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NBA Trade Rumors: Warriors Trying to Move David Lee to Multiple Teams

David Lee

David Lee

In a vacuum, you’d probably think the the Warriors would be crazy to be doing their best to unload David Lee this summer. The guy is coming off of what was arguably the best season of his career, averaging 18.5 points and 11.2 rebounds per game and making the Western Conference All-Star team – not to mention his Willis Reed/Braveheart-like performance in the NBA playoffs after a hip injury was supposed to have finished his season.

But Golden State is reportedly aggressively trying to move Lee to any takers. The issue is that Lee still has three years and $44 million left on his deal. The Warriors seem to believe that they are most likely to be able to get a team to take on that money because of how well he played last season. So far though, no such luck.

Yahoo! Sports reports that Golden State offered Lee to Toronto for Andrea Bargnani, but that Toronto opted to deal with the Knicks instead.

They also reportedly offered Lee as part of an offer for LaMarcus Aldridge that included Brandon Rush, but that the Blazers opted to pursue more “robust” deals (not the first deal they have turned down for LA).

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  • Andrius Barbienis

    “Golden State offered Lee to Toronto for Andrea Bargnani, but that Toronto opted to deal with the Knicks instead.” – WTF? Lee is so much better that Bargnani.

  • Martin Susman

    Lee, Thompson, Barnes, Jack for Gasol, Peace, Blake & Nash…

  • MartinisanIdiot

    This is probably the dumbest trade proposal I have ever seen in my life, I literally believe you are retarded and you dont even watch basketball… fucking idiot man.

  • nich obert

    I’m guessing its not the whole package.

    They’re trying to get out from under the last year of Lee’s contract. That’s their #1 goal here.

    Guessing that Bargnani plus Kyle Lowrys expiring was the deal?

  • nich obert

    Or they just like LA. and they’re coming up with a trade that’s about as likely to happen as 90% of the trades that people make up for their team to do.

    A raptors blog associated with espn – Raptors Republic spent 15 minutes on a podcast saying they could trade Kyle Lowry, Bargnani and Terrence Ross for John WaÅ‚l and Emeka Okafor. Does it matter that DC would be giving up 1 guy who is better than all 3 raps players combined, and another player who is better than any one of them, AND DC would be taking on longterm salary? Nope! Anything to get your fans salivating, including blatant lies about Wizards fans, coaches and management being “sick” of WaÅ‚l.

    It proved to me, rumors are the worst. This could be linked t directly off espn. And it was whole cloth lies. Crazy,