of leaving he became one of the single dumbest things I’ve ever seen on TV. Grown men, who are in the position of role models (like it or not), acting like unruly children at a playground. And now he’s gloating about it in interviews. Ridiculous.

  • Aaron Childers

    if you think nba players are role models you are sick. don’t do something to an nba player you wouldn’t do to someone in the street because they’ll respond the same way. holding people to a higher standard because they make more money is bullshit. just because they’re rich doesn’t mean they’re better people or better behaved. they get paid to play basketball, not to put up with people throwing beer in their face.

  • north

    Aaron I’d like you to go to the park right now and ask some kids who their role models and heroes are. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
    You know that there are some kids who will respond with names of basketball players. But besides that, just because someone, anyone, does something bad to you doesn’t mean you retaliate and lay them out?
    You need to get off your soap box and re read the comment. Sure you can take it as, “rich people are graded at a higher level” if that’s what you want to see. You’d be missing the whole point though. Brush up on your literacy and let’s talk but keep it on topic.

  • Ace

    i know one thing< he will never have an NBA job again after saying "It felt Good to Hit a fan". He might as well go to China

  • Aaron Childers

    the whole comment wasn’t directed at your opinion but others in general about them being rich. people are always saying how athletes make too much money, but that’s another conversation altogether.
    im not defending players who go into the stands after fans but the fans brought it upon themselves. so not to justify it but they deserved what they got. i think the golden rule comes into play here.
    and whose fault is it kids are choosing poor role models? that seems more of a parenting issue than something the nba should worry about.