NBA, Video / Jul 10, 2013 / 4:05 pm

Paul Pierce Tells TMZ “I Plan On Playing 10 More Years”


TMZ did their ambush routine on Paul Pierce as he was loading groceries in the parking lot of a Los Angeles supermarket today. The snarky-sounding “reporter” asked Pierce his thoughts on his trade from the Celtics to the Nets, and his response was endearingly optimistic.

Just because Pierce left the only team he’s played for over his 15-year career, doesn’t mean his career is over.

When the TMZ reporter asked him how it felt to be traded towards the end of his career, Pierce chided him for the word choice, saying “Who says it’s the end of my career? I plan on playing 10 more years, dude.”

Do you think Pierce is messing around or does he actually think he can play another decade?

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  • Ish

    Celtics to the Clippers??? You guys run out of coffee at the Dime office?

  • Stradio

    Apparently I’ve been getting Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce confused all this time… that’s the only logical explanation.

  • Eli Langer

    You spelled “Nets” wrong.

  • spencer

    Fixed. Must have put in decaf by mistake.