NBA, Smack / Jul 12, 2013 / 10:40 am

Celtics Take Out Monster Full-Page Ad To Thank Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce

As Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce make their exit from Boston and move on to Brooklyn, the organization took out a monster full-page ad in today’s sports section of The Boston Globe.

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett (photo. @mattpep15)

via The Boston Globe

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  • ablade

    Amnesty Boozer next season. Amnestying him this season won’t make any difference, Bulls would still be above the soft cap so couldn’t sign anyone.

    Next year Deng’s contract comes off the books, amnesty Boozer too and there’s a healthy amount of money available to make a run at a star calibre player or two in a dream year for free agents (I suspect that was the plan all along, the $33 million contract handed to Gibson isn’t the level you pay a back up, unless you have plans to move him into the first team at some point).

  • ablade

    Umm, I have no idea how that comment ended up on this page. I posted it on the “3 players not to amnesty” page!

    But yeah, classy move by Celtics.

  • mlw1924