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New Nugget Nate Robinson Posts A Vine Video You Must See To Believe

Last week, we asked why NBA teams were forgetting about Nate Robinson this summer. It turns out the Denver Nuggets were just waiting for the right opportunity. One of the fastest teams in the NBA went for one of the most explosive point guards in the league today, agreeing with Robinson to a two-year contract worth just more than $4 million, according to multiple reports.

Robinson took to social media to give his thanks to Chicago, posting a picture of his “Euro bros” Marco Belinelli and Vladimir Radmanovic on Instagram. He also showed the Windy City some love on Twitter.

But the best thing he did recently was post a video to Vine, a video where he’s jumping through a doorway without opening or closing it. Pretty cool editing work.

Will Robinson be a good fit in Denver?

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  • Onaje

    Underpaid…his Agent isn’t on his job…no way Teague gets 32 million and Nate who has shown to be a gamer in playoff level intensity get a mere 2 year deal for 4 mil…

    S/N remember the days when Dime’s message boards were off the chain? Then they went to this multi-click format and killed the flow…use to be able to have great debates and discussions on dime site, but I guess hits equal dollars not comments…ah well. *Kudaben*

  • AustinBurton206

    During the season, it’s clear that guys like Nate have value. And the media/fans/players/execs will talk about how every team needs off-the-bench scoring sparkplugs, and it doesn’t matter how tall they are and if they’re not pure point guards.
    And then the offseason comes, and teams lean on those same old negative stigmas — too short, not a pure PG, shoots too much — to justify not paying a guy like Nate what he’s worth.

  • JackPackage

    Yeah, I used to post here all the time (iCARNACKi) and the comments section had minimum 10 comments on every news story. Now they barely have a single comment, can’t Dime see that? Or do they not care?

    Nate has been underpaid his entire career. I really doubt GM’s sometimes. I felt for sure that this year was the year that Nate would get his big payday, after leading that Chicago team. $4 million over 2 years is a joke.

    Brewer, Nate, Reddick and Hickson have been the bargains of free agency this year. Only Reddick went to a good situation though IMO.

  • Rob Jarrell

    I feel you Onaje, I used to comment all the time but now i rarely do because i have been the only one on several occasions

  • Taj Johnson

    The content on here has been whack for the past couple months.. no Smack.. buncha video’s clips.. I moved to SlamOnline!

  • JAY

    I, too, commented often (same name). They switched formats because of the idiot who was impersonating the regulars. I don’t blame DIME, I blame THAT dude… whoever it was.

  • JAY

    It wasn’t really about the content… it was the regular posters. A lot of times people would bring up something totally unrelated to the article, and there would be like 50 posts regarding that off-topic topic.

  • inspiredworlds

    Yeah I used to join in the comments as well. I haven’t posted a comment in a while, but I still like reading the articles.

    I HATE how you have to click through to 10 different pages to read the next section. That’s super annoying. Just have it on the same page. If its a really really long article, then I could understand. But you could have an option to show all the text on one page to make it easier to skim read.

    I love reading the comments, but you hardly see any comments these days…

  • ric0 dime!!!!


  • Lawanda Jones

    I wish Nate was still with the Knicks