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NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets Reportedly “Aggressively” Trying to Move Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin

Writing the massive check that it requires to sign Dwight Howard does not come without repercussions – namely the immediate need to move other contracts to lessen cap issues. Jeremy Lin‘s contract brings with it a cap hit of almost $8.4 million for the next two seasons, making him a prime target to be moved.

Hoopsworld writer Bill Ingram says that the Rockets are doing their best to move themselves out from under that contract:

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 5.48.26 PM

We’d be shocked if someone stepped up to take on the Lin contract …

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  • Dev

    Aint nobody taking his overrated azz lol

  • AustinBurton206

    All the articles I’ve read about the new-look Rockets wanting/needing a third star player don’t even mention Lin. And yet at this same time last year, people were calling the Knicks crazy for not paying whatever it cost to keep Lin.

  • N3M0

    JEREMYYY : )

  • TJP

    He’s at best a backup PG. Linsanity was a turnover prone, low % shooter during his prime in NYC. Give any bench player a chance to control the ball on every possession and most of them will put up good numbers (as far as points and assists go, don’t look at TO’s). Once people figure out there limited game, it’s back to the bench or into the CBA

  • Royce Kilday

    You are going to be surprised and shocked. RRK

  • Royce Kilday

    Hey guys, why are you replaying old articles that can be thought to be current?..That is very misleading. Olajuwon is working with him now – the guy has great potential and has already proved that he is going to develop more, healthy, and be a huge asset to Rockets. When you republish old articles, so note so as not to be misleading and detrimental to the team and Lin himself. Sounds like you are desperate for headlings and trying is stir bad things up. Royce Kilday