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20 NBA Players Whose Rating Should Improve In NBA 2K14

2K13 Rating: 78
Estimated 2K14 Rating: 92 (plus-14)
The only thing more scary than the leap that George took over the course of this past season is the fact that he just turned 23. While Miami had the last laugh in Game 7 of the ECF, George let it be known that he may be the next chosen one to challenge the King’s throne once LeBron passes his prime. George proved himself to not only be the league’s Most Improved Player, but to be arguably one of the league’s top players in his early career.

2K13 Rating: 70
Estimated 2K14 Rating: 86 (plus-16)
An increase in rating is expected after a rookie has proven themselves going into their sophomore season, but Lillard’s rise isn’t one of an ordinary rookie getting adjusted to the big leagues. Lillard is a surefire franchise player in Portland right now and the Rookie of the Year accolades speak for themselves. A drastic jump of 16 points on the 2K ratings scale is totally understandable once you realize that Lillard was the most exciting rookie since LeBron James this past season. It’s no wonder why he graced our cover of Issue #72.

2K13 Rating: 65
Estimated 2K14 Rating: 83 (plus-18)
Sanders went from being way under the radar to earning an invite to Team USA Camp. A candidate for both Most Improved and Defensive Player of the Year, the 6-11 forward tripled his points and rebounds from the previous season. Sanders also anchored the paint all season long for Milwaukee, averaging just under three blocks per game, which was third-best in the NBA.

2K13 Rating: 58
Estimated 2K14 Rating: 77 (plus-19)
Lance proved to be a vital piece to Indiana’s success this past season, especially in the postseason. Head Coach Frank Vogel often relied on the New York City guard to provide the Pacers with the additional scoring punch necessary to put Indiana over the top. While George, Hibbert, Granger and West are higher on the food chain at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Stephenson’s worth is not too far behind. A once D-League fringe player with a 58 rating, Stephenson could potentially have the most drastic jump of all players in this year’s video game.

Which other players deserve significant ratings boosts?

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  • Joshtradamus

    The ratings they ended NBA 2K13 with are absolutely fine. Paul George as a 93? Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving as 91s? Come on.

  • Tank TheStig Williams

    martell webster?!?!?!

  • Andy C

    These are WAAAYY over rated. Faried an 86, Danny Green an 81, Leonard an 85? Not even close! I love Paul George and all, but he’s an 87 MAX right now.

  • Andy C

    but there’s more. Hibbert is not close to an 89 and Harden is too overrated. These estimates are way off..

  • Sam Huffman

    I agree with all except Barnes. He hasn’t proved himself quite yet. Javale McGee. When Kenyon Martin has a higher overall than McGee, you know the game is broken. Ricky Rubio, Derrick Williams, Andre Drummond, Steve Novak, are possibilities. Greivis Vasquez for sure though.

  • Peter

    Ummm Andre Drummond needs a huge rating boost

  • Miha Krt

    Jimmy Butler should be here as well…

  • BillyBoy

    Danny Green is a joke

  • Sam Huffman

    That’s debatable. I don’t think he deserves a huge rating boost. Even though he did have a 21.6 PER, which happens to be just ahead of Manu on the all time PER list putting it at 34th but that’s only one season. He definitely deserves a boost though. Not huge though.

  • Chris Arkins

    Jimmy Butler???

  • Christopher Romeo Riche

    About to say that

  • ablade

    Where on earth are you pulling those NBA 2K13 ratings from? A version which hasn’t been updated for a year? Actually, I don’t think even some of those were that low on release! Are you taking those from NBA2K12??? (Having thought about it, I guess not, or else Lillard wouldn’t be in the list).

    The ratings for all those players have already been updated automatically to numbers which closely match your suggestions (in fact, you could take most of those suggestions, detract 2, and that is the current level in the current database!).


    Kyrie Irving is 89 (not 83 as you state)
    Curry is 88 (not 83)
    Lillard 82 (not 70)
    Pasons 78 (not 74)
    Jr Smith is 82 (not 75)
    Stephenson 75 (not 58)
    Harden 88 (not 82)


    So the BIG question; why do you have an out of date copy of NBA2K 13, which checks for updates and applies them before it even loads the splash screen?

  • nasmanx

    Demarcus Cousins?

  • Drew

    Steph Curry definitely needed the upgrade. He should have been an All-Star this year.

  • Chris Ruegg

    John wall should be atleast an 88 in 2k14.

  • Jezz

    what area would you improve on green, his 3pt shot was already deadly when the game released and well he stant cant dribble

  • Chapman Springer

    These are what these players should be rated at:

    Lance Stephenson 75
    Larry Sanders 79
    Damian Lillard 83
    Paul George 87
    Klay Thompson 79
    James Harden 91
    Omer Asik 77
    Roy Hibbert 82
    Kenneth Faried 79
    Danny Green 77
    Kawhi Leonard 79
    JR Smith 81
    Reggie Jackson 72
    Gary Neal 73
    Chirs Copeland 71
    Kyrie Irving 90

    Stephen Curry 88
    Harrison Barnes 79
    Chandler Parsons 80
    Jeff Green 79

  • Chapman Springer

    While Steve Novak is not great except for shooting, his rating should be better than a 53.

  • Chapman Springer

    He was getting those ratings from the beginning of the game

  • Sam Huffman

    He is an exceptional shooter. He isn’t necessarily great at other things, but he should be higher than a 53 for sure. 53 is just an insult.

  • kev j

    what about blake griffin

  • Jeremy Fine

    You are overrating everyone bro.
    Just because you improve doesn’t mean you are an 80er.

  • Jeremy Fine

    Here’s what I think
    Steph Curry-88
    Paul George-86
    James Harden-91
    Andre Drummond-72
    Chris Copeland-68
    Damian Lillard-81
    Jeff Green-80
    Harrison Barnes-78
    Omer Asik-74
    JR Smith-79
    Kawhi Leonard-80
    Klay Thompson-79
    Larry Sanders-77
    Victor Oladipo-76
    Anthony Bennett-74
    Ben McLemore-72
    OJ Mayo-79
    Danny Green-75
    Jrue Holiday-84
    Kyrie Irving-87
    Reggie Jackson-72
    Chandler Parsons-79
    Eric Bledsoe-70
    Dwight Howard-88
    Carmelo Anthony-94
    LeBron James-99
    Kobe Bryant-91
    Derrick Rose-90

  • smith shi

    what the %^&* did you just say?

  • Sean

    i agree completely but make Lillard an 85, Roy Hibbert an 85, Paul George an 89 and Kenneth Faried an 82. Just some minor touch ups.

  • Gustavo Barbosa

    his layup is a 70, Are u fucking kiddin me? He was one of the best finishers in the league, easily 88. Inside shot 74 … 3pt 79… on ball defense 75 (he can guard lebron) . Its all wrong. 84 AT LEAST

  • alex poole

    Mike Conley?

  • JR_Spliff

    Nah this is mad off. Hibbert almost a 90 made me stop reading I couldn’t deal anymore. Only person who should be a 90 who wasn’t one already is Kyrie. Steph Curry is nice but not that nice. And Danny Green -_____- GTFOH dude can’t even dribble he’s a 75 at the most.

  • GrizzNation

    Marc Gasol???

    Mike Conley??

    Quincy Pondexter???

    Grizzlies never get attention and are always bad in 2k games

    Marc Gasol should have the dimer skill since he is the best passing big man in the game, pondexter has quietly improved this season (watch the conf finals for my backing on that) and conley has become the #1 scoring option since the trade, and he had fulfilled that role

    so yea these guys more than deserve to be better in 2k14

  • GrizzNation

    Thank you for saying that

  • GrizzNation

    LOL the grizzlies proved last year that him and jordan are panzies and have no game,

    sure they can dunk but what else can they do?

    Want me to pull up their amazing stats from the playoffs

  • PsyberKayos

    These are all way, way, way overrated.

  • PsyberKayos

    Luckily 2k14 got it right.

  • PsyberKayos

    So glad 2k14 wasn’t as bad as this article.

  • PsyberKayos

    Nah, his were closer to the truth.

  • Robbie Pelkey

    Roy hibbert played better than dwight howard, all season howard did nothing but complain and gets a 91, how can 2k14 say hibbert is only an 82 that is complete bull hockey should be at least nunber 2 center in the league with an 87

  • Robbie Pelkey

    All of these ratings are hella overated im a huge pacers fan dont get me wrong! Heres what the pacers starting lineup should be in ratings george hill 81 paul george 89 (91 if Dwayne wade is) danny granger 83 david west 83 and Big Roy 87 ( no doubt that he is the second best center in the league after the playoffs whether he shows up for the regular season will determine if that rating sticks if he comes back to regular season and averages 14 and 8 then you can give him that 82 bull crap) lance stephenson should be coming off the bench with a 77 overall and so should luis scola with a 78.

  • Robbie Pelkey

    And team that can hold up the heat like the pacers did should be reflected in the ratings and atm there ratings dont reflect their skill

  • Andrew Enriquez

    Paul George is like a 93

  • Andrew Enriquez

    Ya like 85 at least

  • Andrew Enriquez

    Those are great ratings

  • Andrew Enriquez

    Damian Lillard 86 Paul George 93 Stephen curry 91 chandler parsons 83

  • Andrew Enriquez

    Paul George an 93

  • Andrew Enriquez

    Maybe 58

  • Joshtradamus

    1. No they are not
    2. Why are you responding to comments from a year ago?