Derrick Rose
  • heino skovgaard

    how much did a certain shoe company pay you to post this video??


  • JAY

    What’s wrong with the word “vengeance”? I think it’s suitable. There was another Bulls era where their team were eliminated by the same team 2 straight years. They too wanted vengeance.

  • Jf Larong

    adidas will ruin your career

  • Nodoubt223rd

    *Yawn* I love all the highlights from a playoff series they lost… There will be no vengeance. As long as Rose has no reliable #2 option the Bulls will never over take the Heat.

  • Habeeba Husain

    Don’t care much for the video, but it’ll be good to have a class player like Rose back on the court!

  • John

    ChiBulls mad a video a day before that is pretty much the same just used a batman mash up instead…..

  • CaneShow

    Oh no, the guy who is eighteen months removed from competitive basketball and who lost 6 of his last 8 games to the Heat, including 4 straight in the playoffs (to the absolute worst version of the Big 3 Heat), and who shot 6.3% when guarded by LeBron James is coming back?

    I’m sure Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra and the rest of the Miami Heat organization are shaking in their boots.

    Maybe the Bulls will win two games in a playoff series against them this time around, that will be real vengence.