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James Harden & Dwight Howard Both Post Instagram Photos Of The NBA’s New Super Duo

As both James Harden and Dwight Howard are saying: Houston, we have liftoff. Superman is going to the Rockets, where he’ll play with a team almost tailor-made for his talents. He has some of the NBA’s best three-point shooters on a squad that shot the most triples in the league last year (remember how that worked out for Howard in Orlando?). He has another superstar that loves to dish AND has an incredible pick-n-roll game. Plus, there’s Kevin McHale, who should be able to teach Dwight Howard a thing or two. This should be good.

James Harden, Dwight Howard

James Harden, Dwight Howard (photo. @jharden13)

James Harden, Dwight Howard

James Harden, Dwight Howard (photo. @dwighthoward)

How good will they be together?

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  • 2cents

    All this hype and Howard hasn’t delivered a damn thing in his career. Good luck Houston, the circus is officially in town.

  • AustinBurton206

    Well, he did lead Orlando to the Finals and win 3 DPOY awards and lead the league in rebounding and blocks a few times. But otherwise, not much else.

  • 2cents

    That is a fair point, however do you think all the drama and throwing his team mates under the bus was worth it?

  • AustinBurton206

    I don’t blame Dwight for a lot of it. Try to imagine being in his position. All he probably wanted to do was play out his Orlando contract and see what was out there in free agency, but TWO YEARS before his contract was up he starts getting bombarded with questions about his future plans. Of course he can’t say, “I wanna be a free agent” because people are gonna accuse him of not being loyal to the Magic, not being focused on winning, etc. So if he doesn’t want to outright lie, his only other choice is to say vague stuff like, “We’ll see.” Which is where the “drama” started. Everybody was putting pressure on Dwight to “make a decision” before he even contractually had to make a decision. That’s a tough position to be in, and one that I don’t think a lot of people would handle too well.

  • 2cents

    Good point Austin and thank you for bringing it to my attention. I agree, I really won’t have the opportunity to see it from his point of view.

    But in saying that, do you think Dime is part of the media problem by writing so many posts since his indecision in Orlando?

  • joy

    The arms though . . . (sorry, I know, nothing to do with anything, Js)

  • athanasia columbus

    your very lucky Dwight Howard! you get to play with James Harden who will make you look like you really have an offensive game on the block!!

  • AustinBurton206

    Yeah, Dime is part of the media machine that puts guys like Dwight in position to appear indecisive. However, I will give each media outlet leeway for having different writers/analysts who have different opinions.

  • mlw1924

    dhoward is such a lame..