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Best Of NBA Instagram: LeBron James & Dr. Dre Chilling In China

LeBron James was in China this weekend, and he met up with Compton’s godfather of gangsta rap, Dr. Dre. While LeBron has been peaking as a basketball player over the last few years, we’re all still wondering when Detox will finally be released. It’s only been like 14 years since we got to listen to Dre’s last album, The Chronic 2001.

Maybe Dre is letting LeBron check out what he’s done for the mysterious album already? ‘Bron did select the soundtrack for NBA 2K14.

Do you think Dre will ever release Detox?

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  • Muno Lognom

    Now James LeBron visits china. That way he supports china as many corporates, companies do which don’t care about human rights, fair trade, democracy etc. He forgot that American college kids are attacked while playing basketbol with chinese some time ago. Yeah, all he cares is money. He and other chinese friendly Americans spit on other nations’, like Tibetans, Mongols, Uighurs, interests who suffer under chinese rule.
    Yeah, keep spitting.

  • Allen H

    Wtf are u anger for? Get over yourself. U putting all this negativity out there over a harmless article. Go get laid homie

  • canes4lyf

    Muno lognom is a loser, and a jealous baby, most likely with a small package, to make a pathetic attack on someone he doesn’t know, why don’t u, get a life, or just bend over and continue getting your pussy wrecked

  • Monday

    Muno….America is in bed with China and you’re wondering why one of her citizens is in China? Now, that’s as dumb as dumb could ever hope to be!!!

  • mrmafaka

    Who really gives a fcuk.